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4 Expert Tips To Choose A Kitchen Faucet

Humble kitchen faucets are probably one of the last things people think about when it comes to features and décor. Still, they're bound to regret it when they can't reach a specific spot in their double sink or realize that its bronze finish has got nothing to do with the rest of the furniture. Ouch.

Choosing a kitchen faucet involves both practical and decorative considerations. It's a good thing we've covered both, right?

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What are the different types of kitchen faucets?

First things first, you should choose between two types of installation:

  • Deck-mounted kitchen faucets are the most traditional and versatile option, and you'll find models that can match any type of décor style;

  • Wall-mounted kitchen faucets are an innovative, modern alternative that can help you make the most of smaller countertops that aren't very deep or don't leave you enough room around the sink.

Wall mounted Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet
Wall Mounted Double Handle Kitchen Faucet
Wall Mounted Pull Down Double Handle Kitchen Faucet
Deck Mounted Modern Kitchen Faucet
Deck Mounted Gold Kitchen Faucet
Deck Mounted Black Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

As for the shape of the kitchen faucet, figuring out the one that you like the look of the most will allow you to discard dozens of irrelevant options:

  • Standard faucets are a space-optimizing and versatile category that relies on a single lever to control the temperature and flow of the water;

  • Bridge models feature separate handles for hot and cold water, and usually follow more traditional designs;

  • Although they can sometimes be found as deck-mounted options too, pot filler designs are a modern and minimalist alternative that is particularly popular for wall-mounted faucets: relying on two or more adjustable arms, they can be extended horizontally to reach both sides of a larger double sink or, as the name suggests, to fill a pot on your cooktop.

Don't forget to check the existing holes in your sink! Most have three: two for the hot and cold handle, and one for the spout itself. So, if you're planning on switching from a bridge model to a standard one-lever faucet, you should look for a design that includes a cover plate to hide the other two.

Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
Silver Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
Black Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
Double Handle Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray
Industrial Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray
Double Handle Kitchen Faucet
Stainless Steel Double Handle Kitchen Faucet
Stainless Steel Pull Down Bridge Faucet
Stainless Steel Simple Bridge Faucet
Stainless Steel Double Handle Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray
Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet in Dark Silver
Slim Stainless Steel Double Handle Kitchen Faucet
Bronze Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
Bronze Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
Simple Nickel Kitchen Faucet
Antique Nickel Kitchen Faucet
Short Chrome Kitchen Faucet
Long Chrome Kitchen Faucet

How do I choose a kitchen faucet that matches my décor?

You should aim for a kitchen faucet that blends in and complements the room rather than one that stands out for the wrong reasons (aka looking painfully out of place).

Before choosing a kitchen faucet, consider your existing décor style:

  • Sleek shapes in stainless-steel or chrome are a versatile option that can easily complement modern décors;

  • Bridge-style kitchen faucets are best suited for more traditional décors and, if particularly decorated, for more ornate styles like shabby chic and French country;

  • Brushed designs and thinner wall-mounted options without fancy details are perfect for a minimalist feel;

  • Copper has become an all-time favorite in industrial kitchens.

Modern Short Kitchen Faucet
Modern Kitchen Faucet in Silver
Traditional Kitchen Faucet in Black
Traditional Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
Farmhouse Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray
Farmhouse Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

What features should I look for in a kitchen faucet?

Once you've got the most important things jotted down, you can start thinking of extra features that would make your life even easier or add a luxurious element:

  • A kitchen faucet with a swivel spout can offer you more flexibility than a standard model;

  • If you want an even higher degree of freedom, look for pull-down or pull-out models! They involve a moveable spray hose that can be stored inside the spout when not used.
    Pull down faucets usually feature a taller spout and can only be pulled down into the sink; pull-out models are a bit shorter but can be moved in all directions (a blessing if you've got a double sink!)

  • A gooseneck model with a higher arc can help you fit larger pans more easily while also acting as an eye-catching decorative element.
    However, we only recommend them if you haven't got any cupboards above your sink, or else the entire area could feel a bit busy; in that case, it'd be better to go for a low-profile model;

  • Do you mainly just rinse the plates before chucking them in the dishwasher? A pre-rinse feature allows you to do so much more quickly thanks to its higher pressure;

  • On the other hand, if you usually handwash your plates, you should look for a kitchen faucet with a high flow rate to facilitate your chores;

  • Touchless models are a fancy modern option that, while being more expensive, can help you achieve a deluxe feel and even consume less water, saving you money in the long run.
    It's also a more hygienic choice, but keep in mind that you might need to replace the sensor after a few years;

  • Choosing a kitchen faucet with a built-in water filter will be a proper game changer if you'd like to enjoy some fresh tap-water in a safe way; it also helps your appliances last longer, reducing the limescale problem.

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