15 Exceptional Loft Beds For Adults

Loft beds aren't just for children. Many adults use these types of beds because they are great space-savers for smaller-sized rooms.

The minimalist home decorating style loves taking advantage of these because they are functional. They also create an open and wider floor plan making rooms appear a lot larger than they are.

We've compiled 15 exceptional loft beds for adults that you won't want to miss out on. Keep reading to discover the best one for you!

All-Inclusive Advanced Wardrobe Loft Bed

All Inclusive Advanced Wardrobe Loft Bed

Of all the loft beds listed here, this is the most advanced and multi-functional option. The all-inclusive bed combines three and a half rooms into one unit.

This unit offers a loft bed, an office space, a wardrobe closet, a bookshelf, shelving, and extra storage. These all-in-one units work best in studio apartments.

There are a couple of setup options you can choose from. You can either choose one with office space or a double wardrobe closet that sits side-by-side.

Steel Built-In Side Desk Adult High Loft Bed

Steel Built In Side Desk Adult High Loft Bed

This thin steel loft bed is designed with the modern style in mind. Even though it looks fragile, this bed can hold an adult up to 400 pounds.

The guardrails prevent you from rolling out of bed. Two built-in ladders give you the option to move your bed to different corners of the room. The colors you can choose from are silver, black, or white.

A small wooden panel outlines your office creating a neat and unobstructed view. Add a geometric carpet and shiny outlined metal frames and mirrors to bring the modern décor style together.

Loft Bed With Built-In Ladder And Long Desk

Loft Bed With Built In Ladder And Long Desk

This sleek black metal-designed desk has a nice masculine touch to it. Neutral colors combined with the shiny black bed loft frame and white backdrop grabs your attention immediately.

The loft bed can hold an adult up to 250 pounds. Constructed with two built-in ladders on both sides, allows you to push your loft bed against a wall against any side.

You have a little over four and a half feet of space from the floor to the bottom of the bed. This loft bed is ideal for the work-from-home adult that needs a lot of desk space.

Unique Criss-Cross Framed Adult Loft Bed

Unique Criss Cross Framed Adult Loft Bed

It is another loft bed with a desk below, only this one has a unique crisscross pattern on three sides of the bed. Also, the ladder juts out at an angle instead of vertically.

It comes with an aluminum drawer pull-out for your keyboard and a built-in wire bookcase shelf. These metal-framed beds can hold up to 300 pounds.

This bed and desk duo would best illustrate a contemporary style. Since there is a lot of movement in its design, these bedframes go well with larger and longer windows with light-colored long curtains to outline them.

High Loft Bed With Small Breakfast Nook Below

High Loft Bed With Small Breakfast Nook Below

Although this loft bed with breakfast nook is currently designed for a child's room, it can easily and elegantly be designed for adults. The frame is made of medium-density fiberwood (MDF) pine and is incredibly strong.

With the breakfast nook and table set up, you can easily seat two people. When nighttime falls, the breakfast nook and table can be folded down to make two individual beds.  

The top twin bed can hold up to 150 pounds while the bottom twin bed holds 175 pounds. These beds are perfect for couples who prefer sleeping in separate beds.

Loft Bed With Large Built-In Bookcase Shelving

Loft Bed With Large Built In Bookcase Shelving

Loft beds for adults can come with varying-sized bookcases. This specific loft bed offers a lot of room to store items or decorate shelving.

It's more suitable for one person since the large bookcase desk and loft combo beds can only be ordered in twin or full-size. You can fit two smaller adults on the full-size if you aren't a restless sleeper.

Light neutral walls and floors with a dark finish loft bed are nice contrasting shades that make a room look sharp. Also, to keep your room looking more spacious, buy hair pin-legged chairs.

Convertible Futon And High Loft Bed

Convertible Futon And High Loft Bed

A functional design to place in your living room or bedroom is the futon couch and loft bed. The solid black metal frame adds a contemporary flair to any room.

Metal handles make transitioning your chair to a bed much easier. A 220-pound adult can sleep on the upper bunk and the futon can hold 440 pounds of body weight.

The futon easily sleeps two people or seats three people, and one adult can sleep on the twin loft bed. Ladders on each side of the futon let you still watch your favorite TV show in your dorm room.

Steel High Loft Bed With Empty Space Below

Steel High Loft Bed With Empty Space Below

A simple loft bed with nothing built-in below gives you free rein to do whatever you want. You can place a small chair and table or go extreme with a full gamer computer and gaming chair.

The white powder-coated steel finished frame can support 250 pounds of weight. These full-sized loft beds are terrific with saving space and go well with shabby-chic and vintage décor.

If white seems a bit much for you, swap it out with a silver metal frame. For a bold statement, add a solid red comforter to the silver-grey bed frame.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Adult Loft Bed

Heavy Duty Aluminum Adult Loft Bed

Loft beds for adults don't have to be created with thin dainty metals. The heavy-duty charcoal-colored aluminum bed can hold up to 2,000 pounds!

If you are concerned about your loft bed collapsing during the night, then this solid aluminum bed will put your concerns to rest. Even the ladder is built stronger and thicker than most loft bed ladders.

The thick metal and crisscross patterned frame will give your room an industrial spirit. The queen-sized mattress and hers and his desk are a wonderful fit for any couple.

Wooden White Finished High Loft Bed

Wooden White Finished High Loft Bed

Loft beds are made of other materials besides steel aluminum metal. You can find yourself a simple wooden loft bed with a headboard, footboard, and guardrail.

The diagonal ladder makes it easier to climb up to the loft. This traditional-styled wooden bed can hold an adult up to 250 pounds.

If the solid white looks too new, that can easily be changed. For a worn appearance, you can use sandpaper to rub some of the paint off the frame. You can also lightly coat a paintbrush with a darker neutral color for a distressed look.

High Loft Bed With L-Shaped Desk And Chair

High Loft Bed With L Shaped Desk And Chair

Sometimes an L-shaped desk is better than a straight desk. The strong metal frame withstands 300 pounds of body weight.

This adult loft bed also comes with a built-in convertible futon chair. The futon chair is great for reading since it lets you change the position of the chair to laying down or sitting upright.

So, if you can't make up your mind if you want the futon below your loft bed or the desk, here's a great mix of both. This three-piece mixed furniture goes well with any room or housing situation.

Rustic Mid Loft Bed With Two Long Shelves

Rustic Mid Loft Bed With Two Long Shelves

This is the best rustic décor themed loft bed on the list because of its matte metal and rough natural wood material. When it's time for bed, you can either climb up from the head or the foot of the bed.

It can effortlessly sleep up to four adults and can hold up to 800 pounds total. The mattress slats are made of metal instead of wood to make them a lot sturdier.

With this bed, you have the option of placing larger lamps and decorations on its wider and taller shelves. Other loft beds also offer bookcases, but they are made with smaller dimensions.

Queen-Sized Iron Framed Adult Mid Loft Bed

Queen Sized Iron Framed Adult Mid Loft Bed

You won't find many queen-sized mattresses on top of queen-sized mattresses for adult loft bunk beds. The iron frame can hold 350 pounds.

If your family doesn't need personal space, then this option will work well for you. These loft bunk options are excellent for parents with adult children that visit often.

Some adult siblings buy a home jointly and prefer sharing a bed. For a contemporary feel, add green lively plants on a nightstand or bookshelf nearby.

Curved Frame Gunmetal Mid Loft Bed

Curved Frame Gunmetal Mid Loft Bed

The mid loft bed has the curviest frame edges you'll ever see on this kind of bed. Two adults sleep comfortably on its full-on-full mattress configuration.

Some couples prefer sleeping alone with separate bedsheets. The modern and traditional-style loft bunk is beautiful and highlights a room while providing space.

This artistically framed bed supports up to 350 pounds of weight. The slightly lifted bottom bed allows for more storage space. Add a bed skirt to hide storage items.

Ultimate Mid Loft Bunk And Trundle Bed

Ultimate Mid Loft Bunk And Trundle Bed

If you enjoy saving space and sleeping in close quarters with family, then this is your bed. This loft bed can tailor to four people.

It is made of MDF and pine material and holds 800 pounds total. The loft holds 200 pounds, the bottom bunk holds 400 pounds, and the trundle holds 200 pounds.

The loft bed has manufactured guardrails that are 14.2 inches high to prevent you from falling out of the bed. This bed can also fit the college dorm room scene nicely.

Buyer's Guide For Loft Beds For Adults

The average height of a loft bed is 58 inches. Most consumer guidelines recommend 30 inches of space from the loft mattress and ceiling.

There are three loft bed categories differentiated by height: low loft, mid loft (low bunk), and high loft. Low lofts are 50 inches tall and are best for children and rooms with low ceilings.

Mid loft, also known as low bunk, fits in a 96-inch-tall room and gives your loft enough space to add a lower bunk bed or storage area. High lofts are 74.25 inches tall leaving room for a dining area, desk, and chair, or futon underneath them.

For a narrow bedroom, find a loft bed that has a built-in ladder at the footboard. This will give your room some more space than a ladder that sits diagonally on the side.

When you are searching for an adult loft bed, try to find one that is full, queen, or king-sized. These sizes are the most comfortable to sleep on. With less room to move around, twin-sized beds can still sleep one adult.

Wood loft beds are versatile and unique with different configurations and are beautiful and classy in all room settings. Metal loft beds are simple and affordable with a modern, contemporary, and minimalistic elegant flair.

The Wrap Up

Loft beds for adults are elegant and provide more space. You can choose metal loft beds with desks and chairs or wooden loft beds with extra bunk beds and trundles.

We hope this list helps you on your loft bed journey. The choice is now yours to make!

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