Space Saving Treadmills

Stay on top of your fitness and health goals in the comforts of your home without having a full-blown home gym. And if you're worried about having a limited floor area, then getting yourself a space-saving treadmill is one of the best ways to go. With their narrow profile, foldable design, and integrated features, these types of treadmills for compact spaces are sure to hit your requirements. Digital or manual, flat or inclined, here are our designers' picks for you.


Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Treadmill with Removable Bar
Treadmill with Removable Bar A space-saving treadmill that you can easily place under your desk. Integrated with an LED display, you can track your progress. With its slim design, you can conveniently store it under your bed when not in use.
Designer's Advice
Get this treadmill if you love working out while getting some work done. With its removable bar design, it fits easily under a standing desk. However, for longer workouts, we recommend using the bar as it provides the right amount of support if you need something stable to hold on to. Comes with wheels for convenient mobility.
Manual Treadmill
Manual Treadmill This compact space-saving treadmill is perfect if you have limited floor space at home. Ideal for light jogging and brisk walking, this piece has an easy-to-read digital display for your treadmill essentials. Easy to fold and transport.
Smart Folding Treadmill
Smart Folding Treadmill Stay on top of your workout sessions even in a small room with these space-saving treadmills. Inclined with adjusters and designed with a folding style, you can conveniently store or set it up according to your needs.
Inclined Manual Treadmill
Inclined Manual Treadmill Manual and compact, this space-saving treadmill is integrated with quick and easy incline adjustments for different types of walking requirements. It is also durable and can handle up to 230lbs of weight.
Noiseless Treadmill
Noiseless Treadmill Whether it's for walking, running, or jogging, this innovative multi-function space-saving treadmill is a great option. Made with steel frame with a multi-layer shock-absorbing design, it works efficiently without producing a lot of noise.
Value for Money Treadmill
Value for Money Treadmill An affordable option for your fitness needs, these treadmills for compact spaces include three manual incline features. It also comes with nine built-in workout programs so you can easily switch according to your training requirements.
Compact Folding Treadmill
Compact Folding Treadmill A walking pad and a space-saving treadmill, half of this piece can be folded on top of the other for compact storage. Its digital controls are on the pad and it comes with a remote, providing convenient control speed adjustments.
Designer's Advice
A great addition to your standing desk in the home office. Without handlebars, this piece is ideal for walking rather than for running. It's perfect for when you want to accomplish your daily step requirements as well as light workouts. Best used on top of a carpet or area rug, and then fold it and store it sideways in the cabinet.
Slim Treadmill
Slim Treadmill This foldable space-saving treadmill has a large yet narrow running surface. It's also integrated with a sports app to get access to a variety of fitness sessions as well as 16 preset programs. The pad can also be inclined to three positions.
Treadmill with Interconnectivity
Treadmill with Interconnectivity Get access to different training modes and apps with this space-saving treadmill. Its slim and foldable design allows for easy setup and storage through its hydraulic system. It's also compatible with different gadgets so you are instantly connected.
Digital Treadmills
Digital Treadmills Equipped with smart technology, these treadmills for small spaces are integrated with digital features to accommodate real-world and trainer requirements. It also folds up when not needed and comes with a 10-year warranty.
Designer's Advice
With its weight, it's best to identify its position and bring the box inside the room. Once it's assembled, it will be difficult to make it fit through a standard opening, so best to haul it while the parts are not connected yet.  It's also suggested that you install the piston first so it's easy to move the treadmill to your desired location.