Floating Desk

One of the space-saving tricks that homeowners love, especially when they’re working with a limited space, is a floating desk. A floating wall desk is your easiest way of adding extra work surface to a room and it only takes a fraction of the floor space that’s occupied by traditional freestanding desks. What's more, its addition results in less visual clutter, which is as important as the space that you will save.

To help you choose the right wall mounted desk for your space, scroll down as this article will be a one-stop shop where you’ll find 10 of the best pieces we’ve found online, as well as a few buying tips.


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Floating Desk with Storage
Floating Desk with Storage The first one on our list is an all-time bestseller, the Prepac Floating Desk in white. Although it seems like a desk that has a limited use, don't be fooled as its simple design means it can be used by virtually anyone from creative artists and college students to household businesses! Despite its appearance, you'll be surprised at how durable and incredible it is at saving space. The unit also comes with a wire/cable management feature to keep your work surface as organized and neat as possible. For a quick and easy installation, the desk comes with Prepac’s innovative hanging rail system.
Minimal Floating Desk with Curved End
Minimal Floating Desk with Curved End I bet you didn't expect that a wall-mounted desk could look as sleek and modern as this Minimal Floating Desk! With its sexy silhouette, the only limit as to how you can use this product is your imagination! Its innovative design works in any room layout. It even has the ability to offer a sizable working space. The most notable aspect of this wall-mount fixture isn't its versatility as it can be used as an entertainment stand, display case or make-up vanity, but its ease of installation. Just screw the unit into a wall and voila! You got yourself a stylish work table.
Hardee Floating Desk
Hardee Floating Desk Who knew a desk's design could leave no footprint at all and still provide enough room for storage? That's exactly what the Hardee Floating Desk of Latitude Run has to offer. It's such a cool desk that it comes with an easy-glide drawer and multiple shelves, so your work materials are always close at hand. This will prevent you from cluttering your workspace. Its overall dimensions are 20'' H x 26'' W x 6'' D, so it’s a relatively big furniture piece. Fortunately, it isn't obtrusive.
Spacebox Dining Floating Desk
Spacebox Dining Floating Desk If you have a massive vertical wall space to fill, consider getting this contemporary Spacebox Dining Floating Desk from Connubia. The entire piece consists of six compartments and a desk for working, studying, and even eating! It's perfect regardless of the room it's added into, may it be your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. This floating desk is perfect for the display of knickknacks whether you are at work or not. If you're on the lookout for a floating wall desk that swings into action every single time you need a temporary lightweight surface for certain tasks, then this will be your best bet. We're sure it'll soon become the epicenter for doodling in your home!
Dowlen Floating Desk
Dowlen Floating Desk Keep it sleek and simple with this all-white wooden desk with a contemporary flair. It's the perfect stow-away with its compartments which can help you organize your goods and art supplies. When you have to work with a small space, a lean to zero footprint and clean lines are important, and this specific desk offers just that. The storage area underneath the desk can fit important papers, a keyboard, and a closed laptop. As it has a maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs, this desk can be anything you desire it to be!
Sequel Wall-Mounted Floating Desk
Sequel Wall-Mounted Floating Desk A masterpiece that fits both contemporary and traditional-styled spaces, this floating office desk from BDI definitely deserves your attention. It comes with a cable management feature and a table tray for the ultimate organization solution. Although it can give off some lovely classic vibes, its sleek silhouette and modern construction materials make the piece modern and glamorous. As a matter of fact, it's an office desk that can easily serve as your gorgeous vanity apart from acting as your personal home office.
Multifunctional Pill Fold-Out Convertible Wall-Mounted Desk
Multifunctional Pill Fold-Out Convertible Wall-Mounted Desk Multifunctional and stylish, this floating desk with storage by EMKO provides the "solution" to a cluttered living space while offering the most innovative way to create a compact work area. There's so much to love about this designer piece. For one, it can be easily installed at any height in order to suit your specific needs. As for its interior features, you will be able to store and display items of different sizes as this floating desk comes with adjustable shelves! Yes, you heard that right. Furthermore, its adaptable design allows you to use the additional work surface as a bar, bookshelf, and/or storage space!
Designer Floating Desk with Hutch
Designer Floating Desk with Hutch When in doubt, go for a floating desk from Prepac like this designer unit in white. It comes with a hutch, so you can easily outfit that massive empty space of yours. The set is a great option if you’re on the lookout for a floating computer desk. Its spacious work surface offers you with all the room you need to finish tasks while office essentials are stored right underneath and above the desk. You'll have so much storage space with this Prepac set to the point that you will no longer think of getting other furniture pieces for storage! As an added bonus, it’s one of the cheapest units on our top 10 list!
Minimal Floating Desk with Curved End
Minimal Floating Desk with Curved End It's rare for any durable piece of furniture with a 150-lb maximum weight capacity to be affordable. However, this desk has managed to offer that while striking a modern look at the same time. Orange22Modern's Minimal Floating Desk with Curved End sets up like a regular table without the legs that take up floor space.
At under 40" in width and with its solid construction, you're getting a good deal with this floating desk. It's compact, sturdy, and currently on sale, so hurry up to get one for yourself!
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Tips To Choose A Floating Desk

Whether you need a compact desk for working from home, a dedicated area for getting your paperwork and finances straight, or a place to do your nails and makeup, a floating desk makes a great, space-saving option. Here are our expert tips on choosing a floating desk for your home.

Floating desks come in a wide range of types and styles, so be sure to browse through all of your available options before settling on a particular type and style.

Hanging floating desks

Hanging floating desks are generally compact models that protrude just enough to accommodate your laptop. They are a useful addition to any room and can also be used for dining, holding drinks or for decorative items when you're not typing away.

As hanging floating desks don't have any legs, they give the impression of a more spacious room. While they are aesthetically pleasing and provide a handy place to set things down, if you are very short on space or need a larger working area, then you would be better considering a fold-away floating desk.

Fold-away floating desk

Fold-away floating desks provide excellent space-saving solutions for small homes. They also prevent the clutter and build-up that you tend to get with a traditional desk, for an optimized, streamlined workspace.

When you are choosing your fold-away floating desk, there are two distinct types to consider.

Drop leave style

Firstly, you have styles that work like traditional drop leaves; you drop down your working area that floats from the wall-mounted base.

This provides you with a compact desk, where you will be facing the wall. Often these units are fairly narrow, making them a good choice for small rooms that tend to get a lot of traffic, so you can still work away and have plenty of space for other people to pass.

Fold-out style

The second type of fold-away floating desk folds down into a larger, conventionally-sized desk with an end piece that serves as a support leg.

This makes for a larger, better supported workspace, which can also serve for other purposes such as dining or craftwork. You sit at a right angle to the base station and have a much larger desk surface area at your disposal.

However, while these floating desks fold away to just a few inches, when in use they can hamper circulation in very small homes.

Floating desks with storage

Whether you opt for a hanging floating desk or a fold-away one, choosing a floating desk with storage is a smart way to keep your home organized.

  • Shelves

    Even compact hanging desks are available with shelves, giving you a handy space to store paperwork and accessories. Fold-away models often come with shelves built into the wall unit for out-of-sight storage.

  • Hutch

    Some fold-down floating desks have a hutch section with a variety of different compartments into which you can organize your work or letter writing equipment, as well as file paperwork or store computer and electronic gadget accessories.

    As your desk conceals this area when it's not in use it makes for a neat and tidy finish, with no visible clutter. 

  • Cabinet

    Some more traditional-style floating desks resemble storage cabinets.

    They tend to be taller than hanging style models and often feature cabinets that are accessible even when your desk is not deployed. This makes this style of floating desk a great option for very small homes where you really need to maximize every inch of space.

Traditional wood, metal or even plastic, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each material that is used for floating desks.


By far the most popular choice, wood is a highly versatile material.

While solid wood tends to be more expensive, you can also find veneer wooden floating desks. Durable and natural, wood is a traditional choice. It can vary hugely in looks depending upon your choice of finish.

For low maintenance, choose a wooden floating desk that has been treated with an anti-stain finish.


Metal is another popular choice, in particular for compact fold down desks. Thanks to its strength, some of the most compact fold-away desks are metal, folding away to just several inches wide.

While metal is a durable, heavy-duty choice, always check the finish to ensure that you can easily wipe it clean without any danger of rusting. Also, bear in mind that large sheets of metal can be prone to denting, so if you need a large, solid workspace, you may prefer to opt for a wooden model.


Plastic floating desks add an extra touch of modernity, although they also look great paired with metal or wooden features.

Opt for a transparent acrylic floating desk for an ultra-modern look that will keep your room looking uncluttered and more spacious even when it's in use.

Bear in mind that if you opt for a transparent model you may wish to have the base or any storage parts in an opaque material to ensure that your clutter doesn't show through. 

Here are the styles of floating desks that you should focus on to complement your decor.


Look for a fold-down floating desk in an accent color as an interesting focal point on your wall. You could also choose a hanging model with clean lines and a streamlined finish.

Floating desks are ideally suited to modern interiors, if you're in doubt and have a neutral modern room, opt for a simple model with a gloss finish.


There are many beautiful wooden cabinet-style, drop-down floating desks that perfectly complement the elegance and comfort of a traditional home.

Opt for one with a rich wood finish or stain and plenty of storage space. While traditional-style models tend to be bulkier than modern versions, they do still save plenty of space when compared to regular desks.


Focus on the finish and looks when choosing a folding desk for your minimalist home.

Floating desks are a great choice as they won't detract from your pared-back, clean finish. Metal or plastic are good choices, although a wooden floating desk can also make an interesting focal point.

Choose models with interior storage or basic hanging models without shelves or any extra details.


If you have an industrial-style room, we recommend going for a wooden hanging floating desk with metal brackets.

These solid, rustic-looking floating desks also work well for dining solo or for drinks with friends. Otherwise, opt for a fold-away model for a larger workspace and more storage.

Natural wood and dark metal details will help to maintain the utilitarian theme running through your home.

Still having trouble choosing? Don't worry as the following buying tips will help you narrow down your options:

Room or Office Décor

A floating desk should blend with your office or room's décor if you won't be purchasing new furniture. Mixing wood finishes will get you a look that's pieced-together compared to a polished, professional style. Check whether your favorite desk from the list has a style and color that will coordinate with the items that you already have.


Remember that the volume of work and projects you take on will grow as you advance in your career, so plan for storage ahead of time. If you have lots of room nearby that you can allocate for a file system or additional shelves, then your desk can be a compact one with little to no storage compartments. However, you may need your desk for several tasks. In that case, you need a floating desk design that includes deep file drawers, a keyboard tray, and a shelving system. Remember that your wall mounted computer desk will become your display area apart from being your work surface. So, go for an additional hutch with various cubbies, open shelving, and corkboards for display and additional storage.

Also, make sure that everyday items can be accessed easily. A pencil drawer is the most basic feature of floating desks but you'll need easy access to a couple more tools. It would make sense to have the items you frequently need both visible and accessible.

Type and Size

There are various types of floating wall desks. From the list above, it's apparent that your most common options are straight floating tables and corner units. The type that's best for you will depend on your needs, the size you can allocate for the new room addition, and your budget. It's important that you don't get a large floating desk if you don't have enough room for it. The most common mistakes people make when getting floating desks are overestimating their space's size and underestimating their chosen desk's size. As the desk comes in, they're shocked as it seems like the desk is on steroids!

When you're searching for the best floating desk, consider the following points:

Straight desks are rectangular in shape and anchored to walls for stability and durability. The amount of paperwork and they can store will depend on the number of storage compartments added to the units. They're convenient as they take little floor space. If you go for this type of floating desk, make sure you check the unit's dimensions as this type of floating desk comes in many different sizes.

Corner desks are great for saving room as they fit into virtually any corner. They're ideal for small offices and home environments. This particular type is favored by most people as the work area is concentrated, leaving the rest of a specific space free of furniture.