9 Unknown Benefits Of A Laptop Stand For Bed

Let us guess: you decided to work from your bed because you thought it would be comfier, but you're now battling with back and neck pain, muscle fatigue, or perhaps even eye strain… almost every day.

Don't worry: it's not just you! It's actually pretty typical if you keep the laptop on your lap (the irony!).

If you want to be part of the working-in-pajamas squad, you need to get a laptop stand for bed.

Still not sure?

Here are 9 benefits of a laptop stand for bed, both for you and the laptop itself.

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Standing Laptop Holder
Standing Laptop Holder

A laptop stand for bed prevents you from slouching and, consequently, avoids back and neck problems

We can't help it. No matter how many times we promise ourselves that we're not going to slouch, we unintentionally end up changing our posture when keeping the laptop on our legs.

But did you know that a seemingly innocuous 15-degree bend means that your neck has to support more than double the weight of your head, taking it from an average of 12 pounds to around 27?

  • By bringing the screen to your eye level and offering a better position for the keyboard and mouse, a laptop stand for bed helps you maintain a correct posture, especially when you pair it up with a few pillows behind your lower back and one under your knees;
  • Because you will no longer be forced to tilt your head involuntarily, you won't experience any of the typical back and neck problems that can arise when placing the screen at a lower position than your eyes.

It also offers an ergonomic approach

Laptop stands aren't a strict, limiting solution:

  • Because they're usually height adjustable, they will allow you to find the perfect angle for your height and posture;
  • Most models include additional features such as a swivel or a tilting surface, so it won't be hard to find the right one for your work position.
Adjustable Cooling Laptop Stand
Laptop Stand On Wheels
Height Adjustable Laptop Cart
Adjustable Laptop Stand
Bamboo Laptop Bed Tray
Laptop Table For Bed

No stiff, painful wrists

Do you feel an inexplicable wrist pain after working on your laptop for hours? You're not alone:

  • Laptops aren't exactly designed with comfortable typing in mind, but the situation gets even worse when you place them on your lap in bed;
  • With your hands at a 45-degree angle, you'll keep hitting the lower part of your wrists against the laptop frame, which can lead to numbness, pain or, in the worst cases, carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Instead of applying such an uncomfortable amount of pressure, a laptop stand for bed allows you to align your arms, forearms and hands with the keyboard, especially when you use a separate one.

This also makes for easier typing

As well as avoiding pain, this obviously makes it easier to type, too:

  • You can easily find the perfect position by tilting your laptop stand;
  • Alternatively, if you spend a lot of time typing, you might want to consider connecting a separate keyboard;
  • Many laptop stands for bed offer practical keyboard solutions, such as dual rise models to slide it beneath the laptop.
Laptop Bed Tray With Storage Drawer
Laptop Bed Tray With Storage Drawer

You won't get eye strains so frequently

As we mentioned earlier, a laptop stand for bed means that the screen will be at your eye level. Great news: thanks to this change, you're unlikely to strain your eyes!

  • The direction and intensity of the light can affect your eyes and lead to pain, discomfort or headaches;
  • A laptop stand makes it easier to find the perfect balance for you: just make sure you add an optimal source of light, like an adjustable lamp with white LED bulbs.

They can reduce headaches and dizziness

It shouldn't come as a surprise that you're less likely to get headaches and feel dizzy when working from a laptop placed on a stand:

  • After all, you won't have to keep moving your head up and down nor deal with strained eyes;
  • Plus, you'll also maintain a position that facilitates digestion. Double win!
Laptop Stand With Mouse Pad
Laptop Stand With Mouse Pad

This will also increase your productivity

We believe there are two main reasons why laptop stands for bed can enhance productivity:

  • First of all, it's thanks to their health benefits: when you don't have to deal with muscle fatigue, wrist pain or eye strain, it's easier to stay focused on what you're working on;
  • Secondly, your brain might immediately associate your bed with sleeping or watching movies on your laptop. Adding a separate desk-like element can help you switch to work-mode more quickly.

A laptop stand for bed stops the laptop from overheating

No, you're not imagining things: your laptop isn't as efficient when you use it in bed!

  • This is because the surface of your blanket or bedsheets blocks its fan, causing it to overheat;
  • The laptop gets slower, the battery drains faster, and some internal components could even get seriously damaged (yep, data loss is a possibility).

Finally, it saves you space and money

Health and laptop perks aside, don't forget about this practical benefit of laptop stands for bed:

  • Allowing you to work directly from the bed (or any other part of the house, for that matter), they mean that there's no need to invest in a separate desk;
  • No matter how small your bedroom feels, you'll have your own office space (#LikeABoss).
Working On A Laptop In Bed
Working On A Laptop In Bed

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