Deer Head Wall Decor Ideas

Deer head wall decor is an authentic and whimsical way of adding class and character to a room. One of the most visually striking additions a home can have is a deer head wall decor. There's just something about a deer head wall decor that captures the attention and mesmerizes a person. Now before you go out and start shopping for one, here's an important point you need to know: The market is filled with many varieties of deer head wall décor. In fact, the varieties are so many that it's easy to get lost on what to get. In such instances, you'll definitely make the wrong purchase. To help you and make things a bit easier, this article is going to serve as a buying guide. Furthermore, the other half of the article will provide you with some suggested items to help you get started.

Placement Style

There are two types of styles when it comes to the placement of your wall décor. There's the flat and the other one is protruding. The protruding type is the most recognizable as the head and antlers protrude from the wall. If you want a kind of decor that really grabs the attention of your guests, then this type can work. However, this type of decoration is space sensitive. Placing a large protruding deer head wall decor on a relatively small room will make things feel cramped. Hence, be mindful of the area before opting for such type of deer head wall decor. The flat decor still features a deer head, but it does not protrude. It's a great decor if you only want to highlight a deer icon. It's also a great option if you have limited space, and it's typically cheaper.

Base Material

The two of the most commonly used base materials for a deer head wall decor are metal and polyresin. Polyresin has the advantage of being cheaper. It's also easy to maintain as you only need to wipe the decor with a damp cloth. On the downside, it's not as durable compared to the metal counterparts. Deer head wall decor made from metals usually come in aluminum or steel. Metal is very durable, which makes it great for an outdoor setting. On the downside, metals rust and they are more expensive.

Sagebrook Deer Head Wall Décor


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Sagebrook Deer Head Wall Decor
Sagebrook Deer Head Wall Decor It's a lovely deer head wall decor with a distinct darkish-colored body. It features an eye-catching gold-colored antler that makes this decor "pop." The item is made from strong polyresin material, which makes it easy to maintain. It's a perfect decor addition if you want something that gives off an expensive and luxurious vibe.
World Unique Deer Head Wall Decor
World Unique Deer Head Wall Decor This one's a very modern take on the deer head wall decor. Rather than a protruding item, this decor provides that deer head figure that hunters love without consuming too much space. It's made of metal and it's powder coated, making it suitable for outdoor use. It also comes with a semi-gloss finish to give off that vibe of being expensive.
The Frankfurt Deer Head Wall Decor
The Frankfurt Deer Head Wall Decor This is a hand painted deer head wall decor that is sure to catch the attention of your visitors. With a classic appeal and contemporary detail, it's sure to be a conversation starter. The product comes with two removable antlers, making it more portable and storable.
Sagebrook Home Deer Head Wall Decor
Sagebrook Home Deer Head Wall Decor We love this is it's a deer head wall decor that has a unique characteristic of being subtle, while being striking at the same time. With its uniformed black color, it can easily blend with the rest of your decor. And yet, with its intricacies and finely crafted design, it mesmerizes the more you look at it. Crafted from tough polyresin material, it's also durable.
The Mini Deer Head Wall Decor
The Mini Deer Head Wall Decor This one is a mini deer head wall decor that is perfect for anyone that's looking for something that is fascinating and would work well for limited spaces. The decor features metallic gold antlers with a matte-white colored head. Being hand painted and finely crafted, it's a decor that can grab the attention of your guests.
Handcrafted Deer Head Wall Decor
Handcrafted Deer Head Wall Decor This handcrafted deer head wall decor is an excellent addition to any home. The decor comes in black color with a glossy finish. With its subtle and elegant feel, it can fit well in any setting and bring up the luxurious feel of the room. Made from 100% resin, it's durable even for an outdoor setting.
Goodwin Aluminum Deer Head Wall Decor
Goodwin Aluminum Deer Head Wall Decor With the base material being aluminum, this deer head wall decor comes with a unique visual trait that is seldom found in other similar decorations. With a brown finish, it's a perfect addition if you are going for that rustic charm or style. With this decor, you can have that desirable hunter's glen appeal without harming any deer.
Tres Chic Deer Head Wall Decor
Tres Chic Deer Head Wall Decor A bold and intricate deer head wall decor that can work as a signature piece of any room, the decor portrays a deer that comes with an exceptionally beautiful antler that is far from the normal. With a glossy white finish, it goes well with many of today's popular theme, especially for that sleek lodge style.
Faux Deer Head Wall Decor
Faux Deer Head Wall Decor A wall decor that doesn't fall short when it comes to the small details, this large deer head wall decor sports a set of antlers with finely crafted features. Also, the deer's head is crafted with gentle curves. The entire piece works really well if you are looking for something that plays very well with light and shadow effect.
Deer Heads Metal Wall Decor
Deer Heads Metal Wall Decor A deer head wall decor that is both aesthetically pleasing and remarkably durable, the piece features two heads on American-grade steel. It also features multiple finishes such as gray, black, and brown. It's a perfect addition to most themes of today such as farm-inspired, cozy cabin and rustic charm.