Decorative Kitchen Canisters Sets for Sale

Kitchen canisters are a long-standing tradition, designed to help keep foods fresh and protected from vermin, as commemorated by the nursery rhyme about the miller-boy who "lived by himself, and all the bread and cheese he had, he kept upon the shelf." You'll have no need to "go to London to buy you a wife," (a little misquote there) with beautiful, decorative kitchen canister sets. Most of the sets listed below come with rubber gaskets or seals for extra security for your food supplies.

Memories of Grandma’s Kitchen

Canisters do more than just protect food. They set the tone for your kitchen. Whether you are a long teenager, a twenty-something just starting out, or a grandmother with a cluster of visiting grandkids, brightly colored canisters make a charming statement for your kitchen – one that will create a lasting impression that will stay with friends and family. “Where did Mama keep the chocolate chip cookies?” “Oh, right there in the big, blue house, next to the tea and sugar.” While perhaps not as strong and olfactory memories, visual associations linger long after the canisters are gone.

Practical Beauty

No one loves meal-worms in the cornmeal or oat bugs in the cereal – unless it is the worms or the bugs. A stout canister with a rubber seal can help keep staples safe or prolong the life of baked goods, such as cookies. Canisters can come in a variety of materials or styles. They can be ceramic, stoneware, or metal – reminiscent of a certain mouse, “bitterly complaining … the bread box is tin, I cannot get in.” Such sturdy materials and a stout seal are just the thing for your kitchen comestibles.

Easy Care

Although not recommended for use in a microwave, and not considered dishwasher safe, most canisters are easy to hand wash and dry. Usually, they will not require frequent cleaning – in fact, a damp cloth over the exterior is often sufficient with perhaps a yearly complete clean. Decorative kitchen canister sets, such as the ones listed below, can complement a kitchen theme or they can be the focal point from which you develop your kitchen décor. Their bright finish invokes memories of milk and cookies at the kitchen table or measuring out sugar, flour or salt for favorite recipes. Both practical and beautiful, they can set the tone for your kitchen – the heart of your home. Listed below is a selection for your consideration.


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Ceramic Three-Piece Kitchen Canister Set
Ceramic Three-Piece Kitchen Canister Set White with earthen touches in the decorative band. Each lid has a gasket for a tight fit that will help keep out bugs and keep flavor in. Suitable for coffee, tea, flour, sugar or salt. The canisters fit neatly on most standard countertops. The earth tones will go well with shabby chic, country or cottage décor.
Dark Copper Canisters
Dark Copper Canisters Deep burnished copper in color, and decorated with embossed grape design, these metal canisters are just the thing for keeping kitchen supplies fresh and ready to use. Resistant to odors, rust, stain, or mildew, and equipped with a tight seal, these canisters will keep your tea, coffee, flour and sugar in good condition. Hand wash and dry immediately.
Three White Ceramic Canisters
Three White Ceramic Canisters Three white Ceramic canisters set in scrollwork holders give a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Food safe materials, with tightly fitting lids to keep bugs out and flavor in. Store flour, sugar, tea or whatever dry goods you like to have on hand in them. A product of Fleur de Lis living.
Three Piece Steel Canister Set
Three Piece Steel Canister Set A Victoria three-piece steel canister set, charmingly embossed with a fleur de lis pattern, from Old Dutch International. Easy to clean, and are stain, rust, odor and dent resistant. However, with that said, they should be hand washed and dried immediately. They are an excellent choice for your tea, coffee, candies, pasta or any other substance that needs a little protection.
Shabby Chic three-piece Canister set
Shabby Chic three-piece Canister set This canister set is perfect for your shabby chic, cottage or country kitchen. The galvanized metal canisters feature familiar farm messages and have mango wood lids. The light distressing of the green metal gives an added authenticity to their appearance. This set is brought to you by Gracie Oaks. These food-safe canisters are just the place to keep your tea and cookies.
Rooster Three Piece Kitchen Canister Set
Rooster Three Piece Kitchen Canister Set Perfect for a rooster or chicken themed kitchen, these canisters from August Grove boast a bright picture of Chanticleer on each one. Behind the roosters, are sepia tone farm scenes or old-time farm advertising. A charming addition to the cottage or country kitchen, and serviceable for shabby chic. Keep your cookies, tea and sugar and serve up a conversation piece with your ‘levenses.
Waiters Canisters
Waiters Canisters You and your guests will love this cheerful set of ceramic canisters, each depicting a cheerful waiter serving up a beverage. You can, of course, keep the standard coffee, tea, sugar or flour in them, but one does wonder if there might not be something more interesting, such as wax soda bottles, that one could keep in at least one.
Vintage Canisters with Glass Door Knob Handles
Vintage Canisters with Glass Door Knob Handles Oh, the intimations of yesteryear! Glass doorknobs were once quite “the thing.” You can relive this bit of nostalgia with a canister set that sports glass door knobs as lid handles. The canisters themselves are food-safe and have rubber seals around the lids. Handwash only.
Eastern Style Square Ceramic Canisters
Eastern Style Square Ceramic Canisters Enjoy the vibrant color and geometric designs often found in eastern tile mosaics. No one will have any trouble finding these canisters on your kitchen counter! Food safe, in graduated sizes, they are the perfect threesome for tea, sugar and cookies – a feast for the eyes as well as the body. Add quilt-piece or brightly embroidered runners for a kitchen statement.
Sunflowers for a Brighter Day
Sunflowers for a Brighter Day Three square, stoneware canisters sporting bright paintings of sunflowers are sure to bring the sun into your kitchen. The brilliant yellow flowers on white background will be an eye-catching conversation piece. Food safe, this brilliantly colored set of three canisters can hold any combination of your kitchen comestibles or supplies.
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Tips To Choose Kitchen Canisters & Jars

A fully-stocked and organized pantry featuring lots of matching kitchen canisters & jars is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing sights at home!

While it might seem like a trivial purchase, these containers will allow you to safely store your food for years and (why not?) turn them into bold, decorative elements: don't buy them randomly! Here are some things to consider when choosing kitchen canisters & jars.

  • See-through canisters are best for items that you need to keep track of regularly (such as pasta), or if you're planning on keeping them behind closed cupboards;

  • Opaque canisters can add an element of color and help you protect the most delicate goods (such as coffee beans) from oxidation; a wiser choice if you have open cupboards or are planning on leaving them on your countertop;

  • Space-optimizing square or rectangular options that you can easily stack on top of each other are perfect if you haven't got a lot of room in your cupboard;

  • Smaller jars (especially with measurements on the side) are a practical choice if you're looking for containers to refill at your local zero-waste store;

  • Look for items with airtight seals for the most delicate goods.

Be realistic! Run a little inventory and write down a list of the food items that you have or would like to buy on a regular basis:

  • If you haven't got one, start with a coffee, tea and sugar set of canisters;

  • Love cakes? Grab yourself a baking set that is big enough to fit the content of a standard 2lb bag of flour: they usually come with canisters for superfine and brown sugar, too;

  • Once you've got these sorted, look for separate jars for the remaining items on your list. Easy!

Consider how often you use those items and how much available space you've got:

  • Stay on the large side for food that you eat regularly, or else you'll find yourself refilling them every other day;

  • Look for smaller sets with complementary shapes for items that you don't use as often;

  • Jars with wider tops are handy for food that must be scooped out;

  • You could also look for jars that have the capacity of the average size package of a specific food product, so that you can then transfer it into your canisters.


  • Glass is one of the most popular options for both: thanks to its see-through property, it makes it easy to keep track of your stock;

  • It's usually dishwasher-safe and, while perfect to convey a classic feel, it can easily work well in modern kitchens too (just choose sleek shapes and less ornate lids);

  • However, it won't protect your food from oxidation, so you shouldn't store delicate items in it;


  • Still potentially see-through but lighter and less fragile, plastic is a cheaper and usually dishwasher-safe alternative;

  • Although it's rather durable, it could absorb your food's odors over time, and you must always make sure that it's BPA-free;


  • Ceramic canisters do a fantastic job at preserving your food for longer and conveying a traditional or retro feel;

  • They're usually available in white or light colors and a variety of designs, including more ornate options;

  • Double-check whether or not a specific model is dishwasher-safe, and keep in mind that even the most durable ceramic canisters can get chipped if not handled gently;


  • If you're mainly after a robust and durable option (perhaps you have some clumsy kids around?), go for metal!

  • Available in lots of colors, it's a breeze to match the style of your kitchen, or you can opt for plain stainless steel if you're going for an industrial décor;

  • They may or may not be dishwasher-safe;


  • Wood is a rarer and more expensive alternative that must be hand-cleaned, but it could be the right match if you're after natural or Scandinavian-inspired containers;

  • Alternatively, look for canisters in other materials but with a wooden lid.

Open shelves and kitchen counters are ideal to turn your containers into conscious decorative elements:

  • Consider going for the accent color in the room's palette when you choose kitchen canisters & jars: this will allow you to maintain a cohesive feel while still letting them stand out;

  • Combining containers of different heights (the tallest one at the back, the middle one slightly on the side, and the smallest on the front) results in a pleasant decorative statement.