3 Expert Tips To Choose Cruets

Cruets not only add instant style to your table, but they're also extremely practical.

Whether you want to drizzle chili oil over your pizza, drip dressing over your salad, or quickly add a splash of olive oil to your pan of sautéing potatoes, a cruet makes it easy to pour just the right amount. Here's how to choose the best cruet for your home.

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1. What Type of Cruet is Best for You?

As useful in the kitchen as they are at the table, cruets come in a range of different types. Here's what to look out for, depending on what you mainly use your cruet for.

For cooking

  • A single compartment cruet is the best choice - you don't want to accidentally pour your aged balsamic into your pan.

  • Large capacity for frequent use.

  • Easy-pour spout - cooking with oil tends to require more generous "splashes" than at the table.

  • Transparent models can be useful so you can tell when you're getting low. Also, storing in your kitchen cupboard will mean you won't have to worry about oxidation.

  • Look for ergonomically shaped cruets or models with cut out or ribbed sections. This will help you to keep a grip on your cruet when you may be contending with steam and slippery hands while cooking.

Piece Oil and Vinegar Set in White
Large 18 oz. Oil and Vinegar Set
Large Embosed Stoneware Olive Cruet
Olive Oil Bottle in Large Size
3 Medium Glass Cruets
Glass Oil and Vinegar 4 Piece Condiment Set

For drizzling

  • Look for stylish models that complement your tableware, drizzling cruets will be on the show.

  • Choose transparent cruets for a modern or minimalist setting.

  • Metal cruets look good with modern tableware, whereas ceramic models can be paired with a more traditional setting.

  • Pay attention to the spout - you'll want a drip-free version for easy pouring and less mess on your table.

Metal 2 Piece Oil and Vinegar Set
2 Piece Golden Steel Oil and Vinegar Cruets Set
Metal Oil and Vinegar Cruets Set
Golden Stainless Steel Single Oil Cruet
Metal Oil Cruet Dispenser
Metal Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

For salad and bread dipping

  • Choose a cruet set or a single model with two internal compartments to hold both balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

  • Go for a rustic look with a twin set in ceramic or a more modern look with a transparent 2-in-1 style.

  • For bread dipping and generous salad dressings, look for a model with an easy pour spout, so you won't have your guests waiting while your oil slowly drips out.

For flavored oils

  • Whether you flavor your own oils or want to transfer store-bought ones, you'll need a cruet with an easy-open top.

  • Make sure that your cruet is tall enough to accommodate long herbs.

  • The spout should also be fine enough so that it doesn't let your spices pour out.

  • Make sure that your cruet for flavored oils is easy to clean, as it is likely to need a scrub at the bottom or to go in the dishwasher when you want to change flavors.

Long Cruet Set with Stand
Dressing Shaker Cruets for Salad
Small Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Long Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
2 in 1 Oil and Vinegar Cruet
Condiment Caddy with Elegant Cruets

2. How to Choose the Right Size Cruet?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right size cruet for your home.

Choose a small cruet (1 to 6oz) if you:

  • Live alone or have a small household.
  • For infrequent use.
  • Have a tiny kitchen/dining space.
  • Have young kids - less to clean up if there's an accident.
  • Love lots of different flavored oils? Opt for several small cruets.

Choose a medium cruet (7 to 15oz) if you:

  • Regularly use your cruet for drizzling oils and dressing.
  • Want a stylish cruet that has a good capacity but not too tall to store easily.
  • Like to stick to the same oil and don't want to frequently change oil.

Choose a large cruet (16 - 30oz) if you:

  • Use your cruet for cooking.
  • Have a large family or have a lot of guests around to eat.
  • Frequently use oils.
Small Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Cruet Set
Small Olive Oil Cruet in Green
Medium White Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Medium Green Long Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
Vinegar Dispensing Bottle Set in Red
Large Oil and Vinegar Cruets

3. How to Decide Which Cruet Material is Best?

Here's how to choose the best cruet material for your needs and style.


  • Easy to clean.

  • Easy to hold, even without handles, stoneware is not slippery, unlike glass and steel models.

  • Opaque - protects your oil from light and heat, which can cause oxidation, which will alter its taste. However, you can't see when you're running low.

  • Suit various home styles. From a pared-down natural look with a steel pour-spout, ideal for minimalist looks. There are also glazed and painted Mediterranean styles ideal for adding a touch of summer to your table. Also popular for Traditional, rustic look.


  • A popular choice, glass looks good and fits in well with modern, contemporary and minimalist decors.

  • You can see when you're running low.

  • An excellent choice for flavored oils, allowing you to see the ingredients, without the need to label.

  • Glass can be slippery, so be sure to look for an ergonomically shaped model, or for a version with a ribbed section.

  • Oil can oxidize in a transparent cruet. If you are planning on leaving yours out on show, rather than storing it away, look for a version that has a slight tint to prevent oxidation from occurring.

  • Easy to clean, check your glass cruet is dishwasher safe.


  • Metal cruets look good with a contemporary table setting.
  • Easy to clean, but prone to visible fingerprints.
  • Blocks the light to prevent oxidation from occurring. However, you cannot see when you're running low.
  • Look for ergonomically shaped models or ones with handles for improved grip.
  • Easy to clean - look for dishwasher safe models.

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