6 Reasons To Get A Loft Bed For A Small Space

Worried that your studio apartment or small bedroom are doomed to look messy and cramped all the time? Trust us: they really don't have to!

With so many young professionals being in the same situation, there are now lots of space-optimizing solutions to this modern problem. However, good old loft beds are still one of the best.

Here are some practical reasons to get a loft bed for your small studio or bedroom.

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Minimalist Mezzanine Loft
White Full Size Loft Bed
Twin Loft Bed With Desk

A loft bed saves you space

Let's start with the most obvious one:

  • Thanks to its signature design, a loft bed is one of the most space-effective solutions in small bedrooms;
  • By elevating the mattress area, it leaves you more floor space underneath and around it, meaning that you can use it for other activities;
  • Some loft beds come with an additional feature, such as a desk or a wardrobe: by combining them into the same design they save you even more space as you don't have to worry about placing them next to the bed.

You can create a more secluded sleeping area

This is especially helpful if you share the room with someone else or if you live in a studio apartment:

  • Because the mattress occupies a higher position, a loft bed translates into a separate and more sheltered sleeping area;
  • Instead of being surrounded by distractions, you'll just need to climb up there and tuck yourself under the blankets in order to switch off from the outside world;
  • You can also make it even cozier and more personal by adding artwork, shelves or plants to its walls, just like you would if your bed were right on the floor.

It looks smart and modern but can match different interior styles

  • Thanks to its streamlined design and space-oriented approach, loft beds inspire a smart contemporary vibe, introducing a pleasant symmetrical element to your room;
  • At the same time, because they're available in so many different styles and finishes, you can easily find one that matches your interiors;
  • For example, if you were hoping for a more retro or traditional feel, you can simply opt for darker woods and more decorative lines.
Loft Bed With Shelves
Loft Bed With Shelves

A full size loft bed with desk gives you a practical workstation, too

If you study or work from home, having a dedicated work area is essential for comfort and productivity but a small bedroom might have tricked you into believing that there's no way you can fit a desk in it. Well, think again!

  • With a full size loft bed with desk you get to make the most of the space underneath the mattress by turning it into your own office;
  • Because they're available in different styles, full size loft beds with desk can help you complement your interior style and fit your room's layout. Check them out here;
  • Since you'll be surrounded by the bed frame and a ladder as well as the wall or a cabinet, you'll immediately feel like you've accessed a separate, productive environment as soon as you sit there;
  • You can mark this separation even more by having different decorative elements compared to the sleeping area: instead of pictures, you could hang up motivational quotes or a handy board for sticky notes.
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Twin Loft Bed With Shelf
Bed With Desk And Bookcase
Twin Bunk Bed With Drawers
Solid Manufactured Wood Loft Bed

A loft bed can give you even more storage

We weren't lying when we said that loft beds come in all shapes and forms: some of them can even include wardrobes and cabinets!

  • If you couldn't figure out a way to fit a traditional bed and a wardrobe in your small, awkwardly shaped room, they'll be proper lifesavers!
  • A loft bed with wardrobes or cabinets means that you'll get to store your clothes and belongings tidily and, at the same time, have them at hand when you get out of bed in the morning.

A two-in-one piece of furniture saves you money

Finally, two-in-one pieces of furniture aren't just practical and space-optimizing: they're cheaper than buying those two pieces individually!

  • Whether you opt for a full size loft bed with desk, one with storage or a combination of the two, it's bound to be a much better bargain;
  • Plus, it'll save you time and stress when it comes to measuring different models and trying to make them fit in your small bedroom.

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