6 Reasons To Love Grey And White Bedding

When it comes to grey and white bedding, it's difficult to go wrong. This combination of shades can look modern or traditional depending on the patterns used, plus it's suitable for both masculine and feminine styles. This timeless look won't overpower your current decor and provides a neutral canvas for adding pops of color to create a dynamic bedscape. Here are six reasons to love grey and white bedding.

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1. It Goes with Everything

These neutral tones coordinate with almost any color scheme. If you've got vibrantly painted walls, then grey and white bedding is a great choice to provide a more calming palette for your sleeping area.

Choosing grey and white provides an opportunity for fun new finishes in other areas of your bedroom, whether you're getting a new rug or a new couch. Neutral bedding allows you to seamlessly integrate other pieces and use accessories to tie it all together.

Traditional Bedroom Design

2. It's Easy to Accessorize

Consider the simplicity of grey and white bedding as a blank canvas. It's a fantastic starting point to add accent pillows or blankets, creating a textured, cozy look. Don't be afraid to choose bold colors for your accent pieces like a yellow pillow with a teal blanket folded artfully at the foot of the bed.

By choosing a neutral starting point, you give yourself the freedom to have fun decorating later. Play around with texture, such as faux fur, lace overlay, or embroidery, when selecting shams for your extra pillows; this can help make your bed the focal point in the room.

Farmhouse Bedroom Design

3. It's Gender Neutral

Sometimes couples have trouble reaching an agreement on a color scheme in the bedroom. If you want an aesthetic that is neither masculine nor feminine but sits comfortably on neutral ground, grey and white bedding is the right choice.

While there are more feminine patterns available, such as florals or paisley, and some that are more stereotypically masculine, including plaids or color blocking, there are many opportunities to find a middle ground.

If you're leaning toward a softer, more ornate pattern on the comforter, opt for a darker grey shade to offset the femininity. If the design is relatively straightforward and bold, choosing lighter tones can create balance, so everyone involved is satisfied.

If you frequently house guests in your spare room and want to create a soothing palette for your friends and family, choose a mixture of different shades of greys or whites in warm tones.

Farmhouse Bedroom Design

4. It's Versatile

Any pattern looks fantastic on a grey and white quilt or duvet cover. So, when you select this color scheme, you have so many options for what style of grey and white bedding you choose.

Choose an elegant, traditional white florals pattern on a darker grey background for a country farmhouse bedroom. For versatility, look for a reversible comforter with the inverted color pattern on the other side so you can regularly switch up your bedroom's look.

If you're choosing an industrial, urban style for your home, you can select something bolder like grey and white stripes or high contrast shapes. For a beach cottage vibe, gradient grey to white ombre on the comforter is a perfect canvas to dress up with nautical themed decor and pillowcases.

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5. It Looks Fresh and Inviting

Color has a psychological impact on humans, so the way we choose to decorate our sacred sleeping space is critical. By choosing grey and white for your bedding, you create a crisp look with contrast and intrigue, especially if you select an attention-grabbing pattern.

A grey and white color scheme never goes out of style because you can always revamp with new pillows, blanket throws, or shams. Add texture to your grey and white bedding to create a cozy look. Visual textural contrast influences our temperature perception with fluffier textures exuding a warmer temperature, and smooth textures are perceived as cool.

For a more inviting grey and white bedscape in the winter, choose plush knit throw pillows as accents, and a corded pattern duvet cover. To cool off in the summer months, grey and white satin or microfiber sheets in plain patterns are the best choice.

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6. You Can Redecorate Seasonally

Seasonal decor is exciting to shop for, but it can be hard to redecorate your room quarterly if you have a very bold, specific color scheme in place.

By going neutral with grey and white bedding, you have the freedom to add warm yellows, burnt oranges, and reds in autumn or blues in the winter for a cooler atmosphere. Changing throw blankets and pillows, as well as area rugs at the side or foot of the bed, can refresh your space regularly.

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Why Bedding Matters

Your bed is your safe space where you can relax after a long hard day, and it should provide a calm environment that you can unwind in. For this reason, the type of bedding set you purchase is hugely impactful in your daily life.

Grey and white bedding are perfect for enhancing with accent pieces, and it never goes out of style, making it a worthwhile investment. It isn't overwhelming or too stimulating to your senses, providing you with a restful place to sleep.

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