Barcelona Stool

The Barcelona Stool was introduced to the public in 1929, at the International Exhibition in Barcelona, together with the famous Barcelona Chair. Both the chair and the stool were created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, thus they share the uniform design features. The appearance of the stool is very simplistic, yet luxurious and sophisticated. The ottoman consists of two main components: a stainless steel frame and one tufted leather cushion. The frame comprises two x-shaped sections, which serve as the support for the cushion. Its unique x-shape is achieved through the use of curved, steel stripes which are welded at the point of their intersection. The welds are grinded and buffed, giving the frame a smoother appearance and making it look like a single, seamless piece of metal. The cushion is manufactured from bovine leather. After being cut into square sections, the leather is tufted and welted together into the rectangular cushion and laid on leather straps riveted to the stool’s frame. The stool is manufactured with the meticulous attention to detail, making it just stunning to look at. The stool, together with its more famous relative, the Barcelona Chair, set a new standard in interior design of the 20th century.


Interesting facts

  • Both the chair and the stool are often paired together due to their uniform designs. Villa Tugendhat, the great modernistic project of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, can serve as an example to support that statement. This famous 1930 structure was furnished with chairs, stools and tables from the Barcelona Collection.

  • The Barcelona Stool appeared in the scene of the House M.D. TV series, where it was accompanied by the Wassily Chair, designed by Marcel Breuer.

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