15 Wooden Shelves For Storage For Every Room

You can store practically anything these days. People store clothes, shoes, electronics, spices, keys, paperwork, seasonal decorations, towels, blankets, laundry supplies, collectibles, and so much more!

Smaller and lighter-weight objects can easily be stored on wall shelves, while larger and heavier items are stored on floor shelves. There are also items specific items stored in certain rooms for a purpose.

Here is a list of 15 wooden shelves for storage for every room in the house. You'll have an idea of the shelf you need by the end of this, so don't stop reading now.

Mail Organizer With Key Hanging Storage Shelf

Mail Organizer With Key Hanging Storage Shelf

Everyone can agree with this statement -- No one enjoys losing their keys. With a key storing storage shelf, there is less to worry about.

Not only does this wooden shelf hold keys, but it also holds your bills and mail. Leave your kitchen counters clear of paperwork with this smartly designed organizer shelf.

A mail organizing key holding shelf is the most functional when you hang it by the front or back door. You can also keep it somewhere you pay your bills.

Tall Vertical Space Saving Shoe Shelf

Tall Vertical Space Saving Shoe Shelf

If your front entrance is narrow or small, then you probably have a bunch of shoes piled on the floor. Shoes piled near an entryway are unsightly and a safety hazard.

A lot of people store shoes on the floor horizontally, but with this neat invention, you can store your shoes vertically. Although this wooden shelf is designed for shoes, it can also store plants, books, or towels.

Another great area of the house to store shoes using this wooden shelf is your bedroom or coat closet. Whatever object you store on this vertical wooden shelf, you'll be saving room.

Five-tier Wooden Corner Storage Shelf

Five tier Wooden Corner Storage Shelf

This nifty corner shelf works wonderfully as both a storage shelf and display. It also gives you the option to customize the frame to be round minimalist or classic Victorian design.

The color options are endless. You can choose between brown, black, grey/black, cream, white, dark brown, cherry black, and many others.

This wooden shelf looks best in the corner of any room to display and store books, picture frames, or other small items. It also works great in storage rooms to make use of the corners of the room.

Two-piece Wood Tier Storage Shelf

Two piece Wood Tier Storage Shelf

These fixed-bracket wooden shelves are possibly the oldest, but they work wonderfully for storage purposes. It may surprise you, but these shelves can hold up to 40 pounds.

You can find shelves like these as a connected two-tier shelf or individual shelf. These shelves are extremely versatile and can work with most décor styles.

Place a two-tier wood storage shelf in an office, bathroom, living, bedroom, laundry room, or anywhere your heart desires. You can easily store DVDs, books, picture frames, plants, collectibles, and many other décor pieces.

Wall Mounted Floating Storage Shelf

Wall Mounted Floating Storage Shelf

For a luxurious design and hidden storage, go with a wall-mounted floating storage shelf with drawers or cabinets. On top, you can display appealing items and store unattractive objects inside the drawers.

This storage shelf holds up to 70 pounds and there are several size options to pick from. Your wall does need to be solid wood or plaster for the shelf to stay put.

These shelves look great in living rooms or entryways. In a living room, stash away cords inside the drawers. For the entryway, place keys inside the drawers and your mail on top.

Wooden Geometric Storage Shelf Bookcase

Wooden Geometric Storage Shelf Bookcase

A kinked bookshelf is perfect to sit in the living room or as a room separator. Since this storage shelf bookcase is open, it won't completely close off a room and you can see decorations from both sides.

You can order these in grey, black, brown, white, and other wood grain materials. It is easiest to pair this storage shelf to most home décor styles because of its natural wood tone.

The square pattern wave makes this storage shelf unique. Since these wooden shelves for storage are so open, it is best to store items you want visible.

Wooden Stair Cubby Storage Shelf

Wooden Stair Cubby Storage Shelf

The cubby-hole wooden shelf storage unit is distinctive. You choose whether you want to hang your storage shelf or leave it free-standing.

There are material foldable boxes you can buy separately that hold storage items to hide them from plain view. Once your items are hidden, simply place your material box into one of the cubby holes.

These modern square-shaped shelves are great for any room in the house. Many parents love storing their children's toys inside these types of shelves.

Round Designer Storage and Display Shelf

Round Designer Storage and Display Shelf

Round designer storage display shelves are a unique way of storing a variety of items. You can store dishes, cups, plates, collectibles, plants, and many other smaller-sized options.

The sizes offered for this kind of shelf is 70X70cm, 90X90cm, 100X100cm, 120X120cm, or 150X150cm. Dark wood or light wood are your two options for color.

You can place this wooden shelf somewhere it can be seen because of its unique and beautiful design. The best locations to place a shelf like this are in your dining room, kitchen, or living room.

Four-tier Wooden Tray Storage Shelf

Four tier Wooden Tray Storage Shelf

Four-tier wooden tray storage shelves are perfect for storing more fragile items like plates, glasses, silverware, mason jars, and ceramic dishes. The metal frame painted in white combined with the light wood grain tray creates a clean charm.

If white is too bright for your home decorating style you can choose a deep brown finish instead. The raised edging on the trays helps keep your valuables from crashing to the floor.

This storage tray shelf is ideal for the kitchen. The dining room is another viable alternative.

Small Item Display and Storage Shelf

Small Item Display and Storage Shelf

This thin wood storing shelf was fashioned to hold small vials of essential oils or nail polish. You can also use a shallow depth shelf to hold spices in your kitchen or small collectibles like coins, rocks, or figurines.

Brown espresso and white-washed finishes are your color options. The height of the first three shelves is 3.1 inches and the last shelf is just under 4 inches tall.

These wood shelves are great to place in any room in the house. You can also place one in your garage and store screw, nail, washer, nut, and bolt containers.

Three-tiered Rustic Floating Shelf

Three tiered Rustic Floating Shelf

Wooden shelves for storage aren't all versatile. Some shelves like the three-tiered rustic floating shelf are built specifically to store your barware.

Color options you can pick from are tan, brown, or grey. One shelf holds five wine or liquor bottles, one shelf sits flat items like cups and cocktail mixers, and the other shelf doubles up as a flat shelf on top and wine rack below.

Since the storage shelves are separate, you can configure the design however you like. Use this shelf above your home bar.

Bamboo Free-standing Storage Shelf

Bamboo Free standing Storage Shelf

So, bamboo isn't wood, but it sometimes gets categorized as such. Bamboo is woody grass that holds firmly as wood does. 

The bamboo shelf sits vertically and offers five slotted shelves to store whatever items you wish. The vertical build creates a small footprint leaving more open space on the floor.

The bamboo storage shelf can be placed in any room, but it is best suited for a bathroom or laundry room. Bamboo material calls out to classic oriental artists.

Durable Free-Standing Wood Storage Shelf

Durable Free Standing Wood Storage Shelf

Durable free-standing wooden shelves for storage are great for holding baskets, briefcases, suitcases, books, vases, frames, shoes, and heavier objects. The extra slats in the middle of each shelf accommodate 150 pounds overall.

There are also additional hangers on each side of this durable three-tier shelf to adjust for more storage. The shelf is almost completely made with acacia solid wood.

If you plan to use this durable shelf to store shoes it is best to place it near the front or back door, coat closet, or bedroom closet. For any other use feel free to move this shelf wherever you like.

Heavy-duty Steel Enforced Wood Storage Shelf

Heavy duty Steel Enforced Wood Storage Shelf

The heavy-duty steel-enforced wood storage shelf is the strongest compared to the other shelves listed here. Steel enforcement allows for this shelf to hold more than 1,000 pounds!

The 16-gauge steel frame is adjustable to make a wood-surfaced workbench. You can also adjust each shelf according to the height of the item you are storing.

The metal and wood combination is perfect for the industrial décor style. You can use the heavy-duty shelf in your garage, laundry room, or general storage room.

Wooden Board Wire-framed Storage Shelves

Wooden Board Wire framed Storage Shelves

A wooden base and wireframe edge are both practical and unique layouts. Industrial design followers tilt towards this type of storing shelf.

You can buy these shelves rectangular or circular. They come in a set of three and each shelf can hold approximately 12 pounds each.

Its built-in rail prevents items from slipping off the shelves. The medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and wire-framework shelving make it useful in any room.

Buyer's Guide for Wooden Shelves for Storage

Suspended, floating, corner, stair, and hanging shelves normally hold items that weigh less. Free-standing and built-in shelves typically hold the heaviest objects. If possible, figure out what items you want to store on a shelf before purchasing it. 

Wood shelves reinforced with a metal frame are usually stronger than wood material alone. If you plan to stack storage items, it is best to avoid a glass base.

Different types of wood can hold different amounts of weight. Moving from the woods that hold the most to the least amount of weight is hickory, yellow birch, white oak, ash, beech, walnut, red oak, cherry, and then elmwood.

For a multi-purpose wooden storage shelf, use the stair cubby for storage and a staircase to the second floor. Minimalists do this in tiny homes and smaller living spaces. Just make sure your wooden cubby staircase can hold your weight.

Use baskets and material foldable boxes to hide a cluttered storage shelf. Purchase a shelf without a front ledge if you plan on using the item stored more frequently -- it will be a lot easier to take the item on and off the shelf.

The ideal long-term garage storage shelf depth is 16 inches for large items and a 12-inch depth for smaller objects. Indoor shelving depth will depend on the items you store.

In Summary

The options are infinite for wooden shelves for storage. You can choose a storage shelf that doubles up as a display or a wooden shelf that hides your storage items.

Finding your perfect wooden storage shelf can be fun. Decide what type of shelf and storage weight you want, and you'll be ready to take home your wooden storage shelf.

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