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Table Bases For Granite Tops

Granite tops are considered the most luxurious and elegant table tops, but they can't be placed on any table base. Their heavyweight will require adequate support. If you have a beautiful granite top that needs to be secured to a base that’s capable of supporting its weight and matching the grandness of granite, read on as we’ll teach you how to choose the best table base for a granite tabletop!

The first thing that you need to consider when selecting a granite table base is the dimensions of the tabletop. Get its size as well as its thickness. The bigger the top is, the larger the table base it needs. The best table bases for granite tops are made of steel tubing and cast iron as it would take lots of pressure to crush them. It is necessary for you to get the right table base size in relation to the size of the top as you don’t want the precious table to tip over. This usually happens when the table base is too small for the granite top.

Granite tabletops are often 2cm or 3cm thick. A 2 cm thick granite weighs around 1.3 lbs. per sq. ft. As for a 3 cm table, it weighs approx. 20 lbs. per sq. ft. A granite top that has dimensions of 48 in x 48 in x 3 cm will weight around 320 lbs. It's definitely heavy so your table’s base must be in the right size and have a solid construction. If you don’t have a granite top yet, we recommend you get the 2 cm tabletop as it has the functionality and beauty of a thick top but without its heavyweight.

Here's the fun part: choosing the style of your new table base! You will have tons of options including vintage style bases. They are often the best options as they are made from cast iron, unlike more contemporary bases. There are several reasons why a table base with a column that’s made of cast iron is what experts recommend. First, it is heavier compared to steel columns. Second, the material does not flex when it is subjected to heavy weight. Never choose an aluminum base for your granite top as it’s very light and flimsy.

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Kimbell Pedestal Base Dining Table
Are you getting tired of basic dining tables that leave little to no impression at all? If so, then you will love this piece! This one is not just elegant and sophisticated, but it offers great value for your money as well. The entire piece can accommodate up to six people.
Elkton End Table
This end table is made of a Carrera-like stone top with a metal base, making the piece undoubtedly attractive and long-lasting at the same time. As the base is made of sturdy metal, you won't have to deal with screws for the assembly of your new furniture.
Natanael Marble Dining Table
With a size of 47.25'' L x 47.25'' W x 29.75'' H, this is one of the best dining tables to furnish a stylish dining room with limited square footage. As it’s not heavy visually, it will create the illusion of more space when added into a room.
Cadbury Marble Top Console Table
Your search for a brand-new console table will end here as you've finally come across the most sought-after piece! Crafted out of stone and metal, it’s exceptional, especially when you take into account its unique design. Get it while it’s still in stock!
Larkson Carrara Marble Dining Table
Are you in need of a dining table that offers lots of dining space for four people? If so, then consider this sturdy and stunning piece. It’s made of the finest quality marble for the top and added with a stable cast aluminum base.
Venice III Granite Aluminum Propane Fire Pit Table
The perfect backyard patio fire pit, this table is a stunning piece that's capable of creating a truly magnificent fire feature, suitable for your outdoor space. As it's a product of a reputable company, you can expect its quality to be superior compared to all the other fire pit tables.
Crombach End Table
For its price, the quality of this end table is nothing short of impressive. It has a granite top and steel base, and it looks more expensive than its actual price tag. If your home has a contemporary or transitional style, then this is a must-have for you.
Artesia Dining Table
Space-saving furniture doesn’t have to be ugly! If you're in need of a dining table that's great at saving space and styling a room, then your best option is this piece from the Artesia collection. It has a marble tabletop and a base that's sure to bring luxury into your dining space.
Sadler Coffee Table
This marble coffee table will surprise you when it arrives on your doorstep as it's more beautiful in person! Apart from the modern-style marble top, this coffee table features a sleek metal base as well. The entire piece is easy to clean and maintain.
Columbiaville End Table
This is the end table that's right for you if you're on the lookout for a piece that has that WOW factor. It's constructed using both stone and metal, giving it long-lasting durability. Paired with modern or contemporary living room furniture, your home will look professionally styled.
Broadus Lift Top Coffee Table
Measuring 22'' H x 40'' L x 17.9'' W, this stunner of a coffee table makes use of the best furniture materials available: granite and solid wood! This means the piece is sturdy, long-lasting, and well-made. Assembly is fast and simple with this one as well.
Orian Marble Coffee Table
A piece that looks expensive without the actual hefty price tag, it’s a great option most especially if you’re a neat freak! Its clean lines and sleek silhouette will captivate your guests and leave them with a good impression of your personal taste.
Robeson Coffee Table
Making use of the best materials for furniture construction, this coffee table perfectly combines industrial and contemporary styling. It has a chic design, it lends an elegant look, boosting your living room's appearance in an instant.
Amherst Side Table
This side table comes with an ecstatic design. It's not just stunning, but it's well-made and durable as well. With its dimensions of 22.5'' H x 22'' W x 22'' D, it comes in the right size which makes it capable of fitting in both large and small spaces.
Tony Coffee Table
This versatile coffee table boasts of a top made of high-quality Italian Carrera marble and a base constructed from sturdy cast aluminum. What we love about this special piece is that it gives a unique and more modern take on the classic design of a coffee table.
Rapala Accent Table
Rapala Accent Table
Bodgers End Table
Bodgers End Table