Crocheted Bed Skirts

Crocheted bed skirts can add whimsy and personality to your bedroom. Depending on the pattern and color, a bed skirt with crochet detailing can create a neutral, masculine or feminine air to your oasis. Just like how shoes can change an outfit completely, the right bed skirt for you can also transform your bed's look. Also called as dust ruffles, crocheted bed skirts come in several different patterns and construction styles. The selection that's currently available online is almost limitless, making it extremely difficult for you to figure out which one is the right product that will pull your bed's look into a complete package. The only way for you to make an informed buying decision is by educating yourself on everything there is to know about decorative crocheted bed skirts.


When it comes to choosing between bed skirt styles, you only need to select between ruffled and pleated skirts. A pleated skirt consists of flat fabric panels with 2-3 splits at the foot and on each side. As for the ruffled version, the entire piece is continuous with the bed skirt's top given a ruffled pattern.


Bed skirts, in general, are constructed in two ways. The first one is the deck construction that attaches the bed skirt to a decking fabric that will go between the box spring and the mattress. This type of construction is preferable as it will hold the bed skirt in place. However, you'll be required to lift your mattress to take the skirt off or put it on the bed. As for the panel construction, it consists of three panels attached to the bed's foot and to two sides with pins. It's incredibly easy to attach and remove. But, it also comes with a disadvantage which is the fact that it can easily shift when you're using your bed. It’s undeniable that bed skirts with crochet detailing add a decorative aspect to a bedroom. After reading our quick buying guide and identifying the style and type of construction you prefer, it's time for you to choose! Check out our top picks below as we're sure you'll find a piece that's right for your home!


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Vintage Crochet Bed Skirt
Vintage Crochet Bed Skirt Crafted of 100% linen, this vintage crocheted bed skirt will loop around your mattress to give your bed a tailored look. With its cotton crochet design and hanging fringes, you can never say it's simplistic. It will give your bed an elegant accent with a glint of sophisticated grace all thanks to its posh trim.
Prairie Crochet Cotton Bed Skirt
Prairie Crochet Cotton Bed Skirt Perfect for any bedroom, may it be your master suite or guest room, this bedroom essential made out of 100% crisp, natural cotton will transform a space into a relaxing and restful retreat. What makes this bed skirt special is its crochet lace, abundant pintucks, and hemstitching. What's more, it's machine washable for easy care.
Crochet Lace 126 Thread Count Bed Skirt
Crochet Lace 126 Thread Count Bed Skirt With a generous drop length of 18 inches and 100% cotton material, this bed skirt by Greenland Home Fashions is guaranteed to accommodate any type of bed. It's been designed to accentuate any look and give a subtle hint of elegance with its beautiful rows of crochet detailing.
Evie Bed Skirt
Evie Bed Skirt Classic and elegant, the Evie bed skirt of Birch Lane features a decorative crochet detailing at the hem which will add just the right amount of charm to your bed. It coordinates with various bedding styles and the 100% cotton material is machine washable for easy care. It's a good option for adding a feminine touch to a bedroom.
Bella Crochet Bed Skirt, Queen, Ivory
Bella Crochet Bed Skirt, Queen, Ivory The Bella crochet bed skirt in ivory is crafted out of a mix of both natural and synthetic fibers to add an extra dimension to a bed and give the fabric some variation. Its unique ivory color and crochet detailing can match with any quilt and sham. As for its care, it's as easy as machine-washing the piece in cold water together with like colors.
White Cotton Hand Crocheted Bed Skirt
White Cotton Hand Crocheted Bed Skirt Available in different sizes, it's an excellent option for you, most especially if you are on the search for an artfully decorated, lightweight bed skirt with crochet drop or detailing. Since the drop of the bed skirt is mostly the crochet design, it will accentuate your bedroom and give it some sense of homemade charm.
Thick Cotton with Hand Crochet Joint Lace Easy Fit Bed Skirt
Thick Cotton with Hand Crochet Joint Lace Easy Fit Bed Skirt This easy-fit bed skirt in beige with hand-crocheted detailing will add charm and beauty to your bedroom setting. Since it is made out of 100% thick cotton, it can make your oasis feel airy and free-flowing. What we love about this particular bed skirt is it features a blissful feeling even when it's just a part of your bedding set.
Cream Flower Lace Flat Front Bed Skirt
Cream Flower Lace Flat Front Bed Skirt This bed skirt blends polyester and cotton in order to provide a fade, stain, wrinkle, and shrinkage resistant product. It's designed for all bed types and its cream color is sure to satisfy your bedroom finish. Its care and maintenance are as easy as a machine wash and it'll already come out wrinkle-free.
Renaissance Home Fashion Sophia Dust Ruffle/Bed Skirt, Queen, Ivory
Renaissance Home Fashion Sophia Dust Ruffle/Bed Skirt, Queen, Ivory Enhance your bedroom's look in the most affordable way possible with this fade-resistant, machine washable bed skirt in ivory. It comes in several sizes, all with crochet detailing to give your bed a stylish and one-of-a-kind look. It's a product that's made of 100% polyester microfiber, which means it will sit well with any bed type.
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Tips To Choose A Bed Skirt

Bed skirts can be thought of as optional, but they can definitely help make your bedroom look more cohesive and help dust and other things stop collecting under your bed! If you're interested in creating a classic look with a great bed skirt, let's talk about what your options are.

The short answer is no - bed skirts aren't typically necessary. They don't add anything to the structural integrity of your bed, and you will certainly be safe without them. However, without a bed skirt, you'll find that there's often an inch or two of exposed hardware or frame beneath your mattress and box spring that doesn't exactly look beautiful. Bed skirts were made, in part, to help cover that gap and to make your room look less busy and more high-end.

The other consideration is cleanliness. If you have a bed skirt on your bed, you'll find that small contaminants like dust bunnies or even larger ones like shoes will be less likely to find their way under your bed - making your room easier to clean and reducing the number of times you need to crawl under your bed in search of lost objects.

There are two main types of bed skirts: gathered, and tailored. The first uses a sewing technique to create a bouncy, full look with lots of fabric; the other takes into account the specific measurements of your bed to bring a straight, flat edge of the fabric and wrap it around the exterior of your bed frame. 

Gathered bed skirts are often cheaper because tailored bed skirts are much more specific and require exact dimensions, instead of simply the size of a mattress. 

Which would work best for you? That depends on the look you're going for. If you're looking for a sleek, modern, minimalist appearance, then perhaps a tailored bed skirt will be your best bet. 

For a more boho or romantic look, consider the gathered type of bed skirt. They can help a bed look fuller, more relaxed, and more comfortable - which is often exactly the type of feel you need in a bedroom anyway!

The size and length of your bed skirt will depend on two things: the type of bed you have (king, queen, twin, or full), and the height of your bed from the floor. The first is a quality that's relatively standard; the second can be more variable - for example, if you've put your bed on risers, or if you have a bed that has built-in storage underneath. 

Fortunately, there's an easy way to find out exactly the length of the bed skirt required. 

  • Bed skirts typically come in sizes that reflect the size of mattress used. Therefore, you can simply select a king, queen, twin or full bed skirt, depending on what kind of mattress you have, and move on to the consideration of length. 

  • Measure the height of your bed, from the ground to the part of your bed that you'd like to be covered. For most, this will be the height of your box spring, and then the height from the bottom of the box spring and frame to the ground. Take that number in inches, and subtract about 0.3 of an inch from that total (as you'll want your bed-skirt to skim the ground, not pool onto it). The number you arrive at will be the length of the bed skirt you need!

There are three general frames of mind when it comes to the aesthetics of bed skirts. Whether you've chosen a fitted, tailored look or you're going for the looser, more casual gathered type, the color and pattern of your bed skirt can contribute a lot to your room!

Here are the ways you could go about doing this:

  • Select a true neutral bed skirt — in the same approximate shade and pattern as you might a neutral bed sheet. This way, no matter what decorative pillows or blankets you have on the bed, your bed will still have a cohesive look to it.

  • Select a bed skirt in the same pattern and color as your blankets or duvets. This is a little more of a permanent choice, as you likely won't want to change your bed skirt very often! However, if you like the look of your quilt, blanket, or duvet, selecting a bed skirt in that same color and pattern can help extend the look all the way to the floor.

  • Lastly, if you'd like a more cozy, busy look or are going for a maximalist statement, choose a color that is completely opposite to the colors in your room or the color and pattern of your sheets or duvet. It's better to go with a big statement and a very different color than one that's just a little bit off, as the former will seem more intentional. Use color theory as your guide: If your room is full of lots of reds, oranges, and yellows, choose a green, blue, or purple; if your room is darker, with mauves and blacks, choose a light cream or yellow bed skirt!