Corner Plant Stand

A corner plant stand is designed to fit snugly where two walls meet. They provide an attractive way to utilize space without becoming a traffic flow problem. There are several different sizes and styles to keep in proportion with a room's furnishings, adding to the aesthetic appeal. Triangular plant stands can be short, tall, or be outlined with ornate decorations.

What should you look for in corner plant stands?

Plant stands are mainly used for displaying plants. If this is your plan, the location should be based on the amount of natural light that falls within a corner. A corner plant stand can also be used for decorative items or books. Know what type of content you wish to display with your new corner addition before making a purchase.

Wood corner stands add warmth to a living area with different types of wood. Multi-tiered plant stands can be found from 24" to 59" in height and cover 16" to 34" corner width. Oak, maple, walnut or pine is good quality woods to look for in corner plant stands. Painted versions are also popular with contemporary styles or kid's rooms.

Metal and glass create a sophisticated modern or industrial look for use in a corner of a living area. A four or five tier steel ladder corner plant stand presents several uses besides just plants.

Weather-resistant corner plant stands keep plants out of the way on patios and porches. Made of solid wood or wood composites and plastics, they lend a graceful appearance to any outdoor sitting area. Regardless of your home's need for a corner plant stand, there are numerous choices for indoor and outdoor stands. Consider your home's design and how a corner plant stand can illuminate your décor with the hundreds of styles available today.

A piece of furniture that has three legs must be sturdy and balanced. A wobbly corner plant stand will cause spills and possible collapse. Check the weight capacity and be sure it can hold the weight of a plant filled with water with ease.

Plain, flashy or natural in design, a corner plant stand can bring a new look and design to your home's existing corners for an upbeat look.


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Mosaic Plant Stand
Mosaic Plant Stand Mosaic filled tiers of three will fill any corner with a natural grace in any patio, sunroom or office. Each layered shelf is made of black powder-coated steel with mosaic tiled tiers for an embellished look that is durable and stylish. The bottom rounded shelf is 50" wide, the middle tier 34" and the top is 18" wide with a weight capacity of 30 to 70 pounds.
Bookcase Plant Stand
Bookcase Plant Stand A high corner plant stand gives you options of an attractive plant display or to use as a bookcase for holding special novels or trinkets. Measuring 49.25" tall and 13.38" inches wide, this steel bookcase/plant holder has fan shelves classic and contemporary charm to any corner that needs distinction.
Rusty Orange Corner Stand
Rusty Orange Corner Stand This sweetheart of a corner stand has a rusty orange steel frame for blending into country décor. Curled wire around the four shelves adds a romantic flair and breathable iron shelf bottoms are perfect for plants. Standing nearly 60" tall, the silhouette of a Tuscan countryside is created. Weighing a mere 12 pounds, this plant corner stand can be easily moved.
Manufactured Wood Corner Stand
Manufactured Wood Corner Stand Casual and cool is a good way to describe this multifunctional 5-tier corner plant stand. Made of metal and manufactured wood, it has a weight capacity of 20 pounds. Sturdy tubes hold wooden fan shelving that lets you create a centerpiece of your favorite plants. A great addition for retro, urban industrial or contemporary decors, this corner stand is 70" tall and scratch resistant for years of wear.
Marble Plant Stand
Marble Plant Stand Add sophistication to your living area with this brushed-silver corner plant stand with a white marble top. 23 inches tall by 8 inches wide and 8 inches deep, this charming table will show off your prized floral arrangement with the honor it deserves. Feet are padded to protect floor coverings and the marble top is authentic, showing the high quality of this piece.
White Bamboo Plant Stand
White Bamboo Plant Stand A spot of sunshine can fill a corner with this clean-lined slatted white corner plant stand. Solid bamboo wood provides stability for adding plants or knickknacks. Your farmhouse or traditional home design will accept the 58" tall, 5-shelf eco-friendly stand for placement in any room with grace. Taking up less than a foot of floor space, it makes the perfect complement to modern decors.
Teak Oil Finish Plant Stand
Teak Oil Finish Plant Stand A simple solution to plant placement, this 3-tiered slatted corner plant stand is natural in presence and sturdy for plants. Made of solid wood and finished with teak oil, it is suitable to use indoors or out. Measuring 36"H x 34"L x 17"D, it is accepting to any small space that deserves a touch of colorful flowers in a natural environment.
Solid Wood Plant Stand
Solid Wood Plant Stand Modern industrial and contemporary decors will love this solid wood triangular plant stand. Available in black or white, it is solid wood and comes with a generous warranty. The 16" base rises to a 6.3" top with five shelves leading the way. Each shelf provides 9.4" of clearance for plant placement or picture frames. Comfortable, yet refined, this stand can easily manipulate into different decors.
Dark Walnut Plant Stand
Dark Walnut Plant Stand For the vintage or chic lover, this darling 3-tier corner plant stand is a time-stopping beauty with a modern look. Black iron legs with classic ornate balls hold up three levels of fan-shaped walnut look particle board shelving for displaying plants. This stand can be used in conjunction with more levels. The 3-tier stand measures 11.6" x 11.6" x 29.5".
Black Metal Plant Stand
Black Metal Plant Stand Timeless sculpted black metal puts your plants on center stage with curved unshakeable quality. The bottom rounded level provides 24" of room with a weight capacity of 22 pounds. Two smaller levels round out this classic stair step design. A perfect addition for patios or sun rooms, this quality corner plant stand allows you to share many favorite potted plants.