15 Stylish And Practical Entryway Shoe Storage Solutions

Let's be honest, we're all partial to a shoe dump as soon as we get through the front door. I mean, there's something just so indescribably satisfying about kicking off your shoes after a long day, isn't there?

We often forget that entryways offer the first glimpse inside a home and the lifestyle of those that live there. It's every visitor's first impression of what lies beyond; it's also the last part of your abode that you see before you leave, and the first when you arrive. Not to mention, it's home to our most valuable everyday essentials - keys, coats, bags, wallets, mail, and shoes - lots of shoes!

So, it's easy to see how getting a rein on clutter and footwear heaps in your entryway could positively impact the flow of your day, reduce stress levels, increase punctuality and possibly even your overall happiness. Wide, narrow, dark or light, every entryway has style and shoe storage potential. So, let's get you on your way towards an organized and functional entryway ready to show off to everyone who comes knocking on your door.

Storage Idea

What is the best material for shoe storage?

The material of a shoe rack influences style, practicality and durability. Choose something suitable to your daily needs, that camouflages into your current decor. Some of the most common shoe storage materials include:

Wood: Robust and durable. Wood can be painted or left to be enjoyed in its natural state. Wooden furniture is versatile, diverse, and suits a wide range of interior decor, from Scandinavian to farmhouse, to art deco.

Plastic: Lightweight, cheap and easy to move around. Plastic furniture is not the strongest, most durable nor aesthetically pleasing option, in most cases.

Metal: Strong and heavy-wearing. Metal furniture often suits industrial, urban, contemporary or minimalist interior decor.

To determine the right size for your shoe rack, start by deciding where in your entryway you wish to place it. As a general rule, the nearer the door, the better, especially if you maintain a no-shoes-in-the-house rule.

Next, measure the height and width of the space where the storage unit will sit. Pay attention to any architectural details that may influence the depth.

Finally, consider how much shoe storage you need, as well as the size and type of the shoes you want to store. High heels and boots require more space than sneakers, for example. As a general rule, a depth of 13 inches will accommodate most shoes, and the 'average' pair of shoes occupies 9 inches of width. Bear in mind these calculations are averages and may not apply to someone who wears larger-than-average shoes!

Ready to get inspired? Here are 15 stylish and practical shoe storage solutions to get your entryway looking de-cluttered and reflecting the stylish and organized household that lies beyond it!

Industrial Style Shoe Storage Bench

Industrial Style Shoe Storage Bench

Style and function combinein this modern entryway shoe storage solution. The steel frame coupled with a manufactured wood seat suits a contemporary industrial decor. The slim and simple design allows for easy shoe access, with loose pull-out drawers for added storage versatility.

Use one of the drawers to store less space-consuming shoes such as flip-flops and slippers, or to stash winter accessories. If you have a dog, you could use the other drawer for leads, treats and toys.

Extendable Steel Shoe Rack

Extendable Steel Shoe Rack

Short on space? Even more reason to get your shoes organized! This modern, adjustable design is perfect for small spaces. The steel structure is strong, sturdy, easy to clean, and its simple design suits almost any interior style. The best part is that as the pile of shoes by your front door grows, so too can the extendable shoe rack! And, if your shoe addiction gets entirely out of control, you can simply purchase another one to place alongside it.

Put it in the hallway or inside a cupboard, out of sight. Make use of the space beneath the metal rack for additional space to organize your footwear and put an easy-cleaning rug underneath if you're worried about dirty shoes ruining the carpet!

Eco-Friendly Shoe Rack

Eco Friendly Shoe Rack

Looking for an eco-friendly shoe storage solution for your entryway? This three-tiered shoe rack is crafted from bamboo, a fast-growing, sustainable material, free from pesticides and fertilizers. It is a strong and lightweight material, making it easy to move around. Plus, its natural protective coating makes it naturally smooth and suitable for easy clean green living.

The use of natural materials combined with a simple design and soft curves, makes it fit for a contemporary or Scandinavian style entryway.

A shoe rack with a generous depth, like this one, is guaranteed to comfortably accommodate the shoes of every household member or guest.

Tall, Slim Open Shoe Storage

Tall, Slim Open Shoe Storage

Maximize vertical space whilst maintaining order and easy shoe access. This tall, slim shoe storage is ideal for large families, communal housing, or footwear fanatics comparable to Carrie Bradshaw. Crafted of composite woods withlaminate veneers, and a rich espresso finish, this shoe-organization station suits a variety of interiors, from mid-century modern to traditional.

Choose a finish that blends in with your scheme for a barely-there look. Keep the cubbies clean and maximize the product's lifespan by wiping them down with a clean, damp cloth, and drying them immediately, with another clean cloth.

Rustic Shoe Storage Bench

Rustic Shoe Storage Bench

Form and function effortlessly combine in this shoe storage-come-bench design, perfect for taking off your shoes in a mudroom or entryway. The open cubbies are backed with particle board to avoid shoes getting lost down the back. A drifted gray finish creates a rustic and well-worn look perfect for a country-side abode.

Pair the shoe storage bench with a matching wall mounted coat rack to keep your outerwear organized and to hand. Use any spare cubby holes for stashing blankets, accessories, mail, and other miscellaneous items.

Contemporary Two-Door Shoe Cabinet

Contemporary Two Door Shoe Cabinet

Prefer to keep shoes out of sight? This disguised two-door cabinet conceals four shelves for storingfootwear between use. The multifunctional piece also serves as a small console table to display decorative ornamental pieces, or a lamp to brighten up the hallway. It's sleek design and dark taupe wood finish creates a contemporary feel.

Protect the cabinets from moisture and other stains with a shelf liner and keep your kicks smelling fresh by placing an air freshener at the back of the cabinet. Sliced lemon or a jar of coffee beans are a natural alternative to diminish worn-shoe odor.

White Entryway Shoe Cubby Console

White Entryway Shoe Cubby Console

Get two for the price of one with this entryway shoe cubby console. White furniture is a great investment for your home as the neutral and versatilecolormeans it will blend in with almost any color scheme and decoration style. This is particularly handy if you like to play around with your home decor and wall color often! As well as providing multiple cubby holes for shoes, this clever design optimizes space with four larger cubbies for keeping other 'on-the-go' items to hand.

Find baskets to fit into the larger cubbies to declutter those target hallway 'drop zones'. Strategically placed baskets near the front door will encourage all household members to keep the entryway tidy. You could even take your organization to the next level by assigning one basket per family member!

Modern Farmhouse Shoe Cabinet

Modern Farmhouse Shoe Cabinet

Revamp your entryway with cozy farmhouse charm by opting for a more traditional shoe storage solution. The natural oak brown finish creates a lovely country-feel. Combining style and practicality, this discrete cabinet conceals three shelves to help you keep the hallway a shoe-free zone.

Whilst you don't want to clutter the console, as that would defeat the point of the organization exercise, you don't want it looking bare and soulless either. Complete the farmhouse look with simple and natural accessories such as a tray with a weathered finish or a seasonal floral arrangement.

Wide Mid-Century Modern Shoe Cabinet

Wide Mid Century Modern Shoe Cabinet

If your hallway is generously sized, opt for a wide, spacious cabinet that can double up as a console table. This sleek wooden cabinet, in a modern two-tone walnut brown and grey finish, is the perfect complement to a mid-century modern decor. The short angled legs lend a retro charm,while the cut-out handles create a contemporary look. This versatile design has both closed and open storage so you can keep your star-of-the-show shoes on display and the less flashy old trainers and slippers hidden in the cabinets.

If you have space, add a stylish bench or chair nearby, in matching tones, for a place to perch and slip your shoes on and off in comfort.

Gray Entryway Storage Bench for Boots & Shoes

Gray Entryway Storage Bench for Boots & Shoes

Whether you're a regular dog walker or a long boot lover,this contemporary shoe storage solution could be just the ticket. The design features small square cubbies for shoes and two tall shelves for boots and wellies. As you know, taking off long boots and wellies isn't always the easiest of feats, so a place to sit will do you a comfortable favor. The soft grey bench has a transitional design, blending elements of contemporary and traditional styles, to suit a wide range of interior decors.

Place the bench as close to the front door as possible to avoid leaving trails of mud through the entryway and add a cushion for a softer look and welcoming feel.

Vintage Style Hall Tree Shoe Storage

Vintage Style Hall Tree Shoe Storage

Fed up of seeing a pile of coats on the banister and tripping over footwear when you walk through the door? The next best thing to a closet, a hall tree is a stylish and multifunctional storage solution for outerwear, ideal for large entryways or mudrooms. It provides an easy and organized setup with cubbies for shoes, double prong hooks for coats, hats and scarves, and a bench to sit on or place bags. The traditional design with tapered legs and wood panel detailing in a black finish creates a vintage look, suitable for a more traditional aesthetic.

When choosing a hall tree, look for a size and design that suits all your storage needs and fits the entryway decor. Think about whether you would prefer cubbies or concealed shoe storage and how much outerwear you have, taking into account extra space for guests.

Coastal Style Shoe Storage with Drawers

Coastal Style Shoe Storage with Drawers

Make your hallway feel like summer year-round with this coastal style shoe storage bench. The soft blue and neutral tones, combined with a clean aesthetic and washed linen upholstery evokes a naturally beachy feel. Two spacious drawers and a basket provide an elegant solution to stow away shoes and other hallway clutter. The wide spacing makes for easy access to store your belongings, avoiding a frustrating game of shoe Tetris.This clever design includes a cushion with a removable cover for easy-cleaning and two hollow handles on either side of the seat, so it can be easily moved around.

If your shoe storage doesn't already come with them, consider placing rubber foot pads on the legs to protect your floor from being scratched.

Elegant Shoe Storage Ottoman Bench

Elegant Shoe Storage Ottoman Bench

Looking for an elegant shoe storage solution for a small entryway? Both fashionable and functional, this ottoman provides a charming space-saving solution to hide away your footwear. Lift off the top to reveal a pretty floral print lining with pockets to neatly organize your favorite shoes. Soft but durable, the circular ottoman is upholstered in a beige linen and polyester blend with a plush button-tufted top, for added comfort.

In most cases, one shoe cabinet won't be enough to hold all of your shoes. Organize your shoes according to use, keeping those you use on a daily basis to hand, along with slippers or indoor shoes, and your most elegant and least used footwear in the bedroom closet.

Space-Saving Wall-Mountable Shoe Storage

Space Saving Wall Mountable Shoe Storage

A shoe storage solution for even the narrowest of entryways. Slim and sleek, this white cabinet made of manufactured wood slots easily into any modern home decor. The two drawers open outwards with a magnetic locking mechanism designed to save space and create quick and easy footwear access.

If you really are short on space, opt for a cabinet that can be wall-mounted. Not only will this free up your limited floor space but it will also make the entryway feel lighter and more spacious.

Chic Louvered Shoe Cabinet

Chic Louvered Shoe Cabinet

Want to keep your shoes tucked away but concerned they won't have enough 'breathing' space? Try a shoe cabinet with louvred doors. This contemporary design conceals the shoes, whilst simultaneously allowing air to ventilate, preventing the stagnation of unpleasant worn-shoe odors. The spacious drawer, accented with inset paneling, provides additional storage for extra laces, a shoe cleaning kit, and other miscellaneous items.

If you're looking for the least intrusive shoe storage solution, opt for a closed shoe cabinet that camouflages into the rest of the furniture.

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