15 Versatile And Fun Inflatable Outdoor Sofas

Expandable couches for outside are extremely adaptable, portable, and fun to use in any backyard or on a trip. On a camping trip or vacation, it's nice to share a couch with everyone or take up a solo comfy chair.

These inflatables don't have to be super uncomfortable either. Expandable loungers are either plastic for easy cleaning or coated with soft fabric, preventing you from sticking to them.

We're about to dive into 15 versatile and fun inflatable outdoor sofas. Follow along as we bring back the popular design from the '90s.

L-Shaped Inflatable Sectional Sofa

L Shaped Inflatable Sectional Sofa

The L-shaped inflatable sectional sofa holds four people comfortably and is a fashionable design and color to match anything. You can use this sofa in your permanent home, in a cabin, or on vacation.

With a waterproof-flocked top surface, you won't stick to the seat on hot days. They rest nicely in a corner or against a flat-surfaced wall and can hold up to 880 pounds.

This is the perfect designer or family couch that seats multiple people. Also, they are great at beach parties because of their vinyl-finished underneath.

Inflatable Love Seat For Two

Inflatable Love Seat For Two

Loveseats were named loveseats for a reason. The two-seater loveseat is perfect for outdoor date nights and camping trip weekends for two.

Not only do they have a beautiful design shape, but they also come with cup holders. The bubbled backing adds to the comfort of the water-proof inflatable sofa.

Made with thick and high-grade vinyl material, they are hard to tear and easy to clean. If for some reason it does tear, these inflatable loveseats come with vinyl repair patches.

Ergonomic Inflatable Outdoor Sofa Chair

Ergonomic Inflatable Outdoor Sofa Chair

So maybe you're a lone traveler or appreciate your personal space. If this describes you, then the two-toned ergonomic inflatable sofa chair is calling to you!

The rounded shape and armless sofa make for a simplistic appeal. You can choose from a multitude of two-toned colors: red and white, brown and black, and navy blue and black.

Both the sofa chair and footrest have a high-quality flocking surface making it extremely comfortable and non-stick. Take it with you on your next backpacking trip so on your breaks, you can prop your feet up and read a captivating book.

Easy Inflation Outdoor Lounger Couch

Easy Inflation Outdoor Lounger Couch

The easy inflation outdoor lounger couch requires neither a pump nor manual air forced through your lungs. Simply whisk it through the air and it pumps itself up.

It easily fits two people sitting side-by-side or one person laying down. The open mesh material located in the middle of the couch allows for better airflow which lets your skin breathe better and reduces sweating.

Bring this easy inflatable lounger couch to the park for your next afternoon meditation session. You could also bring it to the beach and get a great tan laying on it.

Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa And Mattress

Inflatable Pull Out Sofa And Mattress

The inflatable pull-out is both a chair for two and a mattress. Extra-wide openings improve the speed of inflating and deflating the outdoor sofa sleeper.

The waterproof flocked surface is soft enough to sleep on and tough enough to sit on outdoors. There are two convenient cup holders placed on each side of the couch in the armrests.

Inflatable outdoor pull-out sofas and mattresses are great to bring to drive-in movies giving you a place to set your soda. Curl up with a blanket and fold down into a bed for more comfort.

Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa Chair And Mattress

Inflatable Pull Out Sofa Chair And Mattress

Similar to the previous sofa sleeper, yet this one is a one-seater. The inflatable pull-out sofa chair and mattress come with just one cup holder.

You can purchase these solo outdoor chairs in pairs and each sofa chair can hold an adult up to 220 pounds. They also have soft flocked fabric for better comfort.

These inflatable chairs fold compactly, making them a great chair to bring to your kid's soccer game. Sit comfortable and sip on your beverage of choice as you watch your child demolish the other team!

Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

There is no difference between an inflatable lounger and an inflatable hammock. The inflatable lounger air sofa hammock is made with a unique patented anti-deflation design technology and goose-down insulation.

Whisk the inflatable through the air and watch it inflate itself. Stakes keep this inflatable secured to the ground on windy days. There is enough room for you and your bestie on a beach day!

It also offers a couple of side pouches to place your magazine, book, sunscreen, sunglasses, and cellphone. Choose between several colors: orange, yellow, red, purple, pink, green, brown, blue, or black.

Soft Rounded Edge Low-Back Outdoor Air Sofa

Soft Rounded Edge Low Back Outdoor Air Sofa

These comfy couches can be bought as a one-seater chair or two-to-three-seater sofa. They are made with PVC environmentally friendly and safe material.

You have the option between a khaki or royal blue color. It was smartly designed with an airbag that can be effortlessly separated from the sofa chair cover and cleaned after use.

The soft rounded outdoor air sofa gives a streamlined feel that's best suited for the minimalist or modern design style. Bring this soft outdoor sofa with you on your next family picnic!

Three Person Clear Inflatable Outdoor Sofa

Three Person Clear Inflatable Outdoor Sofa

When people hear someone say an inflatable sofa, they often picture a clear inflatable outdoor blow-up like this one. At 71 inches long, it seats three people and is family-friendly, and great for the pool.

This inflatable isn't as stylish as the flocked-fabric inflatable sofas, but it goes well with children. These inflatables will fly away easily on super windy days.

It is made with simple plastic and is best used on water surfaces. Since the plastic bottom isn't durable, try not to place it on hot concrete surfaces or rough wood decks that might melt or pop it.

Soft S-Shaped Lazy Inflatable Sofa Chair

Soft S Shaped Lazy Inflatable Sofa Chair

This is most likely the comfiest one-seater lazy inflatable sofa chair because of its S-shaped design. The ergonomic chair is environmentally friendly and is made of PVC.

Since the bottom material is made thicker, it's more wear-resistant better for rougher surfaces. The thicker bottom also adds extra weight which prevents the lounger from moving.

The flocking fabric is soft on your skin and its moisture-proof and dirt resistant features make them ideal for relaxing in your backyard. Chill out on this outdoor sofa as you watch your dogs chase each other.

Vinyl And I-Beam Inflatable Sofa And Mattress

Vinyl And I Beam Inflatable Sofa And Mattress

The vinyl and I-beam inflatable sofa and mattress don't separate the armrest from the back: it is all one rounded level piece. It comes with two cup holders on each side.

The I-beam construction prevents these inflatable couches from bending under body weight. These sofas have four different air chambers making them strong.

The inflatable couch folds out from the inside of the couch to make a bed. These are impeccably designed and are great for use in a tent or camping in general.

Bright-Colored Coil Beam Inflatable Sofa Bed

Bright Colored Coil Beam Inflatable Sofa Bed

The bright-colored coil beam-built sofa bed allows you to add more color and fun to all occasions. It has a comfortable flocked surface that won't cause your skin to stick to it.

These inflatable outdoor sofas can fit two adults happily. Coil beam construction gives these sofas a flexible surface to sit on.

Place a convertible sofa bed under a tree for much-needed shade at a music festival. Add a wooden serving tray to set your cold beverages down somewhere.

Elegant Wave Sleek Outdoor Sofa And Bed

Elegant Wave Sleek Outdoor Sofa And Bed

The elegant wave outdoor sofa and bed isn't made of leather, even though it looks like it could be. It's made of durable PVC material and is comfortable for people with minor back pain.

These sleek couches fold out externally and come with straps to prevent them from slipping. They sit two people and have a small footprint making them great for smaller outdoor balconies and patios.

This inflatable sofa bed is only sold in solid black. So, a word of advice, make sure this sofa stays in a shaded area because black materials don't mesh well with the sun.

Sophisticated Black Convertible Sofa And Bed

Sophisticated Black Convertible Sofa And Bed

This sophisticated black inflatable couch is like the last outdoor sofa mentioned except it doesn't have a neat wave design. These sofas give you the option to alternate the way you sit or lay down on them.

You can sit lower to the ground without armrests (recliner), lower with armrests (lounger), and higher off the ground. You can also lay on it elevated off the ground making it easier to stand up from the sofa bed.

Add this lovely black expandable couch around your pool or in your garden. Since it is black, make sure you have a lavish umbrella to give it some shade.

Outdoor Wingback Queen Air Mattress

Outdoor Wingback Queen Air Mattress

You might be thinking, this isn't an inflatable outdoor sofa, it's just an air mattress. Air mattresses with thick headboards can also be used as a couch.  

They come with built-in AC pumps, so no manual pumping is needed. It also comes with cup holders, storage buckets, and an LED light for reading and crossword puzzles when it gets dark.

Go camping and listen to some beats while comfortably sitting on this wingback Queen air mattress. On a rainy evening, sit on this mattress and play cards or board games inside your dry tent.

Buyer's Guide For Inflatable Outdoor Sofas

The strongest and more expensive inflatable outdoor sofas are made of polyvinyl chloride-coated vinyl or nylon. Keep this material in mind when shopping for your next blow-up couch.

As mentioned before, solid black expandable sofas can get hot under the sun's rays. To prevent this, keep your couch in the shade, add an umbrella, or buy a fitted light-colored couch cover to go over the top of it.

Inflatable sofas have a more informal appearance but some of them can still pull off a unique and elegant flair. These couches in general are lightweight and compact for easier storing.

Make sure to have stakes or weighted sandbags to keep your outdoor expandable furniture from dancing with the wind. Inflatable sofa's start lifting off the ground usually between 20 and 30 mph.

Most people associate inflatable sofas with the outdoors, but many people are using them indoors too. They are more affordable, portable, multi-functional, low-maintenance, and fun to own.

For a nice play on colors and textures, add a white or light grey inflatable sofa on top of a warm brown rattan weave area rug. The colors contrast nicely making your inflatable sofas more appealing.


Whoever said you can't bring back the '90s and make it look good? Inflatable outdoor sofas are the new in-style furniture design people are using both outdoors and indoors.

Whether you go with a large neutral sectional sofa or a fun colorful lounging hammock sofa, your versatile expandable will be brought up in many conversations to come. We hope you pick out the best one for you!

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.