Egyptian Home Decor Ideas

Many people enjoy good Egyptian home décor but finding the perfect pieces can hard. Life in Ancient Egypt was not homogeneous. There were many different lifestyles, therefore, even planning the background for a room is important. The most common is a sandstone or bamboo wall treatment.

Understanding the Egyptian deities will help when planning the message you want your décor to deliver. For example, you might want to select a deity that presides over a particular life aspect. Another consideration is planning how each piece will be used. Many Egyptian décor pieces are fragile and should be used in a protected environment, while others are not and can be used for outdoor purposes. Some vases are designed only for decoration while others can be used as planters. Each selection will give a unique feel to your home.

Determine the Right Size and Weight

Measure the areas where you want to place your items. Keep in mind the different weight limits and minimums as well. Care is needed when selecting outdoor pieces. Some traditional pieces might be too graphic for modern communities. Size is an appropriate consideration as proper support will be needed, especially for larger pieces. For example, you wouldn’t want to place a heavy stone vase, weighted with potting soil and a plant on a fragile wall shelf.

Define the Style of Your Area

Defining style might require some advance research. You might want to decide whether you will focus on a selected deity or if you will generalize. If you select an Isis themed area, then including a marvelous piece with Osiris would fit, as he is her husband. Seth and Isis, on the other hand, would not mix well as they are opposed in ideology. Extra planning will help coordinate the room for you, and could even impress visiting students of Egyptology who view it. This is why when you select pieces, you shouldn’t merely look at establishing themes, but to also seek the message of each piece. Egyptian home décor can be especially satisfying to collectors or to avant-garde idealists who want to make a statement. The Egyptian pantheon and stylized artwork encompassed the broad spectrum of life in Ancient Egypt, giving the modern collector ample opportunities for self-expression, or to make a statement about personal lifestyle.


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Ancient Egyptian Ankh Wall Plaque
Ancient Egyptian Ankh Wall Plaque If you want quality, the Ancient Egyptian Ankh Wall Plaque is what you would want to look at. Every imprint on this Ankh has a very detailed reason and meaning. Rich with historical icons, this Ankh possesses it all. Its black base with a golden finish will make this piece stand out on your wall or desk.
Egyptian Horus Wall Decor
Egyptian Horus Wall Decor This Resin Horus Wall Decor is full of color and life that can add to any Egyptian themed room. A natural base golden color works with any bamboo backdrop. Horus mounts his ankhs on each claw, with the traditional sun disc over his head. It’s hand finished, bringing many different color tones together.
Icons of the Egyptian Realm Wall Decor
Icons of the Egyptian Realm Wall Decor This wall décor brings together many Egyptian icons together. The wall mount features the Sphinx in its full glory. Behind the Sphinx stands tall Isis, the mother goddess, with her arms spread wide, as well as a pyramid and the sun shining in all of its might. The wall mount itself is hand painted and cast in resin with a faux metallic finish.
Egyptian Temple Sculptural Pediment Wall Decor
Egyptian Temple Sculptural Pediment Wall Decor The Egyptian Temple Sculptural Pediment wall decor is a significant piece over a doorway for any Egyptian themed room. It boasts an aged golden tone and stretches 40 inches wide Ur-Uatchti. In the center is the goddess Nekhebet flanking a bright red sun disk. Known to have been in many temples this symbol defends those within from the evil.
Egyptian Temple Stele Tutankhamen Wall Decor
Egyptian Temple Stele Tutankhamen Wall Decor The golden image of Tutankhamen is one any Egyptian follower knows about and is essential to any collection. Measuring at 10x8 inches, this décor can be hung almost anywhere. The ebony and gold finishes help it work with any sandstone themed room. It’s a piece that defines a room rather than accenting it to truly complete a set.
Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten Wall Decor
Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten Wall Decor When you want to include some of the mystery of Egypt into your home, there’s nothing better than a wall mount décor of Akhenaten. This sculpture is finished in an aged black as he was the heretic king ushering in new beliefs and ideas. This piece can offer a great deal for anyone and has many other meanings behind it.
Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wall Decor
Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wall Decor There are many unique types of wall décor with an Egyptian heritage but none stands out as much as the Egyptian Cobra Goddess on the wall with a striking look. This golden cobra head looks like it’s practically going to leap out at you. The texture work is startling, with its dark inlay bolstering the golden finish, all the more as she looks up at you.
Eye of Horus Egyptian Vase
Eye of Horus Egyptian Vase This Eye of Horus Egyptian Vase is full of color and adorned with one of the most powerful designs, the “Wadjet” also known as the Eye of Horus. Its amphora shape is known by many vase collectors and is a long-lasting design. Intended for indoor uses, this protective symbol can promote life and color to any part of the home or table top.
Pharaoh Ramses I Egyptian Ruler Wall Sculpture
Pharaoh Ramses I Egyptian Ruler Wall Sculpture When looking for period pieces that fit your Egyptian themed room, Ramses I quickly comes to mind. This golden finished wall piece can grab your attention for many reasons. The top can be used as a shelf for other pieces of memorabilia or period pieces. Weighing at 9 lbs, this unique piece is perfect for your home or garden.
Egyptian Sands of Time Hourglass
Egyptian Sands of Time Hourglass The Sands of Time hourglass can add to any room in the house as it can fit nearly anywhere you want. The elaborate design of the bodywork quickly draws attention. It has a black and aged gold finish that allows this piece to stand out in any room.