3 Expert Tips To Choose Spice Jars & Spice Racks

Combat clutter and always have your favorite seasonings to hand - spice racks are an essential element in every organized kitchen. Whether you are just looking to make your top go-to seasonings easily accessible, or you want to make a design feature of your huge spice collection, we'll help you to choose the perfect spice jars and spice racks for your kitchen with our expert tips.

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What are the different types of spice jars and spice racks?

Spice racks are available in a wide variety of different types, so there's sure to be one to suit your cooking style and kitchen decor.

Countertop spice racks

If you have the space available on your kitchen counters, then a freestanding countertop spice rack makes a great choice for easy access.

However, they can get in the way in smaller kitchens and as they are on show, you'll have to take extra care when making your choice.

  • Carousel

These countertop spice racks revolve so you can easily house a number of seasonings without losing any accessibility.

  • Corner

If you have an L-shaped kitchen counter, like most of us, you probably don't utilize that extra corner space as well as you could.

As it's out of the way, it makes a great location for a tiered, corner countertop spice rack. Your spices are visible and accessible, yet unlikely to be in the way or get knocked over.

Stainless Steel Metal Standing Kitchen Organizer
Wood Glass Countertop Spice Jar And Rack Set
Plastic Steel Carousel Spice Jar And Rack Set
Plastic Glass Carousel Spice Jar And Rack Set
Stainless Steel Carousel Spice Jar And Rack Set
Sliver Steel Metal Countertop Spice Rack Organizer

Cupboard/drawer spice racks

Keep your spice collection neatly organized yet out of sight.

If you have a large collection of seasonings, look for cupboard spice racks or drawer inserts and keep your counters and walls clear.

  • Tiered spice racks

A popular choice for extensive seasoning collections, tiered spice racks allow you to easily identify and access your spices while utilizing cupboard space further back. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

You will also find modular, adjustable versions, so you can alter their layout to suit your available cupboard space.

  • Slide-out

Slide-out spice racks work great for keeping smaller spice collections to hand and organized.

They consist of a framework housing with a drawer inside. Place one or several models on your lowermost overhead cupboard shelf and simply extend to access your spices. A handy, space-saving solution that keeps your spices upright and in order.

  • Door mounted

Choose a lightweight spice rack that does not protrude too much and hang it from the back of your cupboard door.

With excellent visibility and the option of adding several individual small racks, this makes a great space-saving solution for compact kitchens where every inch of space counts.

  • Drawer insert

If you've got a spare kitchen drawer that's underutilized, then you should go for a drawer insert spice rack.

They provide excellent accessibility and display your spices beautifully. While most people might not have the luxury of a free drawer right in the middle of their kitchen layout, you can also get smaller models that will only take up half of a drawer, for example.

Steel Drawer Insert Spice Rack
Chrome Metal Cabinet Door Mounted Spice Rack
Steel Free Standing Tiered Spice Rack
Black Metal Free Standing Drawer Insert Spice Rack
Steel Pull Down Spice Jar And Rack Set
Steel Slide Out Spice Rack Organizer

Wall-mounted spice racks

Small, tall, vertical, or horizontal, there is a huge variety of wall-mounted spice racks available.

They work in any style of kitchen, save counter space, and keep your spices easily accessible for when you need them.

Magnetic spice racks

If you're looking for a spice rack that can double up as a kitchen feature, or cook with your favorite spices a lot and want to have them permanently available, then you should opt for a magnetic spice rack.

Available in a range of designs to suit your home, the included jars fix to the rack via integrated magnetics. This design often works well in modern or minimalist settings, where your spices appear to defy gravity and float under your rack or straight out of your wall.

Metallic Wall Mounted Spice Rack
Black Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Kitchen Storage Rack
White Steel Wall Mounted Spice Rack
Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Jars
Magnetic Silver Stainless Steel Spice Rack
Extra Strong Magnetic Spice Jars

Which material is best for my spice jar or spice rack?

Find the best spice rack material for your kitchen in our guide, choose from wooden, metal and plastic spice racks to match your kitchen decor.

Wooden spice racks

Traditional and durable, wooden spice racks are the classic choice. They come in a range of finishes, designs and looks. Opt for a rustic model to complement your farmhouse decor, or a pared-back, reclaimed wooden one for an industrial look.

Lacquered Bamboo Free Standing Spice Rack
Natural Wood Free Standing Spice Rack
Bamboo Glass Spice Jar And Rack Set
Bamboo Free Standing Carousel Spice Jar
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Multi Colored Wood Spice Jar And Rack Set

Metal spice racks

Metal spice racks are sturdy and look good in modern or minimalist kitchens. They can be statement shiny countertop models, or minimalist black wire racks.

The latter is a good option for saving space and can be wall-mounted as well as used in cupboards. Just be careful to dry thoroughly after cleaning to avoid rusting.

Metal Wall Mounted Spice Rack
White Steel Cabinet Door Mounted Spice Rack
White Steel Wood Magnetic Spice Rack
Gray Metal Wire Spice Rack
Metal Glass Spice Jar And Rack Set
Green Metal Free Standing Spice Rack

Plastic spice racks

Cheap and easy to clean, plastic makes a great choice for cupboard and drawer spice racks.

Transparent versions make it even easier to keep your seasonings organized as you can easily see what you've put where, even with large collections of spices.

However, both transparent and colored plastic countertop spice racks can work well in modern, contemporary kitchens as feature pieces in their own right.

Gloss Plastic Free Standing Spice Rack
White Plastic Carousel Spice Jar And Rack Set
Plastic Drawer Insert Spice Rack
White Plastic Pull Down Spice Rack
Plastic Cabinet Door Mounted Spice Rack
Clear Plastic Corner Cabinet Spice Rack

What are the must-have features to look for in spice jars and spice racks?

Here are some of the essential spice rack features to look out for when choosing a new spice rack for your kitchen.

Spice jars & labels

If your spice collection is going to be on show, or at least part of it, and you don't have matching branded spices, then you will want to look for a spice rack with spice jars and labels.

This will make your collection look good and ensure that each and every spice fits correctly in the rack, so you can organize your most used seasonings without worrying that the ones you buy in bulk will have to sit away in your cupboards.

Adjustable spice racks

Ideal for large spice collections in a variety of differently sized containers, adjustable spice racks give you extra flexibility. Alter the height, length, or layout to better house your spice collection, or to fit into that awkward unused space.

Adjustable spice racks are a good choice for use in your kitchen cabinets, where you can organize less frequently used seasonings so they are always to had when needed.

Easy to clean

Check that your spice rack is dishwasher safe or easy to wipe over before you buy. Most cheap plastic spice racks that are intended for use in your cupboard and drawers should be dishwasher safe. Wooden and metal versions should be wiped over with a damp cloth.

Make sure that any included spice jars and their lids are easy to clean, preferably dishwashable. Otherwise, when you spring clean or want to change over your spice collection, it could take you a lot of time and hassle getting them looking pristine.

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