5 Expert Tips To Choose Toddler & Kids Chairs & Seating

Sometimes you might feel like their batteries never run out, but trust us: the most energetic little devils need to rest too, at some point! Even if it's just to take a short break before embarking on the next adventure. What better way to accommodate this - or desperately encourage it - than to choose a toddler & kids chair & seating that's perfect for them?

To find the right model for your little one without bringing any hazards into their room and ensuring that it looks cohesive with the rest of the furniture, follow our expert tips. Take a seat, and let's get cracking!

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Tip 1. What are the advantages of adding a toddler & kids chair & seating to their room?

When added to your little ones' room, seating takes on a different function than, say, the chair by your work desk.

  • Toddler & kids chairs & seating allow your little ones to combine play and rest time in a spontaneous way: not as drastic as interrupting it altogether to take a nap in their bed, but still an upgraded break than just sitting on the floor;

  • They help you create a comfortable and safe space where they can entertain themselves for hours;

  • They allow them to feel like a grown-up from time to time, simply by sitting on a chair that is proportional to their height and size.

Tip 2. What type of toddler & kids chairs & seating is right for them?

Toddler & kids chairs & seating come in just as many designs as their grown-up counterparts, although in smaller sizes and much brighter colors (we're a bit jealous, truth be told).

Having a more specific idea of what type of seating you're after before you start browsing can help you find the right model more easily, without wasting time looking at chairs that wouldn't really work for your kid.

These are the main kids seating options that you can choose from depending on what you want to prioritize:

  • Chair: classic and versatile, you can find traditional chairs for any age-group, from the smaller and softer animal-shaped designs for the youngest ones, to comfy armchair-shaped models or chairs that look just like their parents' (the best match for kids who enjoy doing whatever mummy, daddy and their siblings do);
Purple Kids Recliner Chair with Cup Holder
Kids Faux Leather Chair
Floral Kids Club Chair
Comfy Personalized Kids Chair in Grey
Plush Faux Fur Kids Chair in Green
  • Stool: this is a practical space-optimizing seating option that will avoid making the smallest bedrooms feel even more crowded; because of the missing back, we only recommend them for kids who can already sit down comfortably, without needing to lean against it;

  • Ottoman: similar to stools but much softer, this upholstered model is a great choice for the most playful kids who could do with something to crash onto in between games;

Pink Pig Kids Stool
Classic Red Childrens Stool
Sheep Kids Wooden Stool
Storage Kids Ottoman in White
Dog Covered Storage Kids Ottoman
Pink Pouf Ottoman for Kids
  • Sofa: this is an adorable decorative choice for any age, and perfect for them to sit down with their favorite stuffed animal or, if the room's layout allows for a larger model, with you or a little friend;

  • Bench: ideal to fit a few toys when they're not sitting on it, a bench is particularly useful when it offers some additional storage space or if you're looking for a seating solution for two kids.

Brown Faux Leather Kids Sofa
Blue Shoe Kids Bench with Storage
Brown Suede Kids Sofa
Upholstered Kids Velvet Bench in Pink
Kids Sofa and Ottoman in Blue
Pink Kids Bench with Storage
White Wood Classic Kids Rocking Chair
Rustic PInk Wood Kids Chair
Upholstered Kids Chair in Blue
Upholstered Kids Chair and Ottoman in Brown
Plush Faux Fur and Metal Kids Chair
mint Metal Kids Chair
Adjustable Folding Kids Chair in Blue
Pink Small Kids Club Chair
Mid-Century Kids Chair and Ottoman with Storage
Plush Puppy Faux Fur Kids Chair
Safe Wood Kids Chair in Grey
Small Kids Chair for Baby

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