6 Expert Tips To Choose A Kitchen And Dining Room Set

A kitchen and dining room set is an important element of your daily life because it's where loved ones gather around to connect over a warm meal. With so many styles to choose from, you may be feeling stuck. Don't worry -- with the seven expert tips below, you'll know exactly what kind of dining table to choose for your home.

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What is the best material for dining tables?

The type of material you choose for your kitchen and dining room set will depend on factors such as your budget, the function you want the table to fulfill, as well as the style of your kitchen or dining room.

  • Do you prefer dark, woody design elements? => Go for wood.

Wood is the most common choice for dining tables; it's really adaptable and fits well within different environments. You can choose from hardwood, composite wood, or soft wood. Hardwood is the most sturdy and durable option and includes choices like walnut, cherry, and mahogany. Expect to pay more for hardwood than the other wood types.

Distressed White Rubberwood Dining Set
Gray Oak Solid Wood Dining Set
Birch Poplar Solid Wood Dining Set
Mahogany Solid Wood Dining Set
Cherry Solid Wood Dining Set
Walnut Solid Wood Dining Set
  • Do you have elegant taste? => Go for glass.

Glass dining tables offer a touch of modern elegance. This is an easy-to-clean dining table that adds sophistication to your dining room. If you have a full home and little hands leaving prints everywhere, you may not be able to enjoy the look this table style provides when clean and gleaming.

Clear Tempered Glass Dining Set
Glass Solid Wood Dining Set
Glass Caramel Mist Dining Set
Laguna Fixed Table Glass Dining Set
Black Metal Glass Dining Set
Gold Glass Stainless Steel Dining Set
  • Complementing an industrial or contemporary aesthetic? => Go for metal.

Metal is extra durable and sturdy material for dining tables. They offer a sleek, stain resistant surface that looks fantastic in contemporary and industrial homes.

Black Square Metal Dining Set
Green Rectangular Metal Dining Set
White Metal Chrome Dining Set
Espresso Solid Wood Metal Dining Set
Metal Solid Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Black Metal Manufactured Wood Dining Set
  • Living a life of luxury? => Go for marble.

Marble dining tables create a rich, luxurious feel inside your dining room, offering an easy-to-clean beautiful surface. This table type fits perfectly into modern and glam environments, where upscale elements are placed skillfully throughout the home.

Marble Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Marble Sturdy Steel Dining Table
Marble Drop Leaf Dining Table Set
Oval Marble Metal Dining Set
Marble Walnut Solid Wood Dining Set
Faux Marble Aluminum Dining Set
  • Looking for a durable and versatile material? => Go for laminate.

Laminate is a great material that suits a variety of different interior design styles and can also be extremely cost-effective. This material is sturdy and durable, so you can count on making good use of a laminate dining table for many years to come.

Laminated MDF Top Dining Set
High Pressure Laminate Dining Set
White Durable Laminate Dining Set
White Laminate Details Dining Set
Elegant Marble Laminated Pub Table Set
Beige Laminate Glass Dining Set
  • Looking for a budget-friendly material? => Go for synthetic.

Synthetic dining tables are quite durable and super lightweight. When compared to other materials, you'll find this is a more cost-effective option. Synthetic dining tables are great because they can be crafted to resemble other, more expensive options, like wood.

Charcoal Black Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Natural Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Black Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Natural Brown Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Oak Manufactured Wood Dining Set
Solid Manufactured Wood Counter Height Dining Set

What dining table is best for small spaces?

Oval-shaped tables are very similar to their traditional rectangular counterparts, however, without sharp edges, this dining table style appears to take up less space. If you're working with a small room or a narrow space, an oval table is a great shape to incorporate. If you require additional space for when guests stop by, choose an oval dining table that extends further to increase seating capacity.

How to choose dining table shape?


This is the standard option and is great for creating division in homes with an open plan. If your heart is set on a traditional aesthetic and you have more space to work with, a rectangular table is an obvious choice.

Acacia Solid Wood Rectangular Table Dining Set
Manufactured Wood Rectangular Table Dining Set
Natural Acacia Rectangular Table Dining Set
Walnut Rectangular Table Dining Set
Walnut Rectangular Table Dining Set
Whitewash Rectangular Table Dining Set


Square tables are fashionable and fit perfectly into square-sized dining rooms. This style can take up quite a bit of space, and sadly, accommodates only four people. Not a great option for those of you who entertain a lot, unless you go for an extendable model.

Industrial Solid Wood Square Table Dining Set
Rubberwood Square Table Counter Height Dining Set
Manufactured Wood Square Table Dining Set
Rubberwood Square Table Dining Set
Gray Metal Square Table Dining Set
Granite Solid Wood Square Table Dining Set


Great in old-fashioned settings but takes up a lot of space. Although rectangular dining tables are the most common shape chosen, round tables have their perks. Since round tables don't have corners, there is more space for your family and guests to get around to find their seat. This increases the flow of your dining room. If you have a small dining room, round tables may take considerable space, but they make the best use of your limited square footage.

Natural Solid Manufactured Wood Round Table Dining Set
Burnished Dark Oak Round Table Dining Set
Poplar Mindy Round Table Dining Set
Natural Oak Round Table Dining Set
Medium Walnut Round Table Dining Set
Dark Oak Round Table Dining Set


Oval tables are invaluable for narrow dining rooms. A practical choice when you want to seat more than four people in a relatively small space.

Brown Oval Table Dining Set
Rubberwood Oval Table Dining Set
Natural Off White Oval Table Dining Set
White Solid Manufactured Wood Oval Table Dining Set
Poplar Solid Wood Oval Table Dining Set
Black Metal Oval Table Dining Set


Ideal for eclectic or artsy environments. Add lots of personality to your home. Live edge furniture, especially dining tables, is a hot trend these days.

Acacia Live Edge Dining Set
Metal Live Edge Dining Set
Teak Wood Live Edge Dining Set
Solid Manufactured Wood Live Edge Dining Set
Walnut Live Edge Dining Set
Metal Wood Live Edge Dining Set

How do I choose a kitchen table size?

A good rule of thumb is to go bigger than what you think you need. Even when you don't frequent the dining table as a family or your family size is small, your dining room may be large enough to house a larger table. Therefore, you should be choosing a dining table based on the space available, not necessarily by what you think you need. 

Follow the tips below to choose the right size for your dining table:

  • Measure the length and the width of your dining room.
  • Create a three-foot clearance on all sides.
  • The result of these measurements provides you with the max recommended size for a dining table in your space.

How to choose dining table style?

  • Want to keep it simple? => Shaker styles are ultra-functional.

When you can do without the frills and just need a simple, functional dining table, you'll find shaker styles provide just that. They're often rectangular and fit well into minimalistic environments.

Black Manufactured Wood Shaker Dining Set
Walnut Drop Leaf Shaker Dining Set
Solid Manufactured Wood Shaker Dining Set
Beech Solid Manufactured Wood Shaker Dining Set
White Counter Height Shaker Dining Set
White Solid Wood Shaker Dining Set
  • Love the unfinished look? => Industrial styles are your go-to.

Expect industrial dining tables to be heavy and sturdy. If you love wood, metal, and recycled materials associated with construction, this style will complement your existing décor beautifully.

Elm Solid Wood Metal Industrial Dining Set
Gray Metal Industrial Dining Set
Oak Black Metal Industrial Dining Set
Faux Leather Metal Industrial Dining Set
Natural Manufactured Wood Metal Industrial Pub Table Set
Rustic Oak Black Metal Industrial Dining Set
  • Want to add a little rustic charm? => Farmhouse styles are ideal.

This is an ultra-sturdy dining table style that boasts a natural wood grain, making it perfect for homes with a country flair.

Antique White Farmhouse Dining Set
Distressed White Farmhouse Dining Set
Off White Solid Wood Farmhouse Dining Set
Antique Black Mahogany Farmhouse Dining Set
Pine Solid Wood Farmhouse Dining Set
Solid Rubberwood Farmhouse Dining Set
  • Need a table with a small footprint? => Pedestal styles are for you.

This dining table style is supported by one central column instead of four legs. The column may have extra support that spreads out near the ground.

Faux Marble Pedestal Table Dining Set
Dark Pewter Metal Pedestal Table Dining Set
Mango Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table Set
White Double Pedestal Table Dining Set
Glass Metal Double Pedestal Table Dining Set
Gold Glass Pedestal Table Dining Set

How to match chairs for a dining table?

If you've found your dream table but don't love the chairs -- or worse -- it doesn't even come with chairs, don't fret! Follow the points below to find the perfect pairing to create your dream dining set:

  • Most importantly, make sure the height of the chairs you choose is appropriate for the height of your table. You'll find that a distance of 10 to 12 inches is most comfortable between the seat of the chair and the top of your table.

  • If your new chairs have arm rests, make sure those fit comfortably when tucked underneath the table. Otherwise, you risk damaging both the chairs and your table. 

  • Finally, the design! Here, you have some freedom as the table and chairs do not need to be an exact match. But to create a cohesive set, you'll need to choose chairs that have at least one common element with the table. Some common elements include:

    • The period - if your table is vintage, choose vintage chairs. 

    • The materials -- if your table is made of wood or metal, choose chairs that are either entirely wood or metal or have accented pieces that include these materials to match your table. 

    • Formality - so, if you've opted for upscale décor, choose a chic chair. 

    • Overall feel - when your style is eclectic (speaking to you, Bohemian décor enthusiasts!), you know anything goes, so long as it warms your heart.

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