4 Convincing Reasons To Choose A Murphy Bed Over A Sleeper Sofa

Multipurpose pieces of furniture are a godsend for everyone, especially those living in small spaces. If you've made up your mind to ditch your traditional bed for a more functional sleeping solution, you may have considered choosing between a murphy bed and a sleeper sofa.

These clever inventions both have the same concept but differ in certain areas. Although everyone is entitled to their own preferences, murphy beds are known to be better than sleeper sofas and there are numerous reasons for that.

The goal is to buy an alternative bed option that not only maximizes space, but also provides you with ample comfort for a good night's sleep, can serve more than one purpose, and generally makes your life easier.

Read on to find out 4 convincing reasons to choose a murphy bed over a sleeper sofa!

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Murphy beds are more comfortable

The whole point of buying a bed is to get proper sleep. There's no use in investing in a pricey multifunctional unit if you're going to wake up with back pain the following day. When it comes to comfort, nothing can beat a murphy bed, aside from traditional platform beds. This is because there's more versatility when it comes to mattress types. Murphy beds can accommodate regular bed mattresses, making it by far the most comfortable sleeping solution for daily use. Sofa beds, on the other hand, are only to be used with a specific type of mattress that should be thin enough to fold up into the sofa.

Murphy beds are more convenient to set up

Imagine being completely worn out at the end of a long and busy day and you still need to set up your bed for a couple of minutes before finally hitting the hay. To avoid this kind of situation, consider getting a murphy bed over a sleeper sofa. Murphy beds are much easier to set up because of their mechanisms that allow for an easy transition. All you have to do is pull the bed down, let the mechanisms do their thing, and watch your bed easily go down in only a matter of seconds. On the contrary, sofa beds require much more time to expand into a bed, and once the morning comes, you'll have to remove all the bedding all over again.

Gray Murphy Bed With Mattress
Gray Murphy Bed With Mattress

Murphy beds feature built-in units

Dual-purpose pieces of furniture like sleeper sofas are a thing of the past! Now, you can find a wide selection of murphy beds that not only serve 2 purposes but even more! For instance, certain models feature a work surface accompanied by multiple shelving and drawers. A murphy bed with desk offers its user a convenient workspace and a great deal of storage space for office supplies while a sofa bed can only be a sofa and a bed. Some models offer even more utility with integrated wardrobes, bookcases, and cabinetry all in one structure. In terms of design, murphy beds win hands-down.

Murphy beds take up less space

Although sofa beds are somewhat smaller than murphy beds, you can't entirely move them out of the way. The sofa always has to be out there in the open unless you get rid of it. However, murphy beds can be hidden when not in use which makes them the best option for those looking to save as much space as possible. They fold up against the wall and free up precious floor space for other uses. What's more, you can choose between various murphy bed sizes according to your available space. If you really want a space-saving sleeping solution but only have room for a twin-sized bed, you'll be sure to find plenty of murphy beds in that particular size. Unlike wall beds, sleeper sofas are pretty limited in size options. With sleeper sofas, you may find the size that you're looking for but not in the style that you want.

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