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Live Edge Coffee Table

Live edge coffee tables are works of art; they are handcrafted from solid wood slabs that were air-dried then finished. As you may know, nature is the oldest artist. It has managed to put an individual style in each piece it creates. This individuality makes every single live edge coffee table unique and a piece to behold. It's the piece of furniture that's meticulously worked on and finished by skilled artisans then assembled into a piece that is guaranteed to last.

If you choose this type of coffee table, you can feel confident in its construction and durability as it's made to serve your needs for the years to come.

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Koch Coffee Table
This coffee table is impressive even when it makes use of a traditional or classic table design. It has a live edge design as well to give it just the right amount of character. To elevate the entire piece’s style, the designer has incorporated robust metal legs on its construction.
Virgie Square Old Elm Coffee Table
This piece may be subtle but it certainly is appealing. It’s not just affordable, but it’s also interesting with a construction that makes use of a combination of materials: solid wood and metal. Even with its relatively small size, it’s quite strong with a weight capacity of 200 lbs!
Artezia Coffee Table
The product of a well-known furniture manufacturer, this coffee table is unique as it has a live edge design. Its legs are painted metal and the tabletop is solid teak wood. This one is undeniably beautiful. It measures 15’’ H x 60’’ L x 45’’ W.
Tammi Square Old Elm Coffee Table
This coffee table is heavy, light, gorgeous, and memorable all at once! It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that will make for a dramatic feature inside your living room. Its base is crafted out of heavy-duty metal and its top is made of solid wood.
Beyers Coffee Table
Ideally priced and beautifully simple, this coffee table provides elegance and a rustic-style at the same time. It’s not overly fancy but it’s remarkable on its own. It’s a piece that will still look great even when it’s unadorned.
Francoise Coffee Table
A magnificent addition to your living room, you will love the coffee table’s classic lines. This is great if you don’t want glass for your coffee table’s top but you still want the material’s airy and open feel. You will be able to rely on this piece’s solid construction!
Crane Coffee Table
This piece is made to literally blend into a traditional-styled room. It has a faux live edge design, which is great if you don’t have the budget for the real deal. Its sleek black legs give it some edge and it comes with an open shelf underneath the tabletop.
Mazelina Coffee Table
The Mazelina Coffee Table is a chic piece that is a great option if you’re in need of something versatile while taking up little square footage. It’s small in size, being 17’’ H x 24’’ L x 28’’ W, and it’s a product of skilled furniture craftsmen.
Bexton Coffee Table
If you’re on a budget but you’re in need of a coffee table that has clean lines and a beautiful silhouette, then this is the perfect piece for you! It features a live edge design, making this piece one-of-a-kind as well!
Mims Coffee Table
Showcasing the grain of the wood and using it as the beautiful feature of the entire piece, this coffee table is nothing short of stunning, especially when it’s added to a living room environment. It has powder-coated metal legs for the strongest and most durable base.
Mazelina Coffee Table
A handmade masterpiece of master furniture craftsmen, this is a quirky coffee table that your guests will not fail to notice! The wooden tabletop has a brass filling, but that’s not all that’s fascinating about it. You should know that it’s also one-of-a-kind, so you’re using a coffee table that’s truly unlike any other.
Port Augusta Coffee Table
Odd yet wonderfully beautiful, this coffee table is the only statement piece you need to decorate your space. It’s both luxurious and down-to-earth, which is something not all coffee tables can manage to do! The entire piece makes use of solid teak wood for its construction.
Nieves Coffee Table with Storage
Do you want storage but a piece that doesn’t look like a storage space at all? If yes, then you will love this impactful piece of furniture. A masterpiece on its own, you don’t need to decorate it with magazines or a faux floral bouquet as it can stand proudly on its own in your living room!
Great Heron Coffee Table
A sure conversation starter, this unique table comes with a rustic style. If you have a keen eye for design, then you know this piece can tie a room’s look together! The entire table measures 16’’ H x 31’’ L x 31’’ W.
Nagel Coffee Table
Pristine, solid, and a bit playful, you will love this wooden coffee table. It’s a bit quirky with its unusual shape but that’s not the best feature of this piece! It’s actually made of reclaimed solid wood. Interesting, isn’t it?
Tindle Live Edge Hairpin Coffee Table
Tindle Live Edge Hairpin Coffee Table
WELLAND Natural Edge Coffee Table Small, Hairpin Coffee Table, Natural Wood End Table, Wood Slab Table 28" L x 20" W x 20.5" T
WELLAND Natural Edge Coffee Table Small, Hairpin Coffee Table, Natural Wood End Table, Wood Slab Table 28" L x 20" W x 20.5" T
WELLAND Live Edge Coffee Table, Wood Slab Coffee Table, Natural Edge Coffee Table, Mid-Century Hairpin Coffee Table 29" L x 27" W x 20.5" T
WELLAND Live Edge Coffee Table, Wood Slab Coffee Table, Natural Edge Coffee Table, Mid-Century Hairpin Coffee Table 29" L x 27" W x 20.5" T