Recliners That Don’t Look Like Recliners

Recliners that don t look like recliners is a definite modern trend. And why not? Maybe you are old enough to remember the first recliners. Perhaps you remember your grandmother or grandfather’s recliner. Chances are it was a clunky chair, probably upholstered in that faux leather stuff called Naga Hide, and probably was some basic color like olive drab, brown or black. Today’s recliners offer a great deal more in the way of variety, and – News Bulletin Ahead!!! – Most of them don’t really look like recliners. What they do look like is stylish armchairs or sometimes even love seats that look good with your other furnishings. Here are a few of the features to look for in your next recliner.

Legs are a key. Those old recliners were square, clunky things that did not display legs. The Victorians, who disguised the legs on pianos, chairs and just about everything else, would have been proud. But modern recliners often display shapely, well-turned wooden feet and legs that look like the underpinning of any stylish armchair.

Upholstery is just as important as legs. No longer are you restricted to vinyl faux leather. The stuff is easy to clean, but it doesn’t wear well over time – witness all the older recliners that are liberally adorned with duct tape to hold the stuffing in on arms, back and seat. Moreover, it isn’t the most comfortable material to sit on. For your modern recliner, you can choose from a variety of upholstery fabrics, just as many as you would for an easy chair, ranging from simple cotton to sophisticated real leather. This, of course, means that the choice of color is also yours.

Body style is just as wide ranging. You can still get those old-style recliners, but you can also get recliners that look like classic wingback chairs, that feature puffy 1990s upholstery, the clean lines of modern or even neo-modern furnishings, or even more exotic styles such as stressless slingbacks. Oh, and do not forget zero clearance recliners or gravity-free lawn chair recliners!

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Andrei High Leg Recliner

This high leg recliner offers the most in terms of upholstery options, so it’s the closest you can get to having a luxurious seating solution customized to your specific needs and preferences. With the plush seat, backrest, and armrests, it's perfect for your reading nook!

T-cushion Recliner Slipcover

For the ultimate convenience, get this T-cushion slipcover for recliners made of a material that’s both machine washable and stain resistant. It’s reversible as well, so your favorite chair will get instant makeovers! As it’s a slipcover, you can expect it to protect your recliner from spills, dust, and grime.

Executive Manual Rocker Recliner

This executive manual rocker and recliner comes with a thick padded backrest as well as a high-density seat that's filled with quality cushioning to make you feel you're sitting on your sofa or couch even when you're actually working on your desk.

Asensio Bonded Manual Glider Recliner

With a 300 lb. weight capacity and genuine leather upholstery, this manual glider recliner screams luxury even from afar. It's a single-seater, which is everything you need to experience the ultimate level of comfort. Its frame is made of both manufactured and solid wood.

Stretch Pinstripe T-Cushion Recliner Slipcover

If you’re in need of an item that will preserve your recliner’s upholstery and offer you convenience for the maintenance and cleanup of the chair, then consider getting this recliner slipcover. It's also great if you want to give your seating solution an instant makeover!

T-Cushion Recliner Slipcover

This soft fabric cover made of quality polyester blend is a great solution if you’re thinking of giving your recliner a boost in its utility value and functionality. In terms of durability, you won't have to worry about anything as it’s guaranteed to give you years of service!

Bolles Manual Wall Hugger Recliner

We know you’re on the lookout for the best recliner. If your home is limited in space and you want to make the best use out of every square inch, then your best seating solution is this wall hugger recliner!

Swivel Reclining Glider

This piece of furniture is lighter compared to most chairs. It’s also smaller, making it a good addition to any room, regardless of size. Its kickback function is smooth, giving you an inkling of its construction, which is definitely top-notch!

Aisley Swivel Reclining Glider

A beautiful design, the best in terms of comfort, and an affordable price tag, this swivel recliner is definitely a good purchase. It has plush seating and gliding motion, making it the perfect spot whenever you binge-watch on Netflix.

Melany Manual Wall Hugger Recliner

Because this chair measures 40'' H x 35'' W x 40'' D and is a wall-hugger type of recliner, it’s one of the best options if you're short on square footage inside your living spaces. It boasts of a contemporary style and pillow-like cushioning that offers extra comfort.

Caravan Bonded Manual Glider Recliner

From the pictures alone, you'll have close to nothing to complain about with this manual recliner. It’s both comfortable and durable. It also does all the things that you expect from a quality recliner but does so exceptionally well. This is our personal favorite!

Chatham Manual Glider Recliner

This is one special manual glider recliner with its unique nail head trim, faux leather upholstery, and beautiful stitched accents. It’s definitely a winner in terms of comfort and style, which you can’t say for a lot of recliners these days!

Heated Massage Chair with Ottoman

This particular massage chair with ottoman is worth every penny. Why? It's not just because of its spacious space for sitting and relaxing, but also because of its durable construction. Not to mention the fact that this chair also comes with heat, massage modes, and a beautiful silhouette!

Ninette Swivel Reclining Glider

If you want your baby’s nursery to be comfortable not just for your little one but also for you, then consider getting this reclining glider. It allows you to kick back while you put your baby to sleep. It has a wooden frame to give it durability and a long lifespan.

Keitez Manual Rocker Recliner

Do you want your own day spa and you want to have it right in the comforts of your home? You can do this with this incredibly affordable rocker recliner. It’s upholstered in the most luxurious fabric with a rich carafe brown tone. This means it'll seamlessly blend into your interior!

Cowger Manual Recliner

Cowger Manual Recliner