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French Country Wall Decor

French Country furniture, whether it is antique, vintage or reproduction, cannot recreate the true rustic ambience of a country home from the 1700s without assistance; the devil is, as always, in the details. Accents, hangings and other design elements added to a room’s walls can make the difference between a room featuring French country furnishings, and one which fully recalls the classic style of the period.

Wall sconces are the most prominent design elements which will help convert a 21st century wall into an 18th century one. It’s inconvenient – not to mention a fire hazard, of course – to use candles as a primary light source in your home. But French country-style wall sconces holding candle-shaped incandescent bulbs are an outstanding substitution.

The sconce’s arms will likely be curved and ornamentation will be minimal, perhaps with a simple raised wall plate, an armback and a decorative detail or two. The sconces available today are usually made from iron, and then finished and detailed with colors simulating aged bronze or distressed wood.

A framed antiqued mirror hung behind a French country wall sconce will add another layer of authenticity to the room’s appearance, while also reflecting light to increase the airy, rustic atmosphere. Sconce/mirror combinations are widely available and reasonably priced. Other antiqued frames holding prints of 18th century-style artwork featuring floral or avian motifs, hung discreetly around the room, will contribute to the French country décor as well.

Intricate (but not ostentatious) accent moldings and trim, featuring the curves or delicate scrollwork favored in the period, can easily be purchased and installed to enhance the French country look of a room. Tapestries are not a “must have” ingredient in a French country kitchen, but they are used at times and fit in perfectly. Less-authentic, attractive wall pieces created in period style, such as clocks or planters, may not appeal to history buffs or design experts but can still elevate the overall décor.

Textured wallpaper with sedate patterns is usually a better match than paint for French country walls; light-colored draperies made from rich fabrics can also help create the comfortable, airy ambience of a rustic French country home.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

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Charming French country style wall decor featuring a creamy background with cute floral motifs in pastel colours. Narrow white wooden open front shelves, flanking a small landscape painting in a golden frame, house white ceramic plates and jugs.
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This charming orangery embodies all the best features of the characteristic French country style. Romance, delicacy and a bit of European flair are comprised here in big, arched windows, brick flooring and rattan furniture.
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Pretty French rustic style decor. Woody cutting boards in worn browns are leaned against a whitewashed woody wall. A metal candle sconce and a white napkin hang on a wall. White ceramic vessels (a jug with catkins) and tablecloth lie on a dresser.
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Elegant French country style bedroom decor. Walls, a gable ceiling, timbering, curtains with tiebacks and even a floor are in off-white shades. A beautiful showy metal chandelier, adorned by clear glass pendants, hangs over a small ornate rug.
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Adorned with a gentle rose theme, this bedroom embodies the charming French cottage appeal. The whole room constitutes a coherent proposition with each part of the decor fitting well to each other.
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If you like the charm and warmth of the French cottage style, you shall also appreciate this bedroom decor. Dominated by white and natural bright wood, it creates a very warm, alluring ambiance.
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Creating an adorable French cottage bedroom may not be the easiest tasks, however, some tricks will smoothly help you achieve it. The glamorous, silver-painted, ornamental cupboard fits perfectly well, corresponding to the granite-base lamp.
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Classic French country style bathroom wall decor. Walls are of size-varied stone blocks in off-white shades. Floor tiles have light beige tones. A large rectangular freestanding mirror with an ornate top is leaned against a wall behind a bath.
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Typical French cottage style living room wall decor. Walls are in a creamy shade. A large lighted rectangular rural painting in a golden-black frame is flanked by candle sconces of black iron. Two smaller portraits have showy gilded carved frames.
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French approach to a room décor in a hallway between rooms. The walls of the hallway are painted with a white and blue coat of paint, and the decorative end table on the side with an antique sculpture finishes the room off.
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If you’re looking for a perfect piece to store your luxurious cutlery in, take a look at this sophisticated storage cabinet made in a vintage style out of solid wood with a distressed coat of pastel blue paint and glass doors.
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A sophisticated setting for a cozy relaxation corner in a living room with a vintage-style sofa bench near a window. The corner is furnished with a small bistro table with a matching dining chair and a crystal chandelier above.
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Rustic setup for a cozy living room, furnished with a loveseat couch upholstered in a white-colored cotton fabric and paired with a coffee table with a tray on top, both made out of rough walnut wood with an unfinished look.
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An adorable French cottage style square wall plaque of wood. It's showing cute floral, birds, butterflies and cherubs motifs in a greyscale with pinkish accents against stylised lettering in French in the background. It has a ribbon for hanging.
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A charming French country style wall decor crafted of reclaimed wooden planks with a natural worn finish, visible woodgrain and traces of nails. It's adorned with white painted stylised lettering Bon Appetite and cute floral motifs in corners.
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Charming French country style living-room wall decor. Walls are creamy, a gable ceiling is white. Walls are adorned by wooden shelves in natural shades, colourful rustic theme paintings in wooden frames, cock figurines, a showy metal clock.
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Vintage arrangement for a French-styled kitchen with a decorative display cabinet made out of oak wood with a white-washed finish and a distressed coat of white paint, fitted with antique, old-fashioned ornaments.
A decorative wall display in a cozy living room, made with the use of a couple of wooden frames placed on a metal rail. The frames have pictures of wine etiquettes and wine bottles inside of them, providing a classy vibe.
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A spacious, vintage-style dining room, furnished with a long dining table made out of white-washed solid wood and paired with a set of six plastic chairs with a see-through structure, which provides a unique contrast.
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Being a fantastic French cottage accent to any rustic or traditional interior, this large round wall clock enchants with its multi-coloured finish and classic Roman numerals. A nice focal point in your decor.
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Fresh, contemporary, yet very warm and cosy. This living room represents the most beautiful features of the French cottage decor. White walls and warm, soft tones of the furniture, incl. light greys and beiges correspond to each other perfectly.
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With its ornate moulding, towering over a glamorous mirrored cabinet and long draped curtains, this beautiful room resembles a shabby chic or French country chamber. All finished in soft-toned grey.