Asian Bedroom Furniture Sets for Sale

The kitchen might be the heart of a home, but nothing beats out a good place to rest your head at the end of a long, hard day. A comfortable bed, a place to put your clothing away neatly -- these are important things in anyone's life. But you want something a little more than just a place to lie down and put stuff away. You might want something on which to feast your eyes, a retreat where you can rest your mind as well as your body. To that end, there are some components that you might find desirable for your bedroom.

The Bed

Of all the parts of your bedroom that are needed, the bed is the most important. You need a place where you can lie down. It needs to be soft enough to comfort tired bones, but firm enough to support your frame without sagging. The springs need to be in good condition, and the mattress free of lumps. The color of the head and foot boards should be something that appeals to your artistic senses and blends well with your overall home décor. A platform bed frame supports a box spring and mattress.

The Nightstand

The nightstand or bedside table is important for creating comfort. It gives a place to put a bedside lamp, to have a glass of water, your glasses (if you wear them) and perhaps a book or e-reader, as well as your alarm clock and any other small items that you like to have on hand at bedtime.


A dresser provides a place to put vanity items, such as brushes, combs, make-up (if you wear it), tissues and other things that you might need when getting ready to go out into the world. It will usually have a drawer in which to store things.

Chest of Drawers, High-Boy or Similar Storage

Some things just will not fit in a dresser drawer, but need to be stored flat in a protected area. A chest of drawers offers a good place for sweaters and other items that do not do well on hangers. In combination, these pieces of furniture will give you a secure place to keep the items that you need to prepare yourself for the world, while the bed will give you a place to rest from your labors at the end of the day. Here are ten bedroom suites that might appeal to you.


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Platform Configurable Bedroom Set
Platform Configurable Bedroom Set Few bedrooms are exactly alike, even as no two people are alike. A configurable bedroom set makes it possible to adjust the component parts of a set to fit personal tastes. The Carnegie set includes a platform bed, dresser, and nightstand. The pieces are sold separately, so you can select those you need most.
Tina Configurable Bedroom set
Tina Configurable Bedroom set Charming white bedroom set includes a sleigh bed with graceful wingback headboard, 6 drawer dresser, and 2-drawer nightstand. It’s perfect for a young girl’s room, ready for personalizing touches. The plain white finish allows it to go with almost any preferred décor, from sweet little girl themes up through sophisticated young woman, from shabby chic to Victorian.
Brighton Platform Configurable Bedroom Set
Brighton Platform Configurable Bedroom Set Dark colored sturdy furnishings that include a platform bed with elegantly patterned headboard. Matching furnishings include a highboy, six-drawer dresser, mirror, nightstand, armoire/TV stand and media console. Perfect for college-bound students, mix and match as needed to fit your spaces. Works with nearly any sort of décor, and can be accessorized for men or women.
Dark Cherry Sleigh Bed Set
Dark Cherry Sleigh Bed Set This is a gorgeous dark cherry sleigh bed, with intricately carved head and footboard. Matching pieces include a six-drawer dresser with mirror, a high-boy dresser, and nightstand. A lovely set for the master bedroom. It comes with a one-year warranty. Drawer joints are dovetailed, felt lined top drawers, and full extension drawer glides. An excellent choice for Victorian or French styled décor.
Acacia Eastern Bedroom Set
Acacia Eastern Bedroom Set An excellent choice for the master bedroom, this bedroom set comes with a king-size contemporary styled walnut platform bed. The matching pieces are night-stands, a dresser with mirror, and tall-boy dresser. Box spring is not included and will be required. Extra pieces can be ordered, as desired, including a large jewelry stand.
Kingston Configurable Bedroom Set
Kingston Configurable Bedroom Set Dark wood tone Tommy Bahama Home Kingston panel configurable bedroom set includes a regal king sized bed, a nightstand, and a three-drawer bachelor’s chest. An optional additional purchase is a tall, three drawer dresser and mirror. It’s a good choice of furnishings for a first home away from home, or for a young couple just starting out.
Contemporary Bedroom Set
Contemporary Bedroom Set Blemerey 6-piece bedroom set from Roundhill Furniture includes 1 bed, one 8-drawer dresser, one five drawer chest, mirror, and two nightstands. Ideal starter set or even replacement set after the kids have left home. Smart contemporary styling fits with almost any décor, from Bohemian to formal. Dress it up with spreads and rugs to suit your décor style.
Hali Platform Bed and Set
Hali Platform Bed and Set If you are looking for a bedroom set that has a lighter appearance, something a little breezier than heavy Victorian and not so delicate as French provincial, this might be the selection for you. Dark blond wood with a spare contemporary design for head and footboard of the platform bed, as well as the dresser, mirror, side table, and chest of drawers.
Contemporary Sleigh Bedroom Set
Contemporary Sleigh Bedroom Set This is a sleek contemporary Steinhoff sleigh bed from Winston Porter. It does not have any fancy carving, just graceful lines from headboard to foot. Concave drawer fronts on the dresser and side table include recessed drawer pulls. Cherry Merlot wood tone creates warmth without heaviness. It’s an excellent choice for a single person who appreciates elegance without ostentation.
Allenville Panel Sleigh Bedroom Set
Allenville Panel Sleigh Bedroom Set The Allenville panel sleigh bed from Alcott Hill is a spare choice, excellent for a single person. It is accompanied by a nightstand, dresser, and chest of drawers. Modestly priced, it is a good starter set for someone on their own or for someone who is downsizing from a larger household. It is also a nice selection for a youngster who is getting their first “grown-up” furniture.