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Space Saving Bookshelves

Every book lover has to deal with the growing mountain of new editions, especially when they are running out of space to store.

When you don’t have a lot of room to design the storage of your dreams, space saving bookshelves come to your rescue. While they range from minimalist sketches to elaborate outlines, every model is neatly created to make the best use of any area you can spare, regardless of its size.

Space saving bookshelves can be built or custom bought as per the area you need to modify. For instance, the space under the stairs, beneath the window sill, alongside a wall, above or beside the doors, and under the bed can be used as storage space.

You can install a shelf above the bed, or go for wall mounted cabinets. If you don’t have enough closet space to store everything along with your books, you can install moderately sized cupboards on both sides of your bed.

Utilize the storage space above the doors by installing racks or bracketed shelves there or get a bunk bed with stairs that have drawers beneath every step. They will not only maximize the functionality of any area, but you will get more storage space without compromising for a cramped room or giving up the spacious and airy look of your flat.

You can buy other multi-purpose furniture, like a bed with a sliding storage box, a nightstand with drawers, a dining table with racks, mirror cupboards etc. to take advantage of every possible nook and corner.

The space saving bookshelves can be made up of wood, metal, cardboard, or glass, depending on which style, pattern, and material you prefer. You can also match the design with your existing interior decor, or go for a striking cross-match to liven up the looks of your house.

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Space Saving Room Furniture Placement Ideas, Putting ...
An aesthetic wall-size space-saving traditional bookcase crafted of white finished wooden materials. It has no top, has a full toe-kick and is equipped with lots of same size rectangular open front shelves.
Space Saving Room Furniture Placement Ideas, Putting ...
Contemporary setup for a compact and space-saving living room with a round, circular shaped sofa sectional with a round coffee table in front of it and a tall set of bookcases behind it with a ladder to help reach the higher-up shelves.
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An interesting modern corner bookcase. It's composed of a dozen or so size-varied rectangular open front boxes fixed to walls and arranged one over another in an irregular manner. Boxes are made of white finished wooden materials.
Space Saving Book Shelves and Reading Rooms
A sophisticated living room, furnished with a large and spacious wall shelving for books, fitted with a ladder on a rail to easily reach the top shelves. The room has a large black rug which nicely fits in with the reading chairs.
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Contemporary composition of furniture in a light and bright living room, furnished with a cotton-upholstered couch in a black color with a dotted pattern, contrasting with the set of shelves made out of white-painted wood.
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If you’re looking for a stylish way to cover up a staircase hole on the upper floor, take a look at this clever idea. This bookcase is made out of white-painted wood and not only has a plenty of space, but covers up the staircase perfectly.
Space-Saving Corner Shelves Design Ideas
A cool space-saving wall-mounted corner shelving unit. Its rectilinear open front and side frame as well as shelves and boxes are made of brown finished wooden materials. Boxes are secured by thin metal rails.
Space Saving Stairs for Bookshelves | My Home Style
An ingenious space-saving open front bookcase set under stairs. It's equipped with a lot of size, height and shape-varied shelves. All shelves and vertical partitions are made of dark brown finished wooden materials.
Functional space saving stairs - 15 designs and ideas
Functional idea for a space-saving project with a DIY look. The set of modern stairs is fitted with a set of shelves made out of polished, light pine wood which acts as an impromptu bookcase, providing space for some display.
Space Saving : Combine a Shelving Unit with a Desk
Traditional setup for a cozy office room with a floating desk and a set of uniquely made shelves, all placed on an aluminium frame mounted on the wall, providing the room with a lot of storage and display room.
6 space-saving solutions and storage ideas for your living ...
Large and spacious composition for a bright, light living room furnished with a sofa sectional with a chaise, upholstered in a faux leather material in a light blue colour, finished off with a grandiose system of shelves around the walls.
Sliding Book Shelves for Living Room Makeover, Space ...
Contemporary arrangement for a spacious living room with an electric fireplace in the middle and a grand-looking sliding bookshelf in the back which is able to hold all the books you could ever dream to possess.
Space Saving Bookshelves | American HWY
Colorful and adorable setup for a spacious bedroom with a set of three compact, folding beds. Two of the beds are hidden underneath a single bed on the top, saving a lot of space in the room when not in use.
Corner shelf – 25 ideas how to use your living
Traditional setting for a cozy relaxation corner in an impromptu library made in the corner of a living room. The corner is furnished with a corner bookshelf and has a comfy upholstered chair with a reading lamp behind it.
Space Saving Desk With Shelves. Designs Home Office With ...
Modern composition of furniture for a space-saving office room with a long, floating computer desk along the wall with three drawers for storage and a long, four-tiered set of shelves acting as a bookshelf.
Space Saving Book Shelves and Reading Rooms
Eye-catching modern wall-mounted and freestanding bookshelves. They feature curved frames of wooden planks in natural shades. Each bookshelf consists of several size and shape-varied quadrangular cubbies separated by partitions of brown plywood.
Cool designs for bookshelves! | Plush Plaza Blog
Cool wall-mounted open front bookshelves of wooden materials. They have round frames and horizontal size and shape-varied shelves. The left one is brown and has a spiral shelving inset. The right one is modelled on a black and white Tai Chi symbol.
ceiling bookshelf - 28 images - best 25 floor to
Simple traditional ceiling-height bookcases crafted of wooden materials finished in light browns. A bookcase has a rectilinear frame with a recessed full toe-kick and no top. It's equipped with numerous open front shelves.
Space Saving: Individual Shelves which fold up when not in
This sleek bookcase constitutes a perfect embodiment of the contemporary design, as well as a space-saving proposition for a small studio. Folding structure of each of the compartments can make a good display or be closed to save space.
Vertical Bookshelves industrial kitchen faucets space ...
This enormous bookcase is spread onto 3 levels, being a unique design proposition for stylish, contemporary apartments. Entered by quarter landing staircase, it will create a possibility to collect really impressive collections.
Space Saving Room Furniture Placement Ideas, Putting ...
Modern setup for a spacious bedroom, furnished with a large, king-sized bed in the middle with a wide headboard. Behind the bed rests a large and wide bookshelf, which provides a lot of storage space for books.
The Literate Home: 7 Space-Saving Built-In Bookshelves
Space-saving idea for a homemade built-in bookshelf, placed around a doorframe in the living room. The bookshelf is made out of solid wood with a white coat of paint and provides a large number of compartments in different sizes.
90 best Bookshelves / Home libraries images on Pinterest ...
These space-saving bookshelves set constitutes a stylish example how to make the best use of your high interiors. Organized to the last inch, it will set enough space to store your book collections.
Staircases With Integrated Bookshelves - Stylish Space ...
A great space saving patent. Staircases integrated with bookshelves not only allow to find a place for your large collections but also look stylish, providing the space a refined classic appeal.
Coolest Space Saving Furniture Ideas
An incredibly cool living room proposition. Have all your favorite books at your fingertips with this fantastic space-saving bookshelf-armchair combo. Finished with a soft-in-touch, beige cushion.
Cool ingenious though incredibly simple wall-mounted floating bookshelves. They're DIY-created from sturdy small metal brackets and angles with using a larger book as a support for other books. Metal elements are practically invisible.
Open-Plan Idea - Bookshelf Ideas - Openstudio Architects ...
An aesthetic wall-size contemporary open front bookshelf crafted of snow-white finished wooden materials. It features a rectilinear frame and recessed toe-kicks. It's equipped with numerous size-varied shelves.
Beautiful Bookshelf Design Ideas That Will Be Ideal for ...
An elegant space-saving contemporary bookshelf placed on a wall over a bench. It's crafted of wooden materials with a finish in grey shades. It has a moulding top and a dozen or so size-varied open front shelves.
Space-saving revolving bookcase
Unique look for a space-saving, compact bookcase made in a round shape out of solid wood with a white coat of paint. The bookcase has a revolving base, which gives it additional storage space as it does not have a back.
Space Saving Book Shelves and Reading Rooms
Elegant style for a large, space-efficient bookshelf with lights on top to make it easier to find books during the night. The bookcase is embedded inside the wall and has an outline made out of black solid wood.
Space Saver Bookshelves | American HWY
If you’re looking for a perfect solution for clothes storage, take a look at this space-efficient and compact set of wardrobes and cabinets, made to resemble a wall. The piece is made out of black-painted wood with dotted patterns on it.
Space Saving Room Furniture Placement Ideas, Putting ...
An elegant composition of furniture in an old-fashioned living room, furnished with a leather sofa in a light brown color and a matching armchair on the opposite side, as well as a rectangular shaped glass coffee table.
Staircases With Integrated Bookshelves - Stylish Space ...
Impressive practical contemporary open front bookshelves integrated with a staircase. Size-varied shelves are incorporated between posts of a staircase. A shelf is composed of 2 parallel bars. The entirety is of wood in off-white with grey accents.
Vertical Bookshelves space saving vacuum storage bags
A cool space-saving contemporary wall-mounted open bookcase crafted of wood finished in black. It's built of 2 narrow rectangular vertical backplates and 5 rectangular shelves (secured by 2 robust thin light ropes at the front).
Space Saving Book Shelves and Reading Rooms
A cool space saving idea for a contemporary living room or home office. This set of cubics not only offers a considerable storage space, but also creates a stylish, liberally modifiable construction.
Brilliant Bookcases: 20 Best Bookshelf & Bookcase Designs ...
A lack of space can be a great design opportunity, as you can see here, while looking at this awesome stairs bookcase. Collecting book around the staircase has been the trend for some time already. It always creates a charming, elegant impression.
space saving bookshelves - 28 images - ideaworks 3 tier
Available in various colors, this space-saving bookshelves system constitutes a fabulous decor proposition for those, who want to add some contemporary chic to their spaces. A beautiful combination of light weight and solidness.
25 Space Saving Modern Interior Design Ideas, Corner ...
An aesthetic space-saving contemporary L-shaped bookcase mounted along walls in a hall and a room. Several thick long rectangular open floating shelves with no partitions are fixed to walls. Shelves are of wood finished in beiges.
Beautiful Overhead Bookcases: Space-Saving Shelving Ideas
A handy arrangement of compact and space-saving shelving in a living room. The ideas feature a set of shelves for books and curio display, made out of painted wood around a doorframe or a large window.
Beautiful Overhead Bookcases: Space-Saving Shelving Ideas
Antique arrangement for a large, spacious living room with an additional surface below the ceiling, containing bookshelves. The bottom of the room is fitted with a walnut table with animal trophies on top of it.
21 Amazing bookshelves in the staircase as a great idea
Compact and space-efficient design for a corner bookshelf made underneath the stairs. The bookshelves are made out of light oak wood and provide a huge amount of storage space, bound to fit a plentiful of books.
Space Saving Book Shelves and Reading Rooms | Small spaces
Placed under the window, this bookcase can be a great space saving idea and a nice shabby chic accent to your house. It adds a considerable storage space and warms up the surrounding.
Cool Wall-Mounted Shelves To Spruce Up Your Interior – Vizmini
A cool space saving bookshelf, smartly using a niche in the living room decor. Built-in wall, this set of 5 wooden shelves creates a perfect spot for your favourite books or magazines.
The Literate Home: 7 Space-Saving Built-In Bookshelves
Cool simple traditional wall-mounted open front bookshelves. They're crafted of wood and wooden materials finished in mid brown shades. Shelves are arranged in several tiers and differ in size and height.
10 Unusual Bookshelves
A simple but interesting space-saving wall-mounted floating bookshelf for a dozen or so books. It's made of white coated metal. It's built of a pentagonal backplate and protruding U-shaped horizontal brackets. Books hang on their arms.
Bookseat Reading Chair With Space Saving Bookshelf ...
Unique and unusual style for a reading chair made out of pine wood with a light tint and a polished finish. The frame of the chair hides a plenty of tiny bookshelves, which gives it an additional function and an interesting look.
Best 25+ Minimalist bookshelves ideas on Pinterest | E ...
Apart from being a great space saver, this wall mounted bookcase delights with its modern, minimalistic construction. Crafted from wood, its intricate form will catch the attention of everyone entering the space.
The Literate Home: 7 Space-Saving Built-In Bookshelves
A great inspiration for all those who want to organize their space, building up the bookshelves and creating a perfect storage spot. Recommended for all, who have impressive book collections.
Space Saving Bookshelves | American HWY
A great space saving inspiration for all bookworms. If you have enormous book collections in your repertory, this built-in bookcase shall be a nice, space saving solution for you and your interiors.
5 Amazing Space-Saving Solutions for the Home | Home ...
Nicely built-in in the surrounding furniture, this smooth bookcase enchants not only with its vibrant green interior but also its space-saving form. Light grey finish fits well into almost nay interior.