Dining Chairs With Casters

Dining chairs with casters are a beautiful and practical addition to any home. Not only you can use them to inspire your interior design, but you can also match them with your existing furniture and add a personal touch to your home.

You can find caster chairs in the simplest of designs as well as in hand-carved structures accompanied by unusual colors and styles.

Most dining chairs with casters can be rotated 360 degrees. They also have a tilt mechanism to support your weight while making sure that your posture is not compromised. In fact, some models have specifically designed backs which support your lower back as well as keep you from slouching with the help of an additional couch.

While most caster chairs have a height adjustment feature, those which don’t have one but are too high can be complemented with a footrest.

Most dining chairs with casters have either four or five wheels. They evenly distribute the seater’s weight across the structure and keep the chair from snapping or breaking. Both, armchairs as well as dining chairs, of this category come in various designs, with many kinds of upholstery, vinyl, and fabric options.

Rubber and plastic casters make maneuvering very easy on wooden floors as well as those with carpet on them. However, for tiled floors or concrete surfaces, metal casters are the safest option.

The chair frame could be made up of solid wood, metal, premium grade engineered wood like hardboard, ply board, or chipboard. The models that are built with corner blocks over the joints are more sturdy and have longer lives than others.

Dining chairs with casters can be moved from one room to another. Hence, they can serve as seating options in all rooms in your house. While there is the chance that either the caster or the balls will wear out, clog, or make noises over time, you can simply change them, and the chair will be as good as new.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Set Of 4 Dining Caster Chairs Dining Chair
Set Of 4 Dining Caster Chairs Dining Chair

The M110 caster dining chair is a compact swivel chair on wheels with a powder-coated metal frame. The fully upholstered seat and back are custom designed to complement any dinette table. All welded frames without any bolts make this compact chair perfect for indoor use.

Color Tufted Fabric Arm Chair
Color Tufted Fabric Arm Chair

Air Leather is a new generation of synthetic fabric that looks and feels like real leather but has the breathability of fabric for a more comfortable feel at an affordable price. The material is durable and will last a long time. It can withstand scratches and scrapes. Advanced technology and no corrosive and irritating arms specifications. Do not expose this item to direct sunlight. Never touch sharp objects, which may cause damage to the product. Wipe the product with a dry cloth immediately after it becomes wet. The product should be used only on level ground.

Edgefield Arm Chair
Edgefield Arm Chair

Introduce a touch of traditional style to your ensemble with this parlor chair. Crafted of solid wood, it features a mid backrest, fixed arms, and four carved legs on hooded caster wheels. Enveloped in easy-to-clean vinyl upholstery, this chair features antique nailhead trim for a tailored touch. Foam cushioning provides added comfort and support.

Moonsu Arm Chair
Moonsu Arm Chair

This caster chair is the most comfortable dining chair ever made. The frame is built from marine plywood, with a rattan seat that is reinforced with hand-woven baby rattan. The cushions—tailored with plush fabric—and streamlined design of this enduring set make lingering over meals a common occurrence.

Lizbeth Leather Arm Chair
Lizbeth Leather Arm Chair

This armchair features a French country look and caster wheels that make mobility in your home office a breeze. The frame is crafted from a blend of solid and engineered wood, and it's accented with nailhead trim in an antique brass finish for a classic feel. This piece has leather upholstery on the seat, arms, and curved back for a textured touch. Plus, it's filled with foam, offering you plenty of support while you tackle your to-do list. Assembly for this item requires no tools.

Gerianne Arm Chair in Dark Brown
Gerianne Arm Chair in Dark Brown

This versatile armchair is an alluring addition to your home. Crafted from solid wood in a medium walnut finish, it features faux leather upholstery that blends seamlessly into any existing arrangement. Tuck it beside matching seats to set the foundation for a tasteful dining room, then anchor the space with a turned-leg table that enhances its traditional appeal. Once you love your layout, put down a pair of shimmery metal candlesticks for a classic centerpiece that complements this piece's nailhead trim.

Height Adjustable Game Chair with Wheels
Height Adjustable Game Chair with Wheels

The Two-Chair Set with Cabriole Legs, Nailhead Trim, and Scroll Accents, model number AC-1025-2 MAH-GG is a great option for your dining room or living room. It features a solid wood frame with faux leather upholstery, foam filling for added comfort, and four wheels for easy mobility. This set of two chairs is ideal for rounding out your dining room with a perch that's perfect for settling into or lending your gaming ensemble a seat ready for high-stakes poker games. Cabriole legs, nailhead trim and scroll accents on the arm and back lend this piece an aristocratic look.

Schaub Arm Chair
Schaub Arm Chair

This distinctive armchair brings classic style to your living room or home office. It features an engineered wood frame with a curved back and straight arms. The seat and arms are padded with foam, upholstered in a sand polyester blend and trimmed with nailhead trim. The solid birch legs come in a warm brown tone, while the back is made from a solid piece of wood. We love that this chair has wheels, so you can move it wherever you need it.

Kennett Arm Chair
Kennett Arm Chair

The Kennett Series is a new trend in modern seating. It offers a truly outstanding architectural form while maintaining comfort and practical use in mind. The chairs come in multiple color options and most importantly, leg options – the warm and welcoming wooden leg, the easy-to-maneuver wheeled leg, and ultra-modern black swivel leg. Each type of leg and seat color complements each other perfectly and you can always find the best combination for your styles and rooms. These chairs work in any setting and scenario, and your guest will be amazed how well they blend into your living room, dining room, home office or conference room.

Pringle Arm Chair
Pringle Arm Chair

This Tilt Upholstered Dining Chair has a distinct chevron weaving pattern that gives it a transitional look, making it ideal for mid-century modern or 21st century tropical oasis decor. The chair's sturdy rustic rattan pole structure is hand woven with supple water hyacinth details for added durability and an earthy ambiance.

Brooks Linen Arm Chair in Repel Stainguard Linen/Bordeaux
Brooks Linen Arm Chair in Repel Stainguard Linen/Bordeaux

A pierced-work back is covered in padding, above an upholstered seat that rises gracefully to tapered legs terminating in sturdy casters.

Bayview Arm Chair
Bayview Arm Chair

Bayview Upholstered Arm Chair is a unique upholstery silhouette incorporating woven materials and intricately carved wooden frames for a sophisticated look that retains the casual essence of coastal living.

Cascades King Louis Back Arm Chair in Wheat
Cascades King Louis Back Arm Chair in Wheat

The outside back and apron of the Gilmore chair are scalloped, echoing the sunburst design on the outside back and apron of the Chatfield chair. The upholstery for both models is standard in 222111 Chatfield, which features a wheat-colored indoor performance fabric with a linen weave and a soft hand; this fabric can also be used for all other chairs in the Gilmore collection.

Gazel Metal Arm Chair
Gazel Metal Arm Chair

The Dining Chair has a comfortable upholstered seat and backrest on matt brushed nickel legs.

Howie Metal Cross Back Arm Chair in Nickel
Howie Metal Cross Back Arm Chair in Nickel

The furniture line features top-quality styling, non-toxic powder coat finishes. Each chair is custom-made to ensure that it is built to top quality. The manufacturer strives for luxury styling, reliable products, and comfort in each chair.

Maddox Leather Arm Chair in Pink
Maddox Leather Arm Chair in Pink

Our distinctive designs include products for great room living, which we call open concept living, where family and friends gather for dining, sharing a game, or personal time of reading or sipping a favorite drink. It’s the place we can be together without stepping on top of each other, where we can be involved in personal preferences but within reach if we want to share a thought or experience. Our unique styling of our space provides an opportunity for self-expression, allowing our personality to be expressed in the things we’ve gathered and appreciated as well as the company we keep.

Genoa Arm Chair
Genoa Arm Chair

The Genoa Arm Chair is an easy choice for those seeking both comfort and durability. This black upholstered seating has a classic charm that will surely upgrade your next game night.

Belmont Leather Arm Chair in Mink/Gray
Belmont Leather Arm Chair in Mink/Gray

A comfortable upholstered bar stool features a barrel back, curved arms and an upholstered seat raised on tapering legs.

Arm Chair
Arm Chair

The Swivel Wood Dining Caster Chair is available in a fabric with a stained wood finish. The 360° swivel feature and extra comfort seating make this chair ideal for any dining area. The wood frame is constructed from commercial-grade materials, which will guarantee long-lasting use with the utmost comfort. The custom upholstered seat features a thick foam cushion and durable fabric.

Holtzclaw Arm Chair in Gray
Holtzclaw Arm Chair in Gray

The Canora Caster Series features the Caster Solid Wood Dining Chair on Wheels. This swivel tilt dinette caster chair with an adjustable height option is used in any dinette. It contains a commercial-grade foam with an upholstered seat and back. The swivel mechanism they use is made of reinforced design, which guarantees long-lasting service. Canora is the only swivel tilt kitchen chair manufacturer that uses solid wood base covers including the stem. They do not use contact paper that looks like wood nor they don't use inferior upholstery materials. Twin wheel casters will roll on most type of floors and will not damage the floor surface.

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Tips To Choose Kitchen & Dining Chairs


According to Suzanne Rheinstein, dining chairs with casters make a useful option for busy families as they're manoeuvrable and add flexible seating. Dining chairs with casters should be, ideally, made of strong and durable materials to help withstand the weight capacity. The frames are often constructed out of solid wood, metal, or even commercial-grade steel. They often feature other materials on the seat, backrest, and armrest to add comfort. These might include leather, vinyl, plastic, or fabric upholstery in breathable textiles. The wheels on dining chairs with casters can be fashioned out of a number of different materials including plastic or rubber which allows them to be safe and scratch-resistant for tile or hardwood flooring. There may also be some metal parts included depending on how heavy-duty the casters are.


Design expert, Rodney Lawrence notes that one of the perks of opting for dining chairs with casters is that they make a great choice to move across uneven flooring including carpeting. One thing that's vital about dining chairs with casters is that they need to sit on a solid base which usually consists of four traditionally designed legs or a criss-cross prong-style base. The casters which are usually crafted out of durable plastic or rubber are attached to the legs or base to allow the chair to remain portable in nature. You'll find any number of seats and backrests including a high back fashioned out of fabric upholstery or a solid faux leather back for a more traditional look. There might also be armrests for ease as well as mechanisms on the side or under the seat that adjust the height and tilt of the seat.

Weight and balance: 

As Amy Lau points out, you want to choose dining chairs with casters because they allow you to completely rearrange and refresh your dining or kitchen space in no time at all. Since dining chairs on casters are usually made out of strong weight baring materials such as solid wood or metal, they're often able to hold more weight than regular dining chairs. You'll want to take note of the size of your casters on the bottom of your chairs as it does make a difference, but if the weight is distributed across a four or five-pronged base, it creates a unique sense of balance that is both steady and flexible. Traditional metal casters may hold more weight while modern plastic or rubber ones work well and make a good choice for tile, vinyl, or hardwood kitchen flooring.

Additional features: 

Interior designer, Rita Konig suggests choosing dining chairs with casters as they not only bring an effortless vintage flair but they're are some designed in a minimalist and modern fashion as well. For those who host guests on a regular basis, you might come across dining chairs with casters that are height adjustable for personal use. There are also some options that feature rotatable seats or even a tilt mechanism to give further flexibility. If you're worried about scratching your flooring, there are dining chairs with casters made with rubber or plastic caster wheels for a smooth glide. You will also find seating options with easy-to-clean upholstery that's stain or water-resistant which helps with spills. Dining chairs on casters also give you the option to arrange your dining space however you see fit.

You'd think a chair would be a chair. But kitchen & dining chairs actually come in a wide selection of types, from how their backs look to even how they store. Each of these factors can mean a difference in comfort and function. So below we'll look at the main types of chairs and how they fit into different preferences. 


This is one of the most common chair types. It's upholstered and has some sort of soft material underneath the fabric, usually foam. Sometimes just the seat will be padded, and sometimes both the backrest and seat will. If you don't like the feel of hard seats, choose a padded design for maximum comfort.

Cross back

These have narrow pieces that form a cross on the back of the chair. Choose these if you want the support, along with a classic woodworking style. Open chair designs can also create less of a closed-in look in a kitchen or dining room.

Slat back

This common style has a narrow flat piece going up the back of the chair. Either side of the slat is usually open within a thin frame creating the shape of the chair back. Choose this design if you want direct back support with a slightly open design.

Windsor back

These are the traditional chairs with vertical rods forming the back of the chair, which are usually outlined in a frame. Choose this style for a classic, rustic or country look. However, they're an austere chair that might not be the most comfortable if you have joint issues.

Solid back

This type of chair has a flat back. That back can support your whole back, or in more modern styles, might be more of a minimal flat piece that fits along the middle of your back. Choose these if you want back support and a classic style.


If you plan to only have the chairs out for entertaining, choose a set that you can stack. Be aware that these are often meant to be used for short periods of time, so they are often hard metal designs.

Another major consideration should be which materials the kitchen & dining chairs come in. You have several main options, each of which imparts its own style and function. 


Choose a wooden chair if you're going for a classic, rustic or timeless style. A wooden chair gives a look like the furniture is handmade and is a classic addition to any home. It's common to find a chair in a variety of wood types, though rubberwood is a popular wood species used in chairs these days for its durability.


It's also common to see metal chairs, often with slat backing. Choose these for modern, casual or industrial spaces.


If comfort is your main priority, choose an upholstered style, which often has padding added. You might question whether having kitchen & dining chairs in an upholstered style is a good idea, seeing as it might be easy to drop something and stain them.

If staining is a concern, choose a fabric or chair that is rated as being stain-resistant. For instance, it's common to find chairs upholstered with polyester, which is a durable fabric that can be more stain-resistant than, say, velvet.

It may seem like you already have enough choices, but you should also consider the overall style of the chair and how that fits into your home's style.

  • Curved/modern: This style covers any kitchen & dining chairs that have soft lines. These are usually minimal in style with low backrests. Some are made for comfort and others focus mainly on style. What they all have in common is they tend to look good in Mid-Century Modern styles.
  • Sleek with neutral colors: This covers any chair that has stark lines in its design and is of a neutral color. These go well in modern, upscale or timeless designs.
  • Geometric patterns: Chairs with geometric patterns are almost always upholstered. Choose these for modern looks that make use of geometry, classic styles or transitional looks.
  • Bold colors: No matter the material, you can find a style in whatever bold color you want. Bold-colored chairs make great accent pieces when placed off to the side of a room. You might also want to include them in artsy styles.
  • Country style: This encompasses any kind of chair with a classic handmade look. They're almost always made out of wood and often have a cross back or Windsor back. These were made for the country, rustic or classic looks.
  • Transitional: This is any type of chair that fits in well with timeless looks. They usually have neutral colors and understated builds that can fit into any home. Look for this type of chair for transitional homes, of course.

Once you've narrowed down which type of chair would fit your home in terms of type, material and style, you should also think carefully about how many you'll need. This depends most directly on the size of the table you're looking to place the chairs around. 

  • The smallest tables in the kitchen will often need one or two chairs.
  • Larger round or square tables do well with four chairs.

Dining tables get a little more complicated, as they usually have the two chairs on each end, but how many chairs you can fit around the table depends on the length of the table. Measure how long the table is, and make sure you know how wide the style of chair you intend to buy is as well. A general rule is to give about 6 inches or more on each side of the chair to give room for elbow space. 

More Ideas

Leather Dining Chairs With Casters –

Equipped with casters, these leather dining chairs will be an ideal combination of style and practicality. Dark stained wooden constructions enchant with their smoothly designed, gently curved silhouettes.

Bondville Chair

Antique design for an old-fashioned Bondville-styled office chair, made out of walnut wood with a polished finish and fitted with upholstered seat cushion and back, both made out of real leather in dark brown color.

Mid-Back Dining Caster Chair with Arms

Contemporary take on a minimalistic office chair, fitted with a comfortable seat cushion and back upholstered with a microfiber material in brown colour, matched with a white frame and wooden elements.

Caster Dining Chair –

Pretty classy dining chairs handmade of wood finished in warm browns. A chair has 4 low bowed castered legs, a ring stretcher, openwork sloped arms and a backrest, a seat of reclaimed wood. Tied padded cushions are covered in flowery fabric.

Dining Room Chairs With Rollers Dining Room Table With ...

This stylish dining set combines a smooth, modern appeal with functionality, setting the armchairs on casters i.e. Chromed finish adds contemporary refinement, while the wheeled base offer greater mobility.

Casual Dining Chairs With Casters –

A contemporary set of furniture for dining rooms, consisting of a rectangular-shaped dining table with rounded edges. The table is made out of oak wood and has four matching dining chairs on wheels to finish the set-off.

Luca Upholstered Dining Chair with Casters

Mobile approach to an unusual dining chair with casters on the bottom to make it easy to move around. The chair is made out of white-painted, wooden frame with upholstered seat and back in a green-colored fabric.

Waverly Place Tall Back Upholstered Dining Chair

An elegant classy castered dining chair of wood in browns. It features upright turned front legs, curved angular back ones, straight arms with rolled fronts, a wingback with curved edges, upholstery of brownish pleather with brass nailhead trims.

Dining Table: Dining Table Set Caster Chairs

This round, wooden dining table comes with a set of 4 complementary chairs. Equipped with caster wheels, they will provide better mobility. A happy medium between functionality and classic elegance.

Mosaic Dining Chair with Casters - Set of 2

Chic dining chairs with black metal frames. A chair base is built of a cross-like castered foot, 4 bowed stretchers, a column. Arms have rolled fronts, a tall back - scrolls and a top rail of natural slate tiles. A seat is covered in beige fabric.

Dining Chair with Casters | D&D | Pinterest

A chic antique style castered dining chair with a natural finished wooden frame. It has upright angular front legs, curved back ones, a mid-height trapezoidal fullback, gently sloped arms. A square seat and a back are covered in plain grey fabric.

Furniture. Brown Metal Dining Room Chairs With Casters And ...

Traditional setup for a vintage-styled conversational spot, furnished with a round dining table made out of dark oak wood with a patterned inlay and a frame made out of brass, fitted with a set of four matching dining chairs on wheels.

Dining room chairs with wheels, task chair room chairs ...

A retro style dining set of wood in light browns. A table for six has an oval top and 2 upright legs on V-shaped horizontal feet. A chair base has a column, a 4-prong castered foot, frame arms, a seat and a back covered in dark brown pleather.

Menedemus Arm Chair (Set of 2)

Modern arrangement for a cozy conversational spot in a living room, consisting of a round coffee table made out of black-painted wood with two tiers below, fitted with two wheeled office chairs providing seating.

Maguire Captains Arm chair

An elegant composition of furniture creating an impromptu conversational area in a bright living room. The conversational area is fitted with a small, rectangular coffee table in black with a mobile armchair on wheels.

dining room chairs with casters | Home Design Ideas

Elegant comfy woody dining chairs in mid browns. A base consists of a 4-prong castered foot and a column. Arms are flat and quite wide. Both a seat and a quite tall vertically grooved backrest are rectangular, padded, covered in brown leather.

Upholstered dining arm chair, dinette chairs with casters ...

Classy stylish dining chairs with black frames of wrought iron. A chair has a 4-prong castered base, a short column, scrolled fronts of arms. A squarish seat and a tall curved flared gently tufted fullback are upholstered in patternless beige fabric.

Cafferata Arm Chair

Antique look for a sophisticated office chair with a frame made out of brass and a base cast out of wrought iron. The chair has upholstered back and seat cushion, both fitted with a cotton material in a beige color.

We Dining Chairs With Casters Swivel - All chairs design

Chic swivel dining chairs with black metal bases (a 4-prong castered foot and a short column). Arms are curved. A semi-oval seat is covered in grey fabric. Two chairs have black woody fence-backrests, 2 - grey covered halfbacks with arched top rails.

International Concepts Unfinished Dining Chair with ...

Unfinished design for a primitive-looking dining chair with wheels on the bottom. The chair is made out of light pine wood and has a hard seat without any cushion or upholstery, giving it a rough appearance.

Arm Chair

A cool swivel and tilted dining chair with a frame of grey metal. A column is fixed to a 4-prong castered foot. Prongs and arms have woody overlays in brown tones. A squarish seat and an oval halfback are covered in creamy checked poly blend.

Dining Chairs With Casters Swivel - Pan011 Panama Tilt ...

A cozy setup for a compact dining area, furnished with an oval dining table made out of dark oak wood with an anti-slip padding on the top, matched with a few dining chairs on wheels with white cotton upholsteries.

Furniture. Fascinating Design Of Dining Room Chairs With ...

Stylish dark brown leather combined with a little lighter brown wood creates together a refined combination, perfect to accent sophisticated interiors. This dining set comprises a wooden table for 6 and the complementary set of chairs with wheels.

Casual Dining Cushion Swivel and Tilt Rolling Caster Chair

A swivel tilted dining chair of metal. It has a 4-arm castered foot, a column, arms and a bottom backrest part of vertical rods. A foot and arms have brown wooden onlays. A seat and a halfback with a woody top are padded and covered in beige fabric.

Mcbride Arm Chair

Classy castered chairs of wood in mid browns. A chair has upright angular grooved front legs with recessed top ends. A curved single-rail back and brass nailhead trimmed both a semi-oval seat and flat arms are foam padded and covered in black vinyl.

Rattan Dining Chairs With Casters

Unique and fresh setup for an oriental conversational spot in a living room, created with the use of a round table made out of bright bamboo wood with a glass top, surrounded by a set of four armchairs on wheels.

Kitchen dinette sets with casters – Kitchen ideas

This dinette set with casters constitutes a perfect proposition for a charming dining room decor. Natural wood and white framing correspond well with the wooden top or light grey upholstery (in case of chairs).

Moonsu Arm Chair

Aquatic design for an outdoor conversational area situated in a garden near a backyard pool. The area is furnished with a round-shaped glass table and finished off with a set of wheeled armchairs with bamboo frames.

Cramco, Inc Landon Dining Arm Chair With Casters - Darvin

A contemporary conference room, furnished with an oval office table with a frame made out of aluminum metal with a black coat of paint, paired with a set of office chairs on wheels with faux leather upholsteries.

Oak Dining Chairs With Casters - Oak Dining Set With

Classy design for a unique, mobile dining chair with wheels on the bottom. The chair is made with an aluminum frame with a white coat of paint, decorated with wooden elements and upholstered with a cotton fabric.

Gentry Mid-Back Dining Caster Chair with Arms

A traditional-looking office chair on wheels with a frame made out of aluminum with a white coat of reflective paint. The chair is fitted with wooden elements on the armrests and the legs, giving it a unique element.

Me Dining Room Chairs With Casters - All chairs design

A classy woody dining set (for 6) in light browns. An oval table has 2 4-slat upright supports on flat C-like feet. A chair has a 4-arm castered foot, a column, curved arms, a squarish seat and a rectangular stitched back covered in beige pleather.

Dining Room Sets Chairs With Casters On Wheels - Dining

A unique approach to a cozy dining room, furnished with a round dining table with a frame made out of wrought iron and a smooth stone top surface, paired with a set of four elegant dining chairs with wheels on the bottom.

Boundary Bay Arm Chair (Set of 2)

With its powder coated finish, serving to make this chair look beautiful, this Boundary Bay Arm Chair will be a great proposition for all traditional spaces. Its upholstery gives it an air of sophistication. It measures 38.18'' H x 26'' W x 26'' D.

Furniture Modern Ideas Of Dining Chairs With Casters For ...

Enchanting with its ornate appeal, this intricate dining set comprises an ornamental pedestal round table with at least equally ornate four chairs with armrests and casters. Their deep wooden appeal shall fit well into most of the classic decors.

Swivel Dining Chair with Casters [ID 3164941] | eBay

A pretty retro swivel dining chair. It has a black metal base built of a 4-prong castered foot (with wooden onlays) and a short column. A squarish seat, arms and a back frame are of rattan in light browns. A seat is covered in blue flowery fabric.

dining room chairs with casters | Home Design Ideas

Combining dark wood with glass will always be a stylish way to enhance one's decor. Apart from this, the dining set for 4 presented here features casters as well. Stylish and practical at the same time.

Dining Room Chairs With Casters And Arms - Metal And

An aesthetic traditional castered dining chair with a black metal frame. It has 4-prong foot, a column, straight arms with light brown wooden pads. A squarish seat and a quite tall fullback with a rolled out top are covered in plain beige fabric.

Sunny Designs Sedona Game Chair w/ Casters - Becker ...

An elegant approach to a mobile dining chair crafted out of oak wood with a polished finish and a light tint. The dining chair has wheels on the bottom, making it easy to move around, and has a faux leather seat cushion in black.

Furniture. Fascinating Design Of Dining Room Chairs With ...

Black leather and densely grained, natural wood create always a charming and elegant combination, designed to refine the interiors. This dining chair fits into this role perfectly. Based on wheels, it will be also more mobile and floor-friendly.

Dining room chairs with casters | Home Decor & Furniture

Chic stylish castered dining chairs with frames of wrought iron in black. A chair has a 4-arm base, a short column, scrolled arms fronts, an arched openwork backrest with diamond lattice. A squarish seat and a back are covered in plain beige fabric.

Oak Dining Chairs With Casters –

Vintage design for a classic dining chair, made out of oak wood with a light tint and a polished, shiny finish. The dining chair has a padded seat cushion and a back, as well as wheels on the bottom to make it mobile.

Wooden Folding Dining Chairs Kitchen With Casters No Arms ...

Elegant setup for a compact dining room, furnished with a round dining table made out of dark oak wood with a polished finish. The table is paired with a set of four dining chairs on wheels with faux leather seat cushions.

Ideas For Dining Chairs With Casters - Dining Room Chairs

Designed to adorn classic interiors, this set of dining chairs is based on casters, providing greater functionality, especially when you think of transport or any movements. Solid, dark wooden framing is being beautifully combined with black leather.

Powell Jefferson Dining Arm Chairs with Casters - Set of

Sturdy steel frames and plush combined with tan fabric upholstered seats for support. All these standing on smooth rolling casters. Designed by Powell Jefferson, this dining chair will be a nice proposition for all classic decors.

Dining Chairs Oak With Casters Upholstered Dini With ...

Chic antique style castered dining chairs with wooden frames finished in mid browns. A chair has beautifully scrolled arms and a tall curved openwork backrest. A base is built of a 4-prong foot and a short column. Upholstery is of plain beige suede.

Bermuda Arm Chair

An old-fashioned approach to a classy office chair with wheels on the bottom, making it mobile. The chair is made out of bamboo wood with a brown coat of paint and it is fitted with a thick and soft seat cushion with a fish pattern.

Bali Hai Dining Chair

Primitive take on an elegant dining chair with a frame made out of bamboo wood with a dark tint. The dining chair has wheels on the bottom, which make it mobile, and is fitted with an upholstered seat cushion in a cream color.

Cafferata Arm Chair

Being a great alternative to traditional pieces, this Cafferata armchair features an autumn rust frame and Topanga brown upholstery. It has a sturdy polyester fabric. Measures 37.5'' H x 21.75'' W x 26.75'' D.

Mobility Assist Upholstered Dining Chair

It will enhance the quality of life for persons with Alzheimer, Dementia, Parkinson or for seniors where ageing has reduced their mobility. This dining chair with casters is available in various colours.