French Country Chairs

“French Country” style dates back to the 1700s. It was created primarily for the French bourgeoisie which envied – but could not afford – the over-the-top furnishings that decorated palaces and estate during the Louis XV period. French country furnishings were meant to replicate the sophisticated and stylish appearance of Rococo-style pieces, without the expensive design flourishes which also would be out of place in more simple country homes.

In a nutshell, French country pieces are beautiful and elegant, but comfortable and not overdone. Thankfully, the period in which this furniture originated was when craftsmen began upholstering chairs as a matter of course, meaning that French country chairs are indeed comfortable, and not just decorative.

Perhaps the chairs best known for their French country style are upholstered fauteuil and bergère armchairs. The two styles are similar, but the fauteuil has open sides while the bergère’s arms are closed and fully upholstered. The fauteuil often features scrolled arms and many of these chairs have an upholstered back which curves to its top. Generally speaking, the bergère is a larger chair which sits fairly low to the ground, with more sumptuous padding. Most of these French country pieces feature a slightly-reclined back and cabriole legs.

Straight-back chairs are also important members of the French country design family. Slatted or ladder-back chairs, usually with cabriole legs, are the most often-seen straight-back chairs in French country décor. However, caned chairs (both backs and seats) were also popular in 18th century France and became one staple of the period’s style. The pieces are seen both with and without arms, often with upholstered seats and backs. Straight-line designs are typical in the construction of these straight-back chairs, but the curvilinear approach predominant in French country furniture is used as a design feature at times.

Lighter-colored hardwoods give the chairs their feeling of period authenticity, although even on antique French country chairs the wood may have be stained or painted. Any ornamentation will be sedate, usually limited to carved foliage and the like.

Vintage or antique pieces can be found for thousands of dollars apiece, but reproductions crafted more recently can be budget-friendly and create the casual, comfortable look and feel of true French country décor.

Chatelet French Style Dining Furniture in White Vintage Wash with Weathered Brown Top
Vintage setup for an old-fashioned, gorgeous dining room furnished with a long, decoratively carved dining table with a white-painted frame and an unpainted, polished top, nicely matching the Victorian dining chairs.
La Rochelle Antique French Arm Chair
Vintage design for a traditional wooden armchair, made out of oak wood with a slightly weathered coat of white paint. The armchair is fitted with upholstered armrests and a thick, comfy seat cushion made in beige color.
French Country Tufted Hemp Linen Piaf Dining Chair ...
A chic French country style dining chair of wood with a distressed off-white finish. It has curved angular tapered legs and wavy aprons. A seat and a subtly arched halfback are padded, beautifully button tufted, covered in plain pale pink fabric.
French Country Cane Round Back Chairs - distressed white
Pretty French country style chairs of beech wood with a distressed off-white finish. A chair has gently curved angular tapered legs. A squarish padded seat is covered in plain off-white fabric. An oval halfback has an inset of white painted cane.
Louis XV Style French Country Dining Chairs at 1stdibs
Vintage approach to a set of five identical dining chairs made out of light pine wood with decorative carvings around the frame. The dining chairs are all upholstered with a cotton fabric in an elegant, white colour.
Louis XV Style French Country Dining Chairs at 1stdibs
A set of five identical dining chairs made in a rustic fashion. The dining chairs are carved out of fine walnut wood with a rough, unpainted and unpolished finish and are fitted with comfy cotton seat cushions.
French Country Accent Chair - Foter
Antique design for a French-stylized country accent armchair made out of dark oak wood frame with a plaid upholstery around the outside of the back and a floral pattern on the front and the thick seat cushion.
You can never have too many French chairs... collection on
French look for a set of two vintage dining room archers, made out of oak wood with a slightly distressed coat of white paint and upholsteries with traditional patterns made in a green and white color out of cotton fabric.
Country French Dining Chairs - All chairs design
An elegant set of six dining chairs made in a country fashion carved out of dark oak wood with decorative engraving on the frame. The dining chairs are fitted with upholstered seat cushions in a lighter color.
French Country Dining Room Chair Side
A simple yet stylish and good-looking dining room chair made in a French country style out of oak wood with a light tint. The chair is fitted with tiered back and has a thin seat cushion made out of faux leather in brown.
Martin Weathered Dark Coffee Stripe Arm Chair
A stylish chair of wood finished in worn light browns. Its upright turned tapered legs, sloped arms with rolled fronts, a rectangular halfback feature grooving and carvings. A squarish seat, a back, arm pads have covers of white-brown striped fabric.
Baxton Studios Constanza Classic Antiqued French Accent Chair
A chic French country style armchair having a wooden frame with a distressed brown finish. It features curved lines of legs, aprons, arms and arched fullback. A seat, arms panels and a back are foam padded and covered in plain beige-grey linen.
French Country Side Chair
A charming French country style chair of wood in warm browns. It features gently curved lines and rich grooving. Subtle carvings are on a front apron, top parts of legs, a backrest top rail. Upholstery of white fabric has a colourful striped design.
French Country X-Back Dining Chair Wood (Set of 2) :
Pretty French country style dining chairs entirely crafted of wood with a natural finish in beige shades. A chair has angular gently curved tapered legs, a squarish seat, a quite tall upright single-rail backrest with an X-crossed inset.
[French Dining Room Chairs] french dining room furniture ...
Crafted from the best-quality, solid wood, this dining room chair embodies perfectly well the ornate French style, evoking associations with the most refined Louis XVI furniture. It catches the attention with its original seat upholstery.
Debussy French Country Reclaimed Oak Linen Dining Chair ...
Made from reclaimed oak, this beautiful oak linen dining chair embodies a rustic, natural appeal, emphasized i.e. by dense wooden grains. Off-white upholstery is gently adorned with the bottom trimming.
Berger French Country Linen Button Tufted Wing Back Arm ...
A comfortable-looking armchair for living rooms with a frame made out of walnut wood with a white-washed finish. The armchair is upholstered in a microfiber material in a gray color with a tufted pattern on the back and has a comfy throw pillow.
Country French Ladderback Chair | British Home Emporium
Vintage design for a decorative dining chair with a ladder-back structure. The chair is made out of oak wood with a beige coat of distressed paint and has a seat made out of woven thread in a light brown color.
Pair Bertha French Country Scalloped Back Dining Chairs ...
This beautiful dining chair with a scalloped back embodies well the French provincial design. Bright stained, gently curved wood corresponds well to the soft, creamy white upholstery, creating together a warm, charming appeal.
French Country Provence Style Dining Chair | Kathy Kuo Home
With its distressed, yet ornate character, this dining chair represents the charming French country style. Ideal for those, who want to add a cool, rustic vibe to the interiors.
White French Country Chair - A Chair Affair, Inc.
Embodying the charm and elegance of French country style, this chair distinguishes itself with its glamorous, curved armrests, nicely carved legs and oval backrest.
French Country Chairs
A pretty French country style vintage chair. A woody frame has a shabby finish in natural browns and greys. It features curved lines, subtle carvings on paw legs, aprons, arms, a semi-oval flared meshy back. A squarish seat has a grey fabric cover.
Fulbert French Country Rolled Back Grey Oak Boudoir ...
A chic French country style chair with a woody grooved frame finished in bleached greys. It features turned tapered castered front legs. Its thick squarish seat and wide button tufted wingback with a rolled out top have upholstery of grey cotton.
French Country Upholstered Grey Wing Arm Chair
A chic French country style armchair with a wooden frame in beiges. It features curved lines and grooving on all elements, delicate carvings on legs, a front apron and a top rail of an arched wingback. Upholstery is of durable plain grey fabric.
Corneille French Country Limed Oak Linen Dining Chair ...
Rustic design for a small accent chair with a frame made out of walnut wood with a white-washed finish. The top of the chair has a winged back and is upholstered in a cotton fabric in a cream color with decorative buttons.
Yellow French Country Accent Chairs — Home Design Lover ...
Colorful setup for a cozy relaxation corner in a traditional living room, furnished with a set of two retro-style armchairs with solid wood frames with a white coat of paint and bright yellow upholstered cushions.
French country - Traditional - Armchairs And Accent Chairs ...
French take on a country armchair with a thick seat cushion covered in a floral patterned, giving it a vintage vibe. The chair is made out of dark oak wood and has a decorative seam of buttons around the edges.
French Country Chairs
Traditional approach to an old-fashioned reading armchair made out of dark oak wood with a burnt tint. The chair is fitted with a back and seat upholstered in a beige-colored, plaid patterned material made out of cotton.
Pair Madeleine French Country Oval Velvet Dining Side ...
A pretty French country style dining chair with a woody frame finished in grey. It has turned tapered legs and an oval halfback. All frame elements are grooved. A squarish seat and a button tufted back are covered with velvet in grey-beige shades.
Capulet French Country Caned Back Oak Dining Arm Chair ...
A chic French country style dining chair having a woody frame with a whitewashed grey finish. It has turned tapered legs, carved arm fronts, a curved angular halfback of cane mesh. A squarish seat and arm pads are covered in plain grey fabric.
Leon French Country High Back Linen Wing Chair | Kathy
Distinguishing itself with the characteristic high back and golden framing, encompassing the creamy white linen upholstery, this ornamental chair evokes associations with the glamorous times of Louis XVI.
French Country Limed Oak Hemp Oval Back Medallion Dining ...
Embodying the charm and warmth of French country decor, this beautiful dining chair with an oval back will embellish any traditional or cottage dining room. Upholstered in natural hemp, which corresponds well to the distressed limed oak.
Chloe Oversized French Country Burlap Linen Bergere Accent ...
With its characteristic oversized design, this beautiful antique armchair embodies the charm and warmth of the French country style. It enchants with its burlap linen upholstery and ornate wooden carving.
Provence Antique Gray French Country Dining Chair | Kathy ...
Embodying the French provincial style, this beautiful dining chair delights with its intricate silhouette. Ornamental, curved lines, a distinguished backrest and elaborate carving on the seat, back and legs characterize this item best.
Crawley French Country Camel Back Dining Arm Chair | Kathy
An attractive French country style woody dining chair finished in light browns. It features hook-shaped angular front legs, curved stretchers, arms with rolled fronts. A squarish seat and a tall arched fullback are covered in light grey linen.
French Country Chairs
A classic French country style woody chair featuring a bit worn brown finish, delicate carvings (on fronts of upright turned tapered front legs), curved back legs, grooving (on an arched wingback, aprons and sloped arms), off-white linen upholstery.
Dining Chairs | Set of 8 French Country Dining Chairs
A simple yet stylish dining chair made in a French contemporary style out of oak wood with a light tint and a shiny finish. The chair is fitted with patted seat and back, covered in a cotton fabric in a beige color with dots.
French Country Borges Taupe Wing Chair - Transitional ...
Vintage design for a sophisticated reading chair with a frame made out of solid oak wood with a white-washed finish. The chair has a winged structure of the back and is upholstered in a faux leather material in a beige color.
French Country Louis XVI Oval Back Leather Dining Arm ...
Antique take on a French-styled, country dining chair with a frame made out of solid oak wood with a shiny polish and a worn-off vibe to it. The chair is upholstered with real leather in a dark brown color, giving it an elegant look.
Stephen Hemp French Country Wing Back Chair with Ottoman ...
A set of old-fashioned living room furniture, consisting of a wing-back reading chair with a matching ottoman, both made out of dark oak wood with a white-washed finish and a set of thick and soft cushions.
French Country Grain Sack Burlap Occasional Chair | Kathy ...
This French country style accent chair with a frame made out of walnut wood with a whitewashed finish is sure to fit in a vintage living room, providing a comfortable place to relax with its upholstered seat cushion in a beige color.
Vintage French Script Arm Chair - French Country
Vintage design for a unique accent armchair with legs made out of dark oak wood with a shiny finish. The chair is fitted with a winged back and is upholstered in a white cotton material with French script written all over it.
French Country Literary Script Linen Club Chair | Kathy ...
Catching the attention with its cool literary script linen, this club chair will be a fancy accent in any living room decor, quickly become your favourite leisure companion after work.
Furniture: French Country X Back Dining Chair View French ...
Enchanting with their beautiful design, this pair of chairs represents the charming French cottage style. Richly adorned, curved silhouettes will help you distinguish your space, adding them a refined character.
French Country Cane Chair Antique Reproduction Furniture ...
Distinguishing itself with the beautifully adorned legs and cane backrest, this charming dining table constitutes a good example of the French country design. A nice complement to all classic decors.
Dining Chairs | Set of 8 French Country Dining Chairs
Pretty French country style vintage dining chairs with woody frames in a bit worn mid browns. A chair has gently curved angular tapered legs, a half-oval seat, a tall flared backrest. Upholstery is of beige fabric with a dark spotted pattern.
Pair Benoit French Country Linen Burlap Antique Ivory ...
Charming French country style woody dining chairs in off white. A chair has upright turned tapered legs, a squarish seat, a quite tall flared gently arched halfback. All parts are grooved. Upholstery of greyish linen features brass nailhead trims.
Set of Six French Country Leather Dining Chairs at 1stdibs
Classy French country style dining chairs of wood in mid browns. A chair has tapered S-legs, wavy aprons, a squarish seat, a curved halfback. All parts feature grooving and subtle carvings. Upholstery is of brown leather with brass nailhead trims.
Monte Carlo French Country Solid Birch Dining Chair ...
Antique design for a Monte Carlo style dining chair with a frame made out of solid birch wood with a white-washed finish and a distressed coat of delicate white paint, paired with an upholstered seat cushion in faux leather.
August Grove Imogene French Country Side Chair & Reviews ...
Traditional approach to a set of two dining chairs made out of light pine wood with an unpainted and polished finish. The dining chairs have a ladder back and have curved legs, as well as some stylish engravings on the bottom.