Wine Barrel Wall Decor

You may think that wine barrels aren't stylish and they're the last things you'd consider when decorating your home. But, we guarantee you'll change your mind once you check out our top picks on wine barrel wall décor below! There are so many wine barrel wall décor available that will show just how stunning wine barrels can be, especially when you utilize your creativity as you decorate your home. Since you have tons of beautiful choices, it can be difficult to pick the best product to purchase. To help you make the right decision, continue reading as we've prepared a buying guide on wine barrel wall décor. Let's get right into it!

Consider Scale

When buying any type of wall décor, you need to consider its size because it has the ability to make or break a room. You would not want a tiny wine barrel wall décor to be placed on a massive white wall on its own. The same goes for a huge artwork that's added to a tiny space as it takes up visual space. It will also overtake everything that's already in the room. What is best for you will depend on the amount of space that you have. If you will be moving the wall décor around your home, then get a fairly standard size. It's a wall décor that is not too small or too big.

Set a Budget

Of course, you must live within your means. However, you must also prepare to spend more when buying wine barrel wall décor as it will adorn your home for years. You can treat it as an investment piece. Homeowners don’t regret the beautiful wall décor that they purchase. Instead, they regret those that they didn't buy. If you see something that you really love but it is a bit over the budget you have established, then we suggest you "stretch" a bit.

Trust Your Instincts

Whatever your budget is, you should buy the wall décor that speaks to you truly. Get to know your favorite piece's manufacturer and read about their practices. You can even check out their other masterpieces. Your home is your canvas and adding accessories into it will tie your home's aesthetics together. If you find a piece that you sincerely think will work best for your home and it is a representation of your character and sense of style, we say go for it. You're now more than ready to get a new wall décor. Check out our top picks below.

Wine Barrel Wall Décor


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Wine Barrel Wall Decor
Wine Barrel Wall Decor The first wine barrel wall decor that we are in love allows you to show how passionate you are with the "wine lifestyle." Measuring 18 x 18 inches, it is an excellent replica of a traditional wine barrel that's from the French countryside.
Personalized Wine Barrel Wall Decor
Personalized Wine Barrel Wall Decor The second wine barrel wall decor on our list can be personalized! Yes, you finally have something that you can say that is truly yours. With its beautiful wood construction, you will love how great it is giving your space a style accent. It is a true statement piece, especially if you are a wine lover.
Barrel Shelf Wall Decor
Barrel Shelf Wall Decor This industrial metal barrel shelf allows you to celebrate your love for wine without the chance of overdoing it. It can be placed inside your favorite room and it will not fail in providing a vintage look and feel to it. Since it offers two shelves, you can now display photos of your family or your prized possessions.
Bottles with Barrels Tile Wall Decor
Bottles with Barrels Tile Wall Decor This tile wall decor can act as a hot plate. Yes, you heard that right. It's a versatile work of art, and it is hand-painted, which means no two products are alike. A unique and one-of-a-kind wall addition, this is the best product to complement your dining room or kitchen's aesthetics.
Wine Cellar with Barrels Tile Wall Decor
Wine Cellar with Barrels Tile Wall Decor You don't need to spend a lot of money just to give your home a makeover, so you can say that your home is truly an extension of you and your style. Just by the addition of these incredible tiles from Continental Art Center, you can already have a focal point that is special to you in your bar, kitchen, living room or bathroom. The tiles are hand-painted, glazed, and surprisingly easy to clean.
Wine Barrel Head Wall Decor
Wine Barrel Head Wall Decor This is an original artwork that's printed on an authentic Napa Valley wine barrel. If you are looking for a distinctive wall accent for your home bar, kitchen, or living room, then this is the perfect piece for you. The best part of this wall decor is it comes with a quote that says "in vino veritas," which translates to "in wine, there's truth." Amazing, isn't it?
Christmas Lights Barrel Sign
Christmas Lights Barrel Sign The perfect holiday gift for families, it's a custom holiday wood barrel sign. It's made out of real oak wood and given vibrant colors, making it an excellent wall decor during the holidays. What we love about this product is it makes for an excellent gift for wine lovers and it can be personalized up to 20 characters.
Guerin Wine Bar Wall Decor
Guerin Wine Bar Wall Decor This wine bar wall decor with a beige finish shows that one can use a barrel in interesting ways. It works great in a wine cellar but if you don't have one, it makes for a great addition to the room where you've placed your wine rack. It is the perfect accessory to adorn a living space with as it adds charm to where there's a lack of it.
Barrel Top Grateful Thankful Blessed Wall Decor
Barrel Top Grateful Thankful Blessed Wall Decor This stylized barrel top that says, "grateful, blessed, and thankful", an inspirational sentiment, is capable of blending into any room setting. It comes with an artistic, weathered design that looks chic, perfect for restaurants and residential places alike. The wood it’s used with is a fine, selected by hand from traditional wine barrels.
Wine Barrel American Flag Wall Decor
Wine Barrel American Flag Wall Decor Show your patriotism with this American flag wall decor that has been constructed using reclaimed wood. You can give the wine barrels a second life as they have been transformed into a unique 3D rendition of our flag. It's work of wood art that can stand out no matter where it is added.