Decorative Wheelbarrow Planter

Many homeowners today are starting to see the value of decorating their outdoors. Landscaping has become an important part of this. Adding a garden to your property and a few planters can definitely revamp your landscape. But instead of using the average planters for this, you can choose to use creative decorative wheelbarrow planter designs that deliver style and functionality at the same time. You can make your own decorative wheelbarrow planters from scratch. However, it’s advised to buy readymade planters too.

What to Look for in Decorative Wheelbarrow Planters

Before you decide to buy a decorative wheelbarrow planter you may want to consider a few important factors. First, the style is very important. The wheelbarrow is not just supposed to be a space for planting. It’s supposed to also play a part in revamping your landscape. Going for a boring average style will not work. You need to pick something more stylish and unique. Antique wheelbarrow designs custom made just for you should really do. The size matters too. You need to pick a wheelbarrow planter that’s not too big to clutter your yard or too small to fit a good number of plants. Finally, consider the type of material. Traditional wheelbarrows are metallic. But you will also find wooden designs custom made for your garden. Metallic designs offer more durability. Wood, on the other hand, has its charm and can be easily customized to deliver the perfect results. In case you live in a place with tough weather, you may consider metal.

How to Decorate the Wheelbarrow Planter

The rule of thumb is to make the wheelbarrow as colorful as possible. It’s likely that the planters will be set on a background of lush green. Bright colors will really blend well with such a background. You can add your own creative touches too to make your wheelbarrow more appealing. For instance, try to play around with the wheel. Old vintage style wheels are highly recommended. Don’t overcrowd the wheelbarrow. You want it to be visible in order to get the best results. Mix up the plants on the wheelbarrow too. Brightly colored flowering plants should do the magic. In case you are in the market for a custom-made decorative wheelbarrow planter, we have a few product suggestions that might just work for your landscape.


Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Leigh Country Char-log Pine Wheelbarrow Planter
Leigh Country Char-log Pine Wheelbarrow Planter The Leigh Country Char-log Pine Wheelbarrow Planter is a classic and sophisticated design that can be used to grow several delicate plants. The wheelbarrow is rectangular in shape and it’s made from high-quality pine. The warm brown finish will easily complement any landscape including your garden. It also has a vintage style wheel on the front to add to its class.
Play and Hearth Wood Wheelbarrow Planter
Play and Hearth Wood Wheelbarrow Planter This simple wheelbarrow planter is also 100% wood. Its rustic design with a vintage style wheel makes it perfect for your backyard. For the perfect results, try to use two wheelbarrows, one small and the other large. The Play and Hearth Wood Wheelbarrow Planter is ideal in an urban setting where you may be limited in terms of space.
Southern Pine Wheelbarrow Planter
Southern Pine Wheelbarrow Planter If you are thinking of creating the perfect decorative focal point for your landscape and revamping your outdoor living experience, this is the wheelbarrow to go for. The wheelbarrow can be used for two distinct functions. You can use it as a planter or as a shelf for other smaller planters. Either way, it will deliver outstanding beauty on your property.
Fir Wheelbarrow Planter
Fir Wheelbarrow Planter The Fir Wheelbarrow Planter is simply a bundle of charm. You can use it for different kinds of plants. The antique looking fir wood cart is complimented with an antique style metal wheel. The dark brown finish is also spectacular. The wheelbarrow is big enough to accommodate many plants.
Oakland Living Cedar Wheelbarrow Planter
Oakland Living Cedar Wheelbarrow Planter This design is relatively unconventional from normal wheelbarrows. First, it has two large wheels. It’s a flower garden wagon with a meshed base and an open wooden frame. The wheelbarrow is quite stylish and it’s the perfect addition to any outdoor setting. The Oakland Living Cedar Wheelbarrow Planter is also taller compared to many other wheelbarrows. This makes it a stand out object in any landscape, patio, or garden.
Goat Steel Wheelbarrow Planter
Goat Steel Wheelbarrow Planter The Goat Steel Wheelbarrow Planter is also another unique design that features a steel goat and a small steel wheelbarrow cart. Think of it as a horse pulling a cart only that this time the goat is the horse and the wheelbarrow is the cart. The steel can be painted in various colors too.
Wood Wheelbarrow Planter
Wood Wheelbarrow Planter This Wood Wheelbarrow Planter is an aged design that really takes you back centuries. The design is quite basic but very unique too. The wheelbarrow also features two chambers that can be used as planters. It also has two ceremonial wheels. Although you can decorate the wheelbarrow the way you want, its unique rugged finish is always ideal.
Steel Wheelbarrow Planter
Steel Wheelbarrow Planter This Steel Wheelbarrow Planter is designed with class in mind. It’s not really your traditional wheelbarrow but it still has two basic wheels and a house like structure. The wheelbarrow is ideally used as a vase to hold outdoor flowers and not necessarily as a planter. However, it’s still magical regardless of how you use it.
Besancon Rustic Metal Wheelbarrow Planter
Besancon Rustic Metal Wheelbarrow Planter The Besancon Rustic Metal Wheelbarrow planter features a wagon shaped design with a unique faucet handle. The silver finish with four silver wheels make it one of the most unique planters in this list. The planter is also oval shaped and is ideally used for flowers and other brightly colored plants.
Shanda Metal Wheelbarrow Planter with Trellis
Shanda Metal Wheelbarrow Planter with Trellis The Shanda Metal Wheelbarrow Planter with Trellis is also another creative vintage style design that resembles a bicycle. The design features two plant pots, one on the back and the other on the front. Its large sized front wheel with detailed finishing is also a key feature. You can use the back wheel planter to grow plants with the front wheel option being used as a vase.
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Tips To Choose Lawn And Garden Accents

Lawn and garden accents can give your garden an identity and style that would otherwise not be there. They can also be used to liven up dull and boring areas, and to draw attention to particular aspects of the garden. We hope our tips below will make your search for the perfect lawn and garden accents much easier.

The myriad of lawn and garden accents on the market can be bewildering, so let's start by laying down some general principles.

  • The first is that your lawn and garden accents should reflect your own personality and the style of your home. If you don't like formal sculptures in your home, there's no reason you will like them in your garden. If you have a playful, artistic personality rather opt for a couple of lovely wind chimes, garden gnomes, and fountains.  

  • Secondly, the lawn and garden accents you buy should match the style and ambiance of your garden. If you have a very formal garden with neatly trimmed edges, adding gnomes and fairies might not be the best idea. Mosaics, fountains and statues will most likely look more at home.

  • The colors of your lawn and garden accents should blend in with the colors of your existing garden. Of course, that doesn't mean they should always be the same color. You don't want to surround a green lawn with little sculptures of equally green frogs. Use a mix of similar and complementary colors to create variety and to keep things interesting.

Strong garden accents like obelisks, urns and sculptures can be used to draw a visitor's attention along a specific path or line, in the process creating the illusion of a longer space. This is an easy way to make small gardens appear bigger. It can also be used to create an interesting view where there otherwise isn't much to see.

If you are buying lawn and garden accents for the first time, opting for something that will not be difficult to move later is a good idea. The reason is that a week or two down the line you might decide that beautiful wind chime will look better on the other side of the lawn. Choosing easily movable decorations will allow you to try them out in a couple of different spots before deciding on the final location.

Secondly, as you buy new accents you might want to move one or more of the old ones to a new spot. And finally, what looks good in a specific spot during spring or summer, might not look so good during autumn or winter.

Water features are not only beautiful and calming in any garden, but they also serve a dual purpose: they attract wildlife to your garden. Birdbaths, fountains and even ponds form a source of water for not only frogs, but also birds and insects such as pollinators.

You could also add one or more birdhouses in your garden. These are not only calming and extremely interesting, but it's also an educational experience to watch parent birds raise their offspring. And during winter storms birds will be able to use the birdhouse as a shelter.

There is no universal answer to this question. It depends on various factors, including:

  • The style of your home and garden. If you have a cottage-style home with a quaint country-style garden, wooden accents would certainly look nice. So would antique-looking copper or brass accents. Just remember that wood does require periodic treating and/or painting.

    A more modern home and garden could get away with a couple of plastic accents without looking kitsch. In this regard think of something like a rain gauge featuring a green frog with a red umbrella. In the right surroundings this will look modern and playful, but in the formal garden of an historical manor it will simply look out of place.

  • Durability. As mentioned above, wooden accents give a beautiful artistic appearance to your garden, but they are certainly not as durable as e.g. stainless steel accents. Glass creates a stylish, modern appearance, but as is the case with wood its lifespan is undoubtedly shorter.

    For birdbaths, fountains etc. stone or cement remain old favorites because they last nearly forever and against the right background they can be quite beautiful, e.g. surrounded by lush greenery.

  • Maintenance requirements. If you are not the type of person who has the time or the inclination to regularly spend long hours maintaining your lawn and garden accents, wood might not be your best choice. It has to be treated and/or painted on a regular basis, which is a time-consuming job. Metal, glass, stone and cement accents require much less maintenance.

If your garden has a specific theme, it makes sense to buy lawn and garden accents that fit into this theme. Theme gardens are one-of-a-kind places where all the various parts support one single purpose. All the plants fit into that particular theme, and all accents and accessories (including containers and plant supports) should generally speaking also fit the theme.

Traditional examples of theme gardens include vegetable and herb gardens. More modern versions often include fairly exotic options such as nautical gardens and fairy gardens.

If you have such a garden it makes sense to purchase lawn and garden accessories that continue this theme. For a nautical-themed garden, suitable accessories could, for example, include a decorative garden lighthouse lantern or a mermaid kisses garden sign. For a fairy garden accents such as a fishing fairy boy will undoubtedly pique the interest of nearly every visitor.

The bottom line is that your lawn and garden accents should be as unique as you, and as such they should say something about who and what you are, about your interests and also about your dreams.