Outdoor Aviaries

If you have birds as pets, but you want them to be able to stretch their wings once in a while, an outdoor aviary can give your feathered friends the protection they need and the freedom they enjoy.

Type, size, and number of birds are crucial considerations for pet owners. Your microclimate and the ease of installation also contributes to which birdcage you buy.

No matter the aviary you choose, if you're providing your avian pals with shelter from the sun and weather, space to test their wingspan, and protection from predators, they will be happy animal companions.  

The aim of your outdoor aviary is to let your feathered friends stretch their wings and enjoy some freedom. To be successful, you must pick the right size outdoor cage.

For small birds like finches or parakeets, 1 - 2 ft³ per bird and 6" - 12" of perching space is sufficient. If you have bigger birds like parrots, you should plan a larger enclosure. Ideally, you should give your birds all the room that your yard will allow.

Materials are another crucial aspect of a proper cage for your pets. Depending on your location's climate, you'll need wire mesh, frames, and possibly a heater or windows. Flooring is integral, and depending on the weather and known predators in the area, you will need hard or soft flooring. 


Typically, you will lay a mesh floor so that predators like foxes cannot dig under the aviary walls and get at your birds. Over the wire mesh, spread gravel that is small enough to permit drainage but isn't tiny enough for your birds to swallow.


You can pour concrete or lay bricks or flagstones for the foundation of your aviary. A hard flooring creates a more permanent floor and a more stable aviary. It is also more challenging to construct and more expensive.

The walls of the outdoor enclosure should be mesh, and both the frame and the wire mesh between each frame should be made from bird-safe materials that are non-toxic and won't flake or chip.

The final consideration, other than protection from predators, is entertainment. A bored bird can be a destructive bird, so make sure your enclosure has many interesting, interactive additions for your birds, including mirrors, bells, swings, and beak grinding toys.

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Enormous Walk Bird Aviary
This tall metal birdcage with a flat roof lets you access your birds through the walk-through door. With wooden and plastic perches for your pets to play on and food bowls are included, so you have everything you need to keep your birds safe and happy. You’ll need a ratchet wrench and a little technical know-how to put this aviary together successfully.
PawHut Wooden Outdoor Bird Cage, Featuring a Large Play House with Removable Bottom Tray 4 Perch
This cage is made of natural fir, a perfect outdoor aviary for budgies, finches, parakeets, and other small birds. The metal is powder-coated, so it’s safe for your birds’ inhabitation. With two small doors with lockable bolts and four perches, this wooden birdcage sits on high feet, reducing any risk of insects, predators, or moisture getting in.
JAXPETY 93" Large Metal Bird Cage, Stainless Hexagonal Shape Aviary Cage, Walk-in Bird House for Parrot Canary Macaw with Lockable Door
With a hexagonal shape and a conical roof, this spacious cage is perfect for the outdoors. The enclosure is made of high-quality aluminum and doesn’t rust or degrade. The 93” high metal birdcage is fitted with an intricate lock that even smart birds won’t best, and a pair of gloves to prevent scratching from talons or beaks.
vidaXL Outdoor Aviary Multi Functions with Roof Bird Small Animals House Cage Habitat Box Aluminium
Made from aluminum in both mesh and frame, this is an airy cage that gives your birds lots of fresh air and provides you with excellent views of your pets. With a large latching door and heavy-duty construction, although it’s easy to build, this 70.1" x 48" x 76.4" birdcage won’t let you or your birds down.
PawHut 44" Hexagon Covered Canopy Portable Aviary Flight Bird Cage With Storage
This is an excellent aviary for small birds and can be used indoors and out. If you live in a climate that only allows your feathered friends’ seasonal access outside, this is an ideal choice. It features six rolling casters to provide movability with a storage shelf just above them, and two large doors give access to your birds.
LONABR Wooden Aviary House Bird Cage Vertical Play House with Perch Trays
Made of fir with an asphalt roof, this is a durable, weather-resistant, and easy-to-use aviary. It has a bottom tray to pull out for easy cleanup, and a large door accesses both upper and lower layers. A ladder and perches give your birds plenty of ability to move about the enclosure.
Flyline Parrot Escape Jumbo Corner Bird Cage Aviary
This aviary is designed for parrots, with height for them to stretch their wide wings. A unique design lets you store this cage in an unused corner of a room or patio. The enclosure has a large door for easy access to your pet, and the top lifts to create another play space for your pets.
MCombo 70 inch Outdoor Aviary Bird Cage Wooden Vertical Play House Pet Parrot Cages with Stand 0011
With perches for toys or birds, this metal-and-wood enclosure has a mesh floor and pull-out tray for easy cleanup. It looks simple and elegant and is a suitable enclosure for macaws, cockatiels, or doves. The latch may prove too simple for bright birds, so if you plan on keeping parrots in there, you may need to replace the latch.
Festnight Outdoor Aluminum Bird Cage Large Parrot Cockatiel Macare Finch Walk in Play Aviary Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Flight Protect Pet Supply with 5.82 Cubic Yards 70.1 x 48 x 76.4 Inches (L x W x H)
This large metal outdoor aviary has a walk-through door and heavy-duty latch that will hold up to even the most intelligent of birds. Maintenance- and rust-free aluminum construction makes this a perfect addition to your outdoor space. It is 76” tall, and the airy mesh lets your birds enjoy the outdoors while you can keep an eye on them.
Fielding 65" Pointed Top Flight Cage with Perch
This hexagonal outdoor aviary is lovely to look at and highly functional. Double doors give you full access to the enclosure, and the fir and metal construction is attractive and durable. The frame is easy to put together, but you will need two or more people to apply the top.
Outdoor Aviary:
Outdoor Aviary:
Outdoor Bird Aviary:
Outdoor Bird Aviary:
: 61 x 61 Small Walk in Parrot Cage Aviary
: 61 x 61 Small Walk in Parrot Cage Aviary ...