Couches With Storage

Couches with storage are perfect for small and large spaces alike. Whether your family is still growing or has settled down, your home needs as much storage as possible for all of life's necessities. Couches with storage have evolved dramatically to offer more space than before without sacrificing overall comfort.

A sofa sleeper or loveseat with storage gives you options for keeping everyday items within reach. By keeping blankets, remotes, books, toys, and other essentials in the room where they are used the most, you can keep them from getting lost and reduce the amount of time your family spends looking for them.

There are four main types of couches with storage. The first is sleeper sofas that have an additional large compartment for storing linens. These large compartments are perfect for a massive variety of items, but the storage compartment usually cannot be accessed while someone is sitting on the couch.

Next are couches with pull-out drawers. Although these are uncommon, they can be convenient for large items like books or blankets. Sometimes reclining sofas will have a center seat that has a storage drawer instead of a recliner.

Couches and loveseats with consoles or armrest storage are also popular options. Consoles are the perfect size for storing multiple remote controls and magazines, and armrest storage compartments are usually large enough for remotes and small books. Many models also have cup holders built into the top to prevent spills.

Some couches have built-in pockets along the outside of each armrest. Although these pockets have limited storage space, they're great for controls, electronics, and thin books or magazines. They interfere somewhat with the aesthetics of the couch, but they're ideal for families who need easy access to items.

Couches with storage have the same general maintenance considerations as any other couch and are usually just as comfortable. Choose family-friendly and durable upholstery like leather or microfiber to keep cleaning concerns to a minimum. Polyester blends are also a good option if you're looking for a wide variety of colors.

The size of the couch matters if you're trying to balance seating capacity and the overall size of your room. Sectional sofas offer the most potential storage, but some families may prefer to use a combination of a loveseat and a smaller couch. The best option for you will depend on your living room layout and overall storage needs.

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Alviso 91" Wide Pillow Top Arm Reclining Sofa
This reclining sofa with arm compartments provides superior comfort and practical storage. It’s available with either manual or power recliners on two of the three seats and has pillow-top armrests. Although it does not have storage for larger items, it’s perfect for small families that only need a few seats and light storage.
Tuthill 85" Wide Faux Leather Pillow Top Arm Reclining Sofa
This gorgeous leather sofa has two seats that recline with a manual push-back mechanism. The center seat has a roomy storage drawer that’s perfect for bulky blankets, toys, and more. It also is available with other matching leather furniture, so it’s ideal for anyone trying to redo their whole living room to be more storage-friendly and cozy.
Velvet Fabric Sofa With Pocket-71‘’blue
Velvet sofas are a fantastic way to add color and charm to your living room, especially if you’re going for a contemporary decorating style. This couch features small pockets on each side, which allows users to just reach down and grab what they need. Although these pockets are small and thin, their subtlety keeps them from detracting from the sofa’s sleek design.
Schramm 23.6" Round Arms Sofa Chaise
The seat of this storage chaise lifts up to reveal a 50” x 15” storage compartment. The compartment is only 8” deep, but it’s great for storing CDs, books, and any other objects that aren’t too wide or tall. It’s not ideal for sitting watching a movie, but it’s great for offices, bedrooms, or anywhere else that needs a convenient place to sit.
Niswger 86.6" Tuxedo Arm Sofa Bed
Like many sofa sleepers, this one has a roomy 50” by 15” storage compartment under the long seat on the left side. It’s a full 15” deep, though, which makes it ideal for large blankets and pillows. Even if you don’t intend on using the sofa sleeper function often, keep blankets here for cozy movie nights and other family occasions.
Live-it Cozy 87.8" Reversible Sleeper Sectional
This sectional is more expensive than many others, but it’s worth it thanks to the quality of its fabric and cushions. It’s incredibly comfortable while still offering a huge storage compartment underneath the longest seat. The polyester blend fabric comes in three neutral colors and matches almost any room, especially when paired with accent pillows.
Hana Modern Linen Fabric Loveseat / Sofa / Couch With Armrest Pockets, Sand Grey
Thanks to its solid eucalyptus wood frame, this loveseat is both durable and affordable. The fabric looks like linen but is actually a polyester blend that is easy to care for. The two pockets on each side of the loveseat are perfectly sized for magazines, but can also hold remote controls, toys, pacifiers, and other essentials for busy families.
DHP Sola Convertible Sofa Futon with Space Saving Storage Compartments, Chrome Legs and Upholstered in Rich Black Microfiber
This clever futon folds into a bed just like a regular futon but has built-in drawers underneath for storage. Although they’re perfect for keeping bedding and pillows to use with the futon, they’re great for other living room or bedroom storage as well. It’s perfect for studio apartments in particular since the bed converts so quickly and it looks stylish and modern.
Kodiak Furniture Phoenix Futon Set with Linen Stone Mattress and Storage Drawers, Full, Barbados
The stunning wood frame of this futon is sure to add warmth to your living room. The armrests are perfectly flat to allow you to place coffee cups, books, and other items on them easily. The real storage is underneath, though, where two large drawers pull out to reveal roughly 80” x 30” of total storage space.
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Daybeds with Storage Drawers:
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Day Beds Twin with Storage Drawers:
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