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Best Decorative Garden Hose Holder

A decorative garden hose holder provides a useful way to store, move, and deploy your garden hose without having to deal with unsightly lengths of tubing that can trip up unwary walkers or get chopped up in lawn mower blades. More than that, a holder that has an attractive exterior can add a decorative touch to your garden or patio. If you don't want to have a garden hose holder visible at all, you can select a holder that completely conceals the hose when it's in storage.

Attractive Hose Reels

Decorative hose reels can come with exterior themes that resemble the appearance of lawn furniture or garden walls or fences. They can be stationary or they can be mounted on wheels to allow them to move about in your yard or garden. When the hose is retracted into the holder, the reel blends nicely with your other patio or garden furnishings.

Garden Hoses to Go

Moving large garden hoses from one area to another, or laying them out to reach a selected location, can be quite a challenge, especially for new gardeners. When the holder is set up on wheels, it is easy to move from one place to another. When equipped with a hand crank or motorized crank, it is much easier to deploy the hose and to retrieve it for storage.

Special Mounting or Hidden Receptacles

Sometimes a hose reel can be mounted on a wall or deck, keeping the hose off the ground and allowing it ample opportunity to fully drain for storage. This stationary mounting is a good choice for a hose that will connect to a sprinkler system or to a soaker hose set-up. A hidden receptacle is also nice, especially if you often host social gatherings in your garden or patio space and would like for it to look as if your garden never needs something so ordinary as watering. A decorative hose holder is an ideal way to deal with having your garden hose on hand, while not allowing it to mar the general appearance of your garden. In fact, the right holder can make your outdoor space even more attractive. There is also a convenience factor in having a hose reel that will make storing and using your garden hose so much easier than trying to coil it up by hand. Here are a few examples of holders that can make your garden more beautiful and your watering chores easier.


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Rewind that Garden Hose
Rewind that Garden Hose The wicker themed Plastic Hose Reel from Tough & Go fits on any decking and blends in well. Its wicker look allows it to fit with your dark brown wicker seating arrangement while keeping the hose safe from walk paths. It also features a rewind where the unit reels the hose back in for you on its spindle reducing fighting with it.
Reel it in, Gardeners!
Reel it in, Gardeners! The Taupe colored Plastic Hose Reel works in many environments and with many styles of yard set-ups. It has a hand crank reel for those that want to be certain that the hose doesn’t overlap wrong and catch the spool. The feeder is lifted so the hose head does not rest on the ground, reducing wear and tear.
Place Your Hose Reel on a Wall
Place Your Hose Reel on a Wall This reel fits into the wall allowing you to put added weight on it.  A heavy-duty hose line or items in the basket over the hose are easily supported. Completely open for you, you can make sure that there are no twists in your hose line, so it is just a tug to unreel from the mount. 
Wall Mounted Hose Holder
Wall Mounted Hose Holder The Catalina wall mount adds elegance to your yard with its scroll design. It comes in four colors and can work with a variety of wall and yard themes without clashing. Holding 50 feet of hose line, it is able to hold linked hose lines for those large yard needs. This is ideal to hold your drained hose all year long.
Cast Aluminum Wall Mounted Hose Holder
Cast Aluminum Wall Mounted Hose Holder An elaborate hose holder creates a great deal of appeal to any yard. The Austin wall mount comes in four finishes, brass, bronze, copper, and shell. This allows you to pick a complementary color for any part of the yard where you wish the mount. It supports 25 feet of hose lifted in a protected environment.
Embossed Steel Hose Pot
Embossed Steel Hose Pot Perfect for any porch where you do not wish to show a hose holder, this steel hose pot lends a level of elegance. The drain holes on the bottom make sure that water does not build up in the pot and damage your hose. It can hold a massive 150 feet of hose in its center while keeping it out of sight.
Aluminum Hose Holder
Aluminum Hose Holder This holder does something that many do not: it raises your water spout line up over your plants for you. This allows you to move around when watering and not run your hose line between your plants. Great for taller plant locations, this holder stands 52” up off of the ground and can link to another hose to feed it.
Iron Wall Mounted Hose Holder
Iron Wall Mounted Hose Holder The Victorian-style Water in the Garden wall mount includes a level of sophistication to any yard. With the brown finish, this wall-mount can work in many locations for you without clashing. The cast-iron body allows it to hold a tremendous amount of weight and is built to last. This mount has a 100-foot hose capacity, protected, and can be placed on a wall at your preferred height.
Industrial Two Wheel Steel Hose Reel Cart
Industrial Two Wheel Steel Hose Reel Cart When the key is mobility, the Industrial Two Wheel Steel Hose Reel Cart has a tremendous value. Its grey heavy metal body allows you to effortlessly move around 300 feet of hose on this cart and yet be able to be tucked in a shed when not needed. The basket mounted under the handrail allows you to haul your supplies with you.