Large Decorative Wall Clock for Sale

Here's the most extensive list of the top oversized decorative wall clocks that are available in the market today. Time, as you may already know, is an important aspect of our lives. In fact, one of the keys to success is being time-conscious. A room that doesn't have a clock won't just feel incomplete, but it also won't be as functional as you would want it to be. Since wall clocks come in varying models, we've compiled expert tips on selecting the right one to add to your home.

Material and Color

Several materials are used in producing decorative wall clocks, especially oversized ones. Some of them come with a metal, plastic, or wooden construction with different finishes and colors. It's best if you pick the material and color that can blend with your room's existing decor. Also, since the clock will be mounted on a wall, it should be in contrast with the wall's color.

Size and Placement

A wall clock's placement will determine the correct size of your clock. As a home decorator, I would personally place the clock where it can be seen instantly. If you need a clock for your kitchen, you'd want to go as large as your space would allow so it's readable and it would function as a timer that'll prove to be useful during meal preps.


An oversized decorative wall clock will denote your personality. So, pick the one that represents you and your character. Of course, it should match your home's interior design and add both texture and character to the space. Just like how you would choose paintings to hang on walls, you should also take your time when selecting between different stunning units as a timepiece can affect a room's overall look. When you second guess yourself in the process of choosing a wall clock, lean towards the one with a style that would look seamless in your space. A silver wall clock would look great in elegant bedrooms. On the other hand, vintage-styled wall clocks belong in more traditional and formal living spaces. Now, you're ready to choose your next decorative wall clock!


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Oversized Quinlynn Farmhouse Wall Clock
Oversized Quinlynn Farmhouse Wall Clock It can't get any more rustic and casual than this oversized wall clock designed by Rosecliff Heights. This timepiece captures a specific look and feel with its distressed turquoise finish, hand-painted Arabic numerals, and cedar wood slats. This one's sure to stand out regardless of where it is added.
Sonia Oval Wall Clock
Sonia Oval Wall Clock A timepiece shouldn't just be functional as it should also be a conversation-starting decor mounted on your wall. This piece, in particular, is exactly what draws the eye when one takes in a room's ambiance. With its distressed teal-blue finish, Roman numeral clock face, rustic charm, and high-quality quartz movement, it's one that you wouldn't want to let go.
Oversized Industrial Loft Metal 30" Wall Clock
Oversized Industrial Loft Metal 30" Wall Clock The sturdy iron material used in constructing the entire piece does all of the talking for Studio Designs HOME's take of an oversized wall clock. This wall clock comes with two slim hands that are in brushed steel. The hands blend into the entire clock's silhouette and material that's in matching color. Since a part of the clock is bare, you would still be able to see the well-defined edges of the clock's hands.
Malbec Wall Clock
Malbec Wall Clock Another product from one of our favorite home decor manufacturers, Birch Lane, the Malbec Wall Clock is a solid wall clock that's crafted from wood. It's a work of real craftsmanship, making it a piece that is guaranteed to enhance a room naturally. Its traditional look allows it to fit any setting, most especially with its home-felt design.
30" Blue Wooden Wall Clock
30" Blue Wooden Wall Clock Do you want to bring the ocean into your home? This piece's truly stupendous design allows you to do just that! It's a remarkable oversized wall clock that can seriously accentuate any living space with its amazing features. It looks like it was painted by hand, but the print and the Arabic numerals were actually printed on the wood directly.
Oversized 32" Round Metal Wall Clock
Oversized 32" Round Metal Wall Clock If your home's interior veers towards classical and vintage style, then this 32-incher from Beachcrest Home will definitely fit right in. Traditional Arabic numerals replace Roman numerals on the analog clock face, providing the entire piece a touch of antiquity. It’s a 32-inch decorative wall clock that looks vintage, but its technology is fully modern which is something you'll love!