4 Expert Tips To Choose A Beach Or Lawn Chair

Imagine this: You're outdoors, you're reclining on a chaise or outdoor couch, you're reading a novel, and the sun is trickling perfectly down to warm your skin. You're on vacation, right? Such a perfect vista could only be found in a resort hotel.

No---you're in your own backyard. The perfect beach and lawn chairs can transport you to a luxurious state of relaxation! We'll tell you how to achieve the perfect effect below.

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What is the difference between beach and lawn chairs?

The difference may sound obvious: One's meant to be used on a beach, and the other, on a lawn. However, that might make it seem like you cannot use a beach chair at home, which is simply not the case. And what's to be done if you have a patio---can you use either? Yes!

The main difference between beach and lawn chairs is their height to the ground. Beach chairs tend to allow people to recline a mere few inches above the sandy ground; lawn chairs have a more normal height of a couple of feet.

Both can be used at home, depending on the look and feel that you're going for!

What type of beach and lawn chairs should I go for?

To give you the best chance of finding pieces that will work for you in your home, let's go over the different types of beach and lawn chairs:

Classic beach chairs

These are only 2-3 inches off the ground, and allow you to lean back while keeping your legs directly on the ground. These are a good choice if you're looking for lightweight, portable chairs to use at the beach or on sandy ground.

Lime Sling Metal Classic Beach Chair
Beige Solid Wood Classic Beach Chair
Beige Pine Wood Classic Beach Chair
Silver Aluminum Classic Beach Chair
Silver Metal Classic Beach Chair With Cushion
Solid Bamboo Classic Beach Chair


These are also close to the ground, but extend to give your legs a place to rest. The back is usually able to be lowered or raised to give you the lounging angle you need. Need a beach or lawn chair that will keep your legs supported? They might be a good choice for you.

Gray Metal Wood Chaise Lounge Set
Light Grey Metal Chaise Lounge Set
Teak Acacia Solid Wood Chaise Lounge With Table
Natural Solid Wood Chaise Lounge With Cushion
White Plastic Reclining Chaise Lounge
Brown Solid Wood Reclining Chaise Lounge With Wheels

Kids' beach and lawn chairs

Whether you're looking for a traditional beach chair close to the ground or a higher lawn chair, you'll find they come in miniature versions for the smallest among us! These can be adorable and good for hosting as well. If you have children or will have younger guests, you will likely love these.

Blue Plastic Metal Adirondack Kids Chair
Green Wood Kids Adirondack Chair
Brown Wood Kids Chaise Lounge
Pink Metal Butterfly Kids Chair
Blue Foldable Canopy Kids Chair
Metal Panda Camping Foldable Kids Chair

Classic lawn chairs

These chairs may resemble chairs that you'd use indoors at your dining table, but are typically made from more weather-resilient fabrics and materials. If you need the closest thing possible to a normal outdoor chair, this is your best bet.

Dark Gray Polyester Metal Folding Chair
Brown Plastic Metal Folding Camping Chair
Brown Solid Wood Folding Director Chair
Natural Eucalyptus Solid Wood Chair
Off White Natural Bamboo Folding Director Chair
Black Wicker Rattan Patio Chair

Canopy beach chairs

This chair could be a classic beach chair or a lounger, but it comes with an umbrella structure that attaches right to the chair's shoulders. These are good for avoiding light rain or direct sunshine. For anyone with sensitive skin or a home in a warmer climate, this is a good choice for you!

Black Metal Swing Canopy Chair With Cushion
Metal Folding Director Chair With Canopy
Metal Zero Gravity Canopy Chair With Cushion
Folding Metal Beach Chair With Canopy
Metal Reclining Zero Gravity Chair With Canopy
Double Teak Wood Chaise Lounge With Canopy

Padded beach and lawn chairs

Classic outdoor chairs can be made of very thin suspended canvas or vinyl. If you choose to upgrade to a padded version, you'll get a few more inches of comfort to sink into. Typically, to accommodate the weather, the padding will be made of water-resistant foam. If you're looking for outdoor comfort, this type of chair is truly a winning choice.

White Metal Folding Camping Chair
Padded Reclining Zero Gravity Chair With Cushion
Beige Polyester Metal Zero Gravity Chair Set
Metal Reclining Zero Gravity Chair
Black Metal Folding Zero Gravity Chair
Gray Metal Folding Beach Chair

What materials are best for beach and lawn chairs?

Because beach and lawn chairs will be primarily used outdoors, they should be made of weatherproof, very durable materials so they will last a long time. It would also be preferable if you didn't have to worry about bringing them inside or covering them every single time it rained!

You'll need to select the perfect material for the frame as well as a good material for the cushioning or webbing. Let's start with the frame:

A good frame should be made of aluminum, stainless steel, iron, plastic, or wood. If you choose to go with metal, make sure that it's properly treated so that it doesn't rust after a rainfall. Wood needs to be sealed, as well, to make sure that it doesn't rot after years of exposure to moisture.

Plastic may not be seen as very fancy, but it's actually the perfect low-cost, low-maintenance material for a beach or lawn chair. It's lightweight, too, which means that you'll be able to move the chair to catch the sun or to entertain in the way that you choose.

For cushioning or webbing, your options are likely going to be more limited: You're going to find options made of treated duck canvas or vinyl material. Both come in many different patterns and colors. Vinyl is more durable, but treated duck canvas is softer. A good middle ground might be to choose webbing or upholstery made from vinyl, and to have extra cushions or pillows in duck canvas for comfort!

Coastal Teak Plastic Folding Deck Chair
Bamboo Solid Wood Folding Beach Chair
Solid Wood Folding Zero Gravity Chair
Blue Polyester Metal Folding Beach Chair
Green Fabric Metal Beach Chair
White Acacia Solid Wood Folding Beach Chair

How can I match my beach and lawn chairs best to my garden's style?

Matching your beach and lawn chairs to your garden's style will depend a lot on the vibe you're going for in your yard! If you'd like to recreate a beach scene as nearly as possible, going for brightly-colored beach chairs, low to the ground, with canopies may be a good idea.

Otherwise, consider the natural beauty in your backyard. Are you surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers? Then you may wish to let them shine, and choose minimal, neutral colors for your furniture. On the other hand, do you live in a mostly urban scape? Bring color to your yard with bright patterns and shades for your chairs to give yourself a pop of joy whenever you see them.

One final source of inspiration can come from inside! What are the types of decor you love most about the indoor sections of your home? If you have a marine theme in your living room or patio, bring those outdoors with subtly patterned fabrics, or navy and cream colors. If you prefer minimal, neutral pastels inside, continue that outside! Making these choices will help the outdoor component of your home feel more like an extension of your living space, and less like a completely new part of your property altogether.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.