Decorative Glass Containers With Lids for Sale

Decorative glass containers with lids can be used to contain food, craft items, or artfully arranged contents, such as layers of colored sand. They are somewhat delicate -- glass can be easily broken but are generally durable, being resistant to water damage. Glass can be ornamented in a variety of ways, including designs molded into the substance, dyes added to create colors, frosting, etching, and painting.

Strictly Ornamental

Not all glass items are created equal. Some include dyes or chemicals that render them unsafe for food storage while others simply have shapes that do not encourage practical applications. That does not keep glass containers from being beautiful. From basic clear glass kitchen jars through frosted vases with willowy shapes, glass containers make a lovely addition to any room. Ornamental glass comes in a variety of brilliant colors, which combined with light can create a focal point for any room.

Cookie and Bulk Goods Storage

Flour, sugar, salt, and cookies, along with coffee and tea, are traditional things that might be stored in kitchen jars. Clear glass jars help the cook see what is inside facilitating food prep. Labels can be added – and are advisable since some substances, such as sugar and salt, look remarkably alike. Glass is impervious to moisture and resistant to mice, roaches and other creatures that can slip into your home and ruin your food supply. This protective feature of glass makes it a good choice for storing items such as beans, dried peas, and pasta because they are protected from predation. Clear glass is less useful for storing foodstuffs such as olive oil or wine because sunlight can cause chemical changes in the liquid.

Combined Qualities

Many glass canisters combine the qualities of ornamentation and practicality. A frequently seen example is a set of glass canisters in graduated sizes with wooden lids or cork stoppers. These jars are often used to store items such as spaghetti, macaroni, rice or beans. The colorful jars of dried food make an interesting kitchen accent.
Glass, while easily broken, can be formed into many different shapes. Some types of glass are strictly ornamental while other types can be used to store foodstuffs and many other things. Glass can be shaped by blowing or by molding. It can be etched, frosted and even painted. This makes it an amazingly versatile substance with many applications.


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Marsha Lidded 3 Piece Decorative Jar Set
Marsha Lidded 3 Piece Decorative Jar Set The reflective blue mercury glass containers add style and interest to any shelf. Each jar has a unique floral etching.  The three containers, which have graduated sizes, make a statement of unified completion when displayed together. These decorative glass containers are not made for food and are for decoration only.
Round Pressed Glass Container with Pewter Lid Decorative Jar
Round Pressed Glass Container with Pewter Lid Decorative Jar This highly textured glass container is great for various kinds of storage. The deep texture in the glass is highly tactile. This jar makes a perfect accent for an occasional table, display niche or a public office desk. It practically begs people to reach in and sample the wrapped treats inside.
Etched Square Glass Container
Etched Square Glass Container The etchings of flowers in this square glass container stand out fully in the light. The jar can contain many items and its sturdy base allows it to be moved from one area to another. It creates an effective accent in an office or room with a floral touch. It is especially effective in spaces with traditional décor.
Decorative Transparent Glass Container
Decorative Transparent Glass Container This heavy glass piece makes a great centerpiece for a head table or dining table. Fill it with water and live flowers, or aqua beads and artificial flowers -- it can handle it all. Its use as food storage is debatable as it stands 23 inches tall and can easily be tipped over by someone reached for it.
Pressed Glass Cookie Jar with Galvanized Lid
Pressed Glass Cookie Jar with Galvanized Lid This glass container is clearly designed to contain food, as indicated by the word “cookie” pressed on the outside of the jar. The surface is textured so that it can be easily held and not dropped. A screw on lid makes it easy to open or close the jar.  Looking at it reminds one of a family kitchen where people gather to enjoy snacks and good company.
Go Green 21 Container Food Storage Set
Go Green 21 Container Food Storage Set This set of 21 food storage jars with matching green lids is a great resource for picnics or lunches. They are easily organized and cleaned as they are dishwasher safe. Clamps hold the lids on securely, keeping air out and sealing freshness in.  An important note is that the mini jars are not as strong as the large ones.
Cylindrical Transparent Glass Container with Wooden Base and Lid
Cylindrical Transparent Glass Container with Wooden Base and Lid Large jar with wooden base and lid can be used for dry goods.  The jar does well with LED lighting within it to show dark places and light up food supplies. It can also be used outside lining a walking path. It is an appealing way to light an evening barbeque or outdoor event for everyone.
Glass Jar
Glass Jar Decorated with a penguin, this food-safe jar works well in any kitchen on the counter for all to see. The white ceramic lid also makes it easy for children to open without having to lift or move the jar to get cookies or similar items. This makes it a good option for being the family’s cooking jar.
3-Container Food Storage Set
3-Container Food Storage Set The handcrafted dark glass in this set follows an exquisite design and touch. It has a silver lid that sits snuggly in the blown glass jars. With the dark tones of the glass, these fit any wood tone kitchen and can hold foods that can be spoiled when exposed to too much light.
Glass Hexagon Cookie Jar
Glass Hexagon Cookie Jar These hexagon cookie jars come in sets of 12 with a cork topping to seal the jar. They show a social presence and creative mind. These jars can also be used for decoration on a mantel and sit securely with colored sand or beads. This introduces color and a fun taste to a room where people can relax in.