Decorative Fireplace Covers Ideas

Decorative fireplace covers can be a marvelous addendum to your room décor. Whether the fireplace is in your living room, family room, den, library or bedroom, a beautiful screen or glass front can make your fireplace even more beautiful.

Taming Fire and Keeping it in Its Place

A good fireplace cover is an excellent way to prevent your beautiful hearth fire from turning into a bad master, rather than a good servant – to mangle the old aphorism. A wood fire in a well-engineered fireplace makes a focal point that is like no other. It mingles sight, sound and aroma to create an ambiance that is only possible with a real wood fire. Unfortunately, it also produces ash, smoke, and, if the wood pops, the occasional flying coal. A good cover can keep your wood fire in its place – and there isn’t any reason at all not to make it beautiful while you are about it.

Fire Screens

A fire screen will do a great deal toward keeping your fireplace fire behind the firedogs. The small mesh prevents large bits of live coal from popping out of the fireplace while allowing the marvelous aroma of burning wood to permeate the room. Most fire screens can be folded or slid aside to allow activities such as popping corn, roasting marshmallows or wieners, or even baking the occasional apple. Not all fireplaces are large enough to accommodate a tea kettle or Dutch oven, but some are – which can add to the ambient aroma. Scrolled iron panels with wire mesh are a good choice and are marvelously decorative, but mesh screens can also be attached to guides and slid across the fireplace opening.

Glass Fire Doors

Equally decorative and practical, are glass fire doors. They not only restrain flying sparks but help control smoke and ash. Their use sacrifices some of the aroma and perhaps some of the open-flame cooking options, but preserves the beauty and practicality of an open fire in your home. Glass is an excellent medium for baked-on designs. Fire screens and fire doors make excellent decorative covers for your fireplace. They enhance its ability to act as the focal point for a room, while doing a stalwart job of keeping flying sparks and ash in their place. Here are ten examples of decorative fireplace covers for you to admire or consider.


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The Three Panel Fire Screen
The Three Panel Fire Screen Haverhill makes a charming three-panel fire screen. Soft arches of wrought iron embrace the fireplace opening, and sturdy mesh allows sight, sound and aroma while keeping snap, crackle and pop in their place. Suitable for both wood fires and gas logs, it does not require extensive installation. Simply unfold, and set up, to have it ready to go to work for you.
Single Panel Fire Screen
Single Panel Fire Screen A flat, single panel fire screen sits flush against the fireplace opening. It uses angle-iron style legs to support the panel. Plow & Hearth has four models of this fire screen type. Two combine the graceful arched top with scrollwork, the third incorporates a pattern of geometric metal. The fourth is a lovely metal and glass panel with sliding doors in the center.
Posh Three Panel Fireplace Screen
Posh Three Panel Fireplace Screen If you are looking for a posh screen you will love the Willa Arlo Interiors Roberson three panel fireplace screen. Set up is easy, just unfold the sides and place the screen in front of your fireplace. Clean up is a breeze, too. Just wipe the rich, gold-colored metal with a cloth. Its appearance is stunning, and it does the job.
Beauty and Easy Access
Beauty and Easy Access From Plow & Hearth comes a beautiful flat screen panel with two doors and a graceful floral pattern. The outer frame holds the glass and metal patterned panels in place while two doors give easy access to the fire for tending – or for toasting a bit of bread if that’s your desire. If you love elegance with functionality, this is your fire screen.
Opulent Stained Glass Fire Place Screen
Opulent Stained Glass Fire Place Screen Bring the opulence of a cathedral window to your fireplace with a River of Goods three panel stained glass fireplace screen. It is sure to be a conversation piece and an eye-catching focal point for your room. Handcrafted from 239 pieces of cut glass and welded together using the Louis Comfort Tiffany method, it is an ideal piece for Victorian decor.
Tree of Life Fire Place Screen
Tree of Life Fire Place Screen Imagine campfires flickering among ancient oaks, or consider the mysterious shadows of Yggdrasil as your hearth fire burns brightly behind this flat panel screen. A single door opens to allow easy fire tending. Easy to set up, with its angled feet to hold it up, and easy to clean, as well, yet it speaks to atavistic memories of lost legends.
Rich Simplicity
Rich Simplicity Enjoy easy set-up and management with the Cole & Grey single panel fireplace screen. Gold colored textured tin in a simple, repeating pattern of four pointed stars supported by an iron frame is charming without being ostentatious. The price is modest, as well, making it an affordable choice for budget-conscious householders, yet functionality is not sacrificed on the altar of economy.
Single Panel Glass Fireplace Screen
Single Panel Glass Fireplace Screen Enjoy a charming modern design using tubular steel, black mesh, and glass to prevent drafts and to keep your fireplace fire in check. The flickering flames behind the glass enhance the appearance of the screen. Hinged center doors make easy access to the fire for tending so that your fireplace will be both safe and beautiful.
Four Panel Folding Fireplace Screen
Four Panel Folding Fireplace Screen If you have a large fireplace or one that has an irregular shape, you might be interested in the four-panel fireplace screen from Uniflame Corporation. Made of polished brass with top arches and ornamented hinge tops it has an understated elegance that would not be out of place with any décor. Add to this a modest price for the budget conscious.
Understated Elegance with Easy Care
Understated Elegance with Easy Care If you love understated elegance with easy care of your hearth fire blaze, you will love the Plow & Hearth small crest iron fireplace screen. The mesh is held in place with graceful iron scrollwork, bound together by a sturdy black iron frame that contains the two doors. The whole thing is held up by curly-toed angle irons that add their own decorative element.