Decorative Indoor Bird Houses

A birdhouse inside and outside says a great deal about you. It expresses interest, statements, compassion, security etc. A well-kept birdhouse can bring together your yard as well as your rooms inside your house. They are perfect for décor that needs to be often small and mounted high on a wall or hold a light inside, making a creative night light and giving you directed visibility without blinding you.

Make a Statement

Birdhouses can make a variety of statements for you about your tastes, what you like, even how laid back or open-minded you are to others. It also makes a strong statement about compassion, as bird houses are typically not for personal use and show a level of outreach to others. Other birdhouses can express your humor by designs on them or decorations. They can also accentuate friendly rivalries like a Chicago Cubs bird house next to a St. Luis Cardinals bird house. Birdhouses can bring out other décor you have or bring together a wooden toned or rustic toned room to a stone style with ease. The aged statement shows that you have experience and have succeeded.

Provide Security

Security is not always for you. A birdhouse does the same for birds providing them security. Inside a bird cage, the birdhouse can still provide protection for your birds from other house pets. Indoors, the bird house can provide you added security as many are open and can keep security systems you have hidden within while bringing out a positive environment. People don’t expect security in small places like this which can easily hide cameras and motion detectors. Though it does narrow a field of protection, it does make a solid backup.

Blend with Your Home Interior with the Exterior

It’s often a challenge to bring your home to life full of expressions that are not contrasting. By matching or linking themes or ideas with your exterior décor you can make it show a strong statement and cohesion. When you link your décor it shows that you planned it out well and you are able to finish things that you start on to others. Indoor bird houses can bridge that link as well as show a care for nature and the environment that we live in. It also makes things within more pleasing to the eye and shows artistic taste no matter the environment that you live in.

Odaniel Decorative Bird House


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Odaniel Decorative Bird House
Odaniel Decorative Bird House With a wooden tone, this birdhouse can add a level of décor to any indoor garden without bringing in many outdoor elements. The bull skull and rope on the side give this birdhouse a southwestern theme. This can be added with ease to any log cabin theme. The wire hook allows this piece to be hung with ease or attached to an existing bird cage.
Decorative Bird House
Decorative Bird House This bird house with its steeple design can fit in a multitude of places indoors. Its white body and brown metallic roof works with any wood-toned room or metallic set up. This piece is large enough to be added to a classical city table modeling set adding a hint of religion to it.
Small 11.5 in x 2 in Decorative Bird House
Small 11.5 in x 2 in Decorative Bird House With a bronze finish, this freestanding bird house makes a fun end table addition. Set up as a cottage, this décor gives a welcoming feeling of home to an area. The bronze finish works well with many dark tones and themed areas, and works well on a dark wood like a nice redwood dresser top.
Livesay Mailbox Decorative Bird House
Livesay Mailbox Decorative Bird House Shaped as a mailbox, this piece can add a pronounced piece of décor to any house. The aged and weathered design shows age to this piece that brings out its authentic look. This can add structure to a room that has memorabilia from the past and can be used to tuck things away for safe keeping.
Sleepy Hollow Bird House
Sleepy Hollow Bird House Working well with many kinds of landscapes, this piece will work well with your indoor garden or plants. On a mantel, this birdhouse can add a false depth with ivy in front of it. The aged copper roof works well with many types of greens while the white walls stand out behind cover.
Neck Freestanding Bird House & Bird Feeder
Neck Freestanding Bird House & Bird Feeder The elaborate wood tones and structure with the bright welcoming allure make this bird house great for an entryway. The rough wood texture allows it to work with any cabin-themed area or stand out pronounced on a wooden dresser in front of a mirror. The pine cone adds an autumn theme to this piece and adds texture.
Paperboard Bird House Ornament
Paperboard Bird House Ornament Even with its Christmas theme, these ornaments can add vivid color and life to a porch hanging over large fern plants. The textured weave adds to any partition that you can hang this piece from in a bright area next to a window. With the pronounced colors, this décor will bring eyes to your prized plants quickly.
Fiberglass Bird House Leaking Pipe Water Fountain with Light
Fiberglass Bird House Leaking Pipe Water Fountain with Light Large enough to be suited for a centerpiece, this wood toned fiberglass bird house will work well at the center of any wooden table or on a wooden dresser top by the wall. The water pipe pumps water in its well, keeping it fresh. As a large piece of décor, this is suited for a main room to bring a relaxing tone to everyone.
Carson Home Accents Shingle Roof Birdhouse 12-inch
Carson Home Accents Shingle Roof Birdhouse 12-inch The Carson Home Accents Shingled Roof Birdhouse can be used as a warm welcoming décor. The wooden base works well with most dark wood dressers blending in almost seamlessly. If you want to add some fantasy and brighten the theme, each shingle is large enough to be painted like a candy, turning this house to the candy house in the woods.
Carson Home Accents Floral White Birdhouse
Carson Home Accents Floral White Birdhouse This birdhouse has a light theme to it with lime green roofing with an aged look to it. The front has an aged white look with dark flowers against the birdhouse. This makes it work well with any planters that share a light colored plant inside. It also works well on a mantel in a wooden or earth themed area of your house.
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4 Expert Tips To Choose A Bird House

Bird houses are an instant way to add charm to any backyard. In addition to the obvious benefit of attracting gorgeous birds, they also come in a wide variety of styles that can add a fun accent to your yard's style. Below we'll cover how to choose the correct style for your backyard, different bird house materials, various mount types and how different bird houses can attract certain species.

One of the key benefits of bird houses is using them as an accent in your backyard to achieve an overall look or theme. You have many choices, each of which fits best with a certain backyard style.

  • Barn: A classic look is getting a bird house with a barn style to it. These often have painted barn doors and other additions like a picture of a horse. Choose these for rustic and country looks.

  • Cottage: Another common look is making the bird house look like a miniature cottage, complete with window boxes and a textured roof. Often these come in a fairy-tale cottage theme. Choose these for classic, playful and romantic styles.

  • Geometric: These bird houses play with the outline of the structure in some way, for example, the whole house could have a dewdrop shape. They work well in modern or artsy backyards.

  • Theme building: This category covers anything where the bird house looks like a town building, such as a country store, waterfront resort or church. These look good in classic or country styles, since these types usually mimic very classic Main Street style buildings.

  • Colorful: Anything with multiple colors can be fun for an artsy backyard.

  • Cabin: Some bird houses look like a classic cabin you could find in the woods. These look good in rustic or country styles. 

  • Classic: This category covers any traditionally shaped bird house. They don't usually follow any kind of a theme, often having neutral coloring and slanted roofs. These can go in any backyard style, especially timeless/transitional ones. 

  • Shapes: Some bird houses are made to look like something else, like a large sunflower or an Adirondack chair. Choose these for unconventional backyards that make use of unusual art.

  • Natural texture: These focus heavily on outdoor textures like knobbed wood and moss. These fit right into rustic and natural backyards.

Bird houses come in a few main types of materials, each with their own uses.

  • Wood: The most common material you'll find in a bird house is wood. The drawback is that the wood must be treated and regularly maintained with new stain or paint. Because bird houses are small, if the wood is not maintained, the house can degrade and fall off the mount before you know it. However, wood gives a natural texture that goes well with the great outdoors. Birds also tend to like wood, especially aged wood, because it mimics tree trunks where they would normally be nesting. Wood also stays cooler than metal. So this is the go-to material if you want the house to be more functional than purely decorative. 

  • Metal: Metal can give an antique, industrial or even rustic look if it's treated to look distressed. However, it might be too industrial of a texture for natural backyards. A major drawback is also that these tend to be more on the purely decorative side. As mentioned above, wood is best to attract birds. 

  • Mixed materials: If your birdhouse has a very specific theme, such as a stone cottage, the outside of the house may be made of stone and the house could have a wooden base. Or the house may have a metal roof and wooden walls. These will normally go with a certain theme, so get them if you appreciate the decorative elements.

You can also use your bird house to attract your favorite bird type. However, keep in mind that most bird houses are made to a standard size to attract most small to medium bird types. The houses themselves tend to be around 12 inches high by 8 inches deep by 6 inches wide, which suits many bird species. 

The main factor to keep in mind is how large the entry hole is. The hole has to be large enough for the bird you want to attract, but small enough to keep out larger birds and predators. For instance, a songbird would use a 1 ½-inch hole and wrens like a 1 ¼-inch hole, according to bird experts.

Certain birds also like certain types of bird house designs. For instance, robins like platforms/shelves and martins like apartment complex-type homes with multiple openings. The important step is to research what type of habitat your favorite bird needs and purchase accordingly. 

You might also search for bird houses by the type of bird you are looking to attract. For instance, if you put in "owl bird house," you might get a bird box made specifically for tawny owls.

A final point of consideration is how the box is mounted. While this feature pales in comparison to what type of bird you are trying to attract or which style you are trying to create in your backyard, it is important to know how you'll get the box up. Below are the main types of mounting styles so you can plan how you'll place your bird house.

  • Hanging: These typically have some sort of wire or rope extending from the top so you can easily hang the house from a branch or hook.

  • Post-mounted: A post-mounted style requires you to screw the box directly to a post, which is often sold separately. However, this is a great option if you have nowhere to conveniently hang the house.

  • Freestanding: These bird houses typically come attached to a stake that you drive into the ground. This is the option to look for if you want maximum convenience.