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Most Comfortable Recliners

Nothing provides more comfort, particularly after a long day, than a reclining chair. Sink into the cushy couches, push the button or pull the lever to adjust the chair to your preferred position – and you’re in heaven.

That’s not all that recliners are good for, though. The most comfortable recliners can also provide terrific lumbar and neck support, and even a relaxing and therapeutic massage. You just have to choose wisely, which is a good idea in any event; these chairs are usually quite expensive.

All recliners are certainly not the same. A standard two-position recliner simply leans back and extends a footrest. A rocking recliner adds the primary feature of a rocking chair, great for parents with newborns. Lift recliners help you get out of the chair by tilting forward, and space-saving recliners only have to be positioned about half-a-foot from the wall, Swivel recliners and heated recliners do exactly what their names suggest.

If your main concern is finding the most comfortable recliner, though, there are two factors to consider. One is the style of the recliner, which we’ve briefly addressed. One person’s idea of comfort may be receiving a gentle massage in her chair, another might define comfort as being able to both recline and rock, while a third would be most comfortable in a chair that allows electric tilt adjustments to both the chair and footrest.

The majority, though, call a chair comfortable when they can simply just sink into it. That’s a function of padding and upholstery.

The soft padding inside most comfortable recliners is what makes them so plush. The padding is usually synthetic foam; the best choice is either high-density foam, or memory foam that conforms to the shape of your body. By contrast, viscous or soft shredded foam will provide less support and be less comfortable. Look for a foam density of 2.0 or higher, which means it won’t lose its shape easily. Skip chairs stuffed with material like cotton batting, because it will quickly shift underneath the upholstery and become uncomfortable.

Natural or synthetic fibers are most commonly used to upholster recliners. Cotton, cotton/polyester blends and microfiber are the materials used most often, and all can be quite comfortable. Avoid materials like wool (which can be scratchy) and vinyl (which can get sweaty and sticky, and cracks easily), if comfort is your goal. Leather can be a beautiful and comfortable choice, as long as it’s soft and expensive full-grain or top-grain leather, rather than lower-quality split-grain or bi-cast leather. You can also consider velvet, if that’s your style.

Finally, look for coils under the seat and a sinuous spring suspension in the back. The most comfortable recliners have both, as the coils prevent sagging and the springs provide strong support for the back.

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Barrington Manual Rocker Recliner
Plushy and comfortable design for a large, Barrington-styled rocker recliner armchair. The armchair is covered in upholstery made out of microfiber material in a dark brown color and has very thick filling inside of the cushions.
Bessemer Manual Rocker Recliner
Antique design for a comfortable reading armchair with a reclining bottom. The armchair is made out of real leather with a light brown color and is fitted with a decorative seam of buttons around the side edges.
Big Jack Pro Earth Tone Manual Wall Hugger Recliner
Elegant setup for a living room with a large, traditional reclining armchair upholstered in a velvet material. The bookcase in the back has a plenty of compartments for storing books and displaying curios.
Living Comfort Reclining Chair
An elegant comfortable push back recliner with a steel frame. It has a thick firm seat, low-profiled pillowed arms, a wide mid-height backrest. It's foam padded and upholstered in quality brown pleather featuring durable decorative stitching.
Gibson Manual Rocker Recliner
An aesthetic comfortable handle-operated rocking recliner. It has a thick split mid-firm seat with coils, low-profiled wide pillowed arms, a wide thick split backrest. It's padded with synthetic fibres and upholstered in polyester in brown shades.
Most Comfortable Recliners - Foter
A modern reclining armchair with a frame made out of stainless steel with a galvanized, matte finish. The seat and back of the chair are upholstered in a faux leather material in a white color, giving it an elegant element.
Most Comfortable Recliner Made – For a Reasonable Price ...
Old-fashioned look for a large, oversized reclining armchair with thick, comfy cushions. The armchair is upholstered in a real leather in a dark brown color, giving it a fancy, elegant look and a sophisticated finish.
The Gravity Reclining Chair - Possibly The Coolest and ...
Comfortable look for a cozy gravity reclining chair with a frame made out of light pine wood with a smooth finish. The chair is upholstered in a microfiber material in a yellow color and has padded armrests.
Broken Tooth Standard Manual Swivel Recliner with Ottoman
Go for this sublime, manual swivel recliner piece with a matching ottoman, both sporting the amazing two-tone finish of deep hazelnut and cream of the leather upholstery, making for an elegant look.
The Most Comfortable Recliners That Are Perfect for ...
A modern take on a comfortable recliner armchair with an aluminum frame covered in a black coat of paint. The armchair has an adjustable footrest and is upholstered in a faux leather material in a black color.
Dunbar Recliner
An elegant comfy classic recliner having a sturdy frame of solid wood and a manually-operated mechanism. Its thick seat, low-raised pillowed arms and wide vertically split backrest with a headrest are foam padded and covered in brown pleather.
Most Comfortable Recliner | HomesFeed
Ideal for an afternoon or evening chillout, this pair of recliners combines smoothly modern style and the uttermost comfort. Variously regulated backrest and a comfortable footrest will adapt fully to your needs.
Parsonsfield Manual Wall Hugger Recliner
A comfy contemporary recliner with a wooden frame, metal legs, a push button operated mechanism. A thick seat, low-profiled pillowed arms and a wide across split back with recessed wings are foam padded and covered in durable plain brown microfibre.
Texian Manual Glider Recliner
Sophisticated approach to a comfortable reclining armchair situated in a spacious living room with a plank flooring, which nicely complements the dark brown color of the microfiber-upholstered armchair.
Eastlake Manual Glider Recliner
A comfy contemporary manually-operated gliding recliner. It has a woody frame, a thick mid-firm seat, very thick pillowed arms with cup holders in fronts, a tall up-down split backrest, foam padding, upholstery of soft plain beige polyester.
100+ [ Most Comfortable Leather Recliner ] | Most ...
A comfortable, modern-looking reclining armchair, made out of aluminum frame with a black coat of paint and a metallic, reflective finish, paired with a faux leather upholstery in either beige or black colors.
Waddells Leather Manual Recliner
An elegant look for a classy living room furnished with a recliner armchair with a seat upholstered with a microfiber material and bottom made out of faux leather, nicely matching with the sofa made in a similar style.
James Manual Wall Hugger Recliner
Elegant design for a sophisticated reclining hugger armchair. The armchair is made out of real leather with a dark brown colour and has a power outlet on the side, which makes charging your phone easy when relaxing.
Bolles Manual Wall Hugger Recliner
An attractive comfortable manually operated 2-position recliner with a sturdy frame of solid wood. It has a thick seat filled with coils and fibre, wide pillowed arms, a wide mid-height backrest. Upholstery is of elegant black synthetic leather.
Melany Manual Wall Hugger Recliner
Traditional take on an elegant and stylish reclining armchair with an adjustable footstool. The armchair is upholstered in a microfiber material in a beige color and has an additional power outlet on the side for recharging phones.
Mager Manual Glider Recliner
Cozy setup for a relaxation corner in a living room, furnished with a vintage, avant-garde reclining armchair upholstered in a faux leather material in a red color, placed in front of a wooden vent-less fireplace.
Clyde Manual Recliner
Modern approach to a simple yet stylish and comfortable reading recliner armchair. The armchair is upholstered in faux leather material in a black color and has a built-in power outlet on the side, which comes in handy.
Manual Rocker Recliner
A comfortable contemporary manually-operated recliner with rocking, gliding and swivel functions. It has a pine wood frame, a thick mid-firm seat, pillowed arms, a tall backrest with a headrest. It's padded with foam and covered in red pleather.
Clyde Manual Recliner
A pretty comfortable 2-position push back recliner with a wooden frame and a metal mechanism. It has a thick mid-firm seat filled with foam over springs, low-profiled pillowed arms, a wide across split backrest, upholstery of light beige microfibre.
Prenda Manual Rocker Recliner
Providing a 360-degree swivel capabilities and a cool rocking and reclining function, this stylish light grey armchair is upholstered with a 100% polyester fabric, easy to clean and maintain. Its overall dimensions are 44.25'' H x 43'' W x 43'' D.
Baxton Studio Power Recliner
Upholstered in light grey linen, this Baxton Studio Power recliner constitutes a perfect proposition for one's contemporary living room space. Soft padded armrests and a regulated backrest with footrest will create your new leisure companion.
Manual Rocker Recliner
This amazing recliner offers ample amounts of comfort for your living room or study and will let you sink in its incredibly comfortable frame and enjoy the boost of relaxation, while the plush upholstery makes for an even more charming addition.
100+ [ Most Comfortable Recliner Chairs ] | Desks 10
Upholstered in dark brown, this classic recliner will bring comfort and style to your living room. Featuring various regulations mechanisms, it allows to adjust the footrest and backrest to your needs.
The Most Comfortable Recliner is Daddy's Chair - Bed-Bath ...
Stylish, two-toned finish, comprising beige and brown upholstery and a classic recliner design make this armchair a perfect proposition for an elegant living room decor. Its variously regulated backrest and footrest will adapt to your needs.
Most Comfortable Recliners - Foter
Finished in black leather, this recliner is designed to bring the uttermost style and comfort to one's living space. Featuring a regulated footrest and backrest, it will adapt smoothly to your needs and preferences.
most comfortable recliner chair designs living rooms how ...
A cool comfortable modern hand-operated recliner with a frame of metal and wooden materials finished in light browns. It has a circular base and 2 curved supports. A deep seat, a tall backrest and arm pads are covered in white pleather.
Recliners | Medium | PLUSHER | Best Home Furnishings
A pretty comfy contemporary recliner with a wooden and metal frame and a hand-operated mechanism. It features thick padding of synthetic fibres. Its frame, seat, wide pillow arms, mid-height stitched backrest are covered in soft beige microfibre.
Most Comfortable Recliner | HomesFeed
An attractive comfortable recliner with a metal and wooden frame and a hand-operated mechanism. It has a thick deep seat, wide pillowed lift up arms hiding storage compartments, a wide mid-height split backrest, upholstery of plain beige microfibre.
100+ [ Most Comfortable Recliner Chairs ] | Desks 10
Traditional design for a comfortable recliner armchair made with an aluminum frame in a black color and upholstered with a dark-brown colored microfiber material, which gives it a soft and nice to touch finish.
Recliner Chairs | Lane's Best Recliners | Lane Furniture
A classic look for a large, comfy recliner armchair upholstered with microfiber material in a gray color with a brown tint. The armchair has thick and comfortable cushions all around it, making it soft to sit and relax in.
Most Comfortable Recliner Chair In The World. Recliner The ...
Modern design for a comfortable reclining armchair, upholstered in a faux leather material in a beige color. The armchair has a handy pocket on the side for storing remotes as well as two cup holders in each arm.
Most Comfortable Recliners To Sleep In | American HWY
An old-fashioned, traditional-looking reclining armchair with a frame made out of dark oak wood. The armchair is upholstered in a cotton, corduroy fabric in a light gray color and has an adjustable footrest on the bottom.
Most Comfortable Recliners - Foter
Comfortable approach to a large living room reclining armchair with thick, soft cushions. The armchair is upholstered with a faux leather material in a dark brown color and has a little sofa table on the side for storing a drink.
Most Comfortable Recliner Ever | American HWY
Being a smooth combination of an adorable, mid-century design and the uttermost softness and comfort, this recliner set constitutes a fabulous living room addition. Its sides are finished in bright teak wood.
Most Comfortable Recliners - Foter
Check out this fabulous black leather recliner, designed to bring you the best relaxation. Its variously adjusted backrest and footrest will help you achieve the uttermost comfort.
The Most Comfortable Recliners That Are Perfect for ...
A classy comfy modern hand-operated recliner and a rectangular ottoman with frames of black coated metal. Bases are built of wide flat feet and columns. A recliner has a deep seat, low rolled out arms, a tall wingback. Upholstery is of black leather.
Most Comfortable Recliner Chair In The World. Recliner The ...
A pretty comfortable contemporary recliner with a wooden frame and a lever operated mechanism. Its frame, mid-firm thick seat, wide pillowed arms, wide flared backrest are covered in plush dark purple fabric. Upholstery features deep stitching.
Most Comfortable Recliner Chair In The World. Recliner The ...
Cozy arrangement for a spacious living room, furnished with a comfortable sofa couch with thick cushions, covered in cotton fabric in a beige color and decorated with a couple of throw pillows made in a matching style.
Most Comfortable Recliners - Foter
A set of two comfy gravity reclining armchair with frames made out of solid wood with two different coats of paint – natural and black. Both chairs are upholstered in cotton fabric in a black and light gray colors.
Most Comfortable Recliner. U201c. Most Comfortable ...
This beautiful chaise lounge recliner enchants with its beautifully profiled silhouette and elegant light-grey button tufted upholstery. Ideal to create an elegant ambiance in your refined bedroom or living room spaces.
Most Comfortable Leather Recliner - Home Design Ideas and ...
This comfortable black leather recliner will be an ideal proposition for all who work at home. Its well-profiled, ergonomic silhouette will offer comfy conditions to work on your laptop.
The Most Comfortable Recliners That Are Perfect for ...
Designed to provide the best comfort, this soft, black leather recliner will be an ideal leisure spot for an afternoon relaxation. Adjust the footrest and backrest to your needs and chill out with your favorite book and a cup of tea.
100+ [ Most Comfortable Recliner Chairs ] | Desks 10
An aesthetic comfortable modern reclining armchair with a lever operated mechanism. It has a thick deep seat, low profiled armrests with rounded tops, a tall backrest. Upholstery of elegant pale bluish leather features ornate stitching.
Most comfortable tv chair, most comfortable leather chair ...
A luxury comfortable modern reclining armchair with a lever operated mechanism. It has a wide deep seat, low profiled rounded armrests, a thick very wide backrest. Upholstery is made of elegant white-creamy leather.
Most Comfortable Recliner For A Tall Man. Kristen Slate ...
An attractive comfortable modern reclining armchair with a remote-controlled mechanism. It has a deep mid-firm seat, low profiled pillowed armrests, a quite tall backrest, upholstery of elegant white material with simple tufting and stitching.
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What we are looking for:


An oversized recliner is one of the most comfortable recliners you can get, as anything oversized is always perfect to snuggle up in. Still, you can find a smaller recliner to suit your needs and fit a compact space whilst still being comfy. Instead of looking like a regular armchair, some recliners feature a long and narrow shape, which is best for small spaces. However, if you don't have limitations on space, we found that recliners measuring at least 50 inches wide offered the most comfort. Features like pillow arms and a well-padded back can also add to the bulk of a recliner chair, so keep this in mind when figuring out whether your chosen recliner will fit in well.


Material is a main aspect of a comfortable recliner, but different finishes offer different levels of comfort. Per Frances Merrill, most recliners feature either a PU leather or a soft polyester fabric finish. PU leather nowadays can feel a lot like real leather but won't come with the upkeep of keeping leather clean. Moreover, the versatility of polyester means most recliners will have some form of polyester construction. For a summer-like carefree coastal vibe, linen-look polyester is the best choice. A cotton-polyester blend is also a good breathable fabric choice for an item you'll be using often.


Tall and sleek or short and padded -- what constitutes a comfortable recliner is up to you, but what is certain is that it should match your existing décor. It cannot be denied that recliners have a tendency to sacrifice style for comfort, so Billy Cotton recommends going for something in-between these two categories. For example, if your recliner has seriously padded arms, go for one upholstered in a linen-look fabric for a more sophisticated and even look. Moreover, a tall back will always look chic, especially if your recliner has a highly cushioned back. A tall back additionally prevents a slouchy look.

Manual or Power:

If you don't want your electricity bill to be affected by your new recliner, a manual recliner is the better option. Per Courtney McLeod, a manual recliner is also ideal if you like to be completely in control of how far to recline. Manual recliners generally are less expensive to purchase, too, making them a more budget-friendly choice. On the other hand, a power recliner has many benefits to offer if budget isn't a deciding point for you. Not only do power recliners usually feature more lockable reclining positions, but also sometimes have heat and massage functions. Nevertheless, a power recliner will require an electrical outlet nearby, a downside if you hate wires out in the open.

Additional Features:

A large portion of recliners feature a pocket at the side. Though this pocket won't add any extra bulk due to its slim size, it will be a useful place for a newspaper or your latest read. In addition to this, power recliners often come with a small pouch located by the arm or at the side of the recliner. This pouch is ideal for storing the recliner remote. Some recliners have a cup holder, but this is a rare feature usually only included with pricier recliners.

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