6 Loft Bed Ideas To Upgrade Your Kids Bedroom

Loft beds are some of our favorite space-optimizing solutions, but even more so when it comes to kids' bedrooms.

After all, saving so much room means a much wider play area for them!

Not only that, but your new loft bed itself can have a huge role in both their playtime and development.

From a full size loft bed with desk to designs featuring fun slides, let's help you find the right style loft bed with these fantastic ideas that combine creativity and practicality.

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Loft bed with a secret hideout and slide

Castle Twin Low Loft Bed
Castle Twin Low Loft Bed

If you have very young children, you're about to make their whole year with this gift:

  • A loft bed with a secret hideout is more than an additional play area: it creates a special safe space that's just theirs. No adults allowed (especially since they'd probably find it quite hard to fit down there!);
  • This effect can easily be achieved by choosing a loft bed with some curtains that hide its bottom area;
  • This type of bed will also allow you to introduce another fun decorative element: are you going to opt for curtains with a castle scene or something else entirely? Think of what characters and situations your kids love and surprise them with that design;
  • Finally, the cherry on top of this loft bed is the slide, taking fun to another level (literally).

Loft bed with a relaxing space

Silver Twin Low Loft Bed
Silver Twin Low Loft Bed

Maybe your kids already have plenty of things to play with but, what they lack, is a special area to relax? If that's the case, you can easily create a space for them to switch off from the adult world:

  • Start by choosing a simple, streamlined loft bed design that leaves them plenty of room underneath;
  • Then add a seating solution: it could be a soft bean bag, a comfy armchair, or even a bench;
  • This type of loft bed style also gives you the opportunity to decorate the wall underneath the mattress, perhaps by putting up their drawings or adding a shelf with books.

Minimalist full size loft bed with desk

Twin Loft Bed With Desk And Shelves
Twin Loft Bed With Desk And Shelves

Have you got older kids who've started dealing with homework? Not only is this a practical solution, but one that will grow with them for years:

  • A full size loft bed with desk turns its bottom part into their special little studying or drawing area;
  • It will help them concentrate on their homework without distractions, and you can even make it more appealing by adding a few pictures on the wall;
  • When opting for a minimalist and streamlined design, you'll also get a functional piece that will make the room feel airier, no matter how small it is.

Loft bed with full storage

Twin Low Loft Bed
Twin Low Loft Bed

Have your children already got so many toys and items of clothing that you can never keep their bedroom tidy? You're in for a treat:

  • Many loft beds come with practical storage options and the best thing is that there are several different alternatives;
  • If you mainly need to store clothes, you should look for models with a wardrobe underneath;
  • Toys and other accessories? Stick to spacious drawers;
  • Both? Not a problem. Many loft beds offer a combination of drawers, wardrobes and cabinets.

Coastal loft bed with desk and storage

Coastal Kids Bedroom Design
Coastal Kids Bedroom Design

If you liked the sound of both a full size loft bed with desk and one with storage, relax: you can have both!

  • Even though it sounds too good to be true, you can actually get three birds with one stone, creating a sleeping area, a separate work area, and some storage space with the same unit;
  • These are obviously available in a wide variety of designs but, if you have some little future sailors or pirates at home, you should definitely consider a coastal theme;
  • You could look for a versatile white design and reinforce it with navy blue or red bedsheets, maritime prints, cushions, and sea-related cuddly toys;
  • Why not top it off by adding an adorable nautical lantern to their desk?

Loft bed with TV

Kids Bedroom Design
Kids Bedroom Design

This is a fantastic solution both for kids and… adults who're tired of hearing the same Disney songs twenty times a day (shhh, we won't tell them):

  • If you've already placed a wardrobe or a desk in their room, you could consider turning the space underneath the bed into their own little cinema;
  • All you need to do is add a small cabinet or stand, a TV and a couple of chairs;
  • As well as being an easy way for an only child to entertain themselves when you're busy, it's an exciting place to showcase to their friends when they come over.

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