5 Expert Tips To Choose A TV Stand

TV stands matter a lot when it comes to pleasant and comfortable television watching. They contribute to the TV viewing experience as much as the TV itself, making it more or less enjoyable.

A simple example is the height of the TV stand. If it offers a viewing angle above the eye level, you will have a stiff neck, or worse, cervical spondylosis within no time. And if that angle is below eye level, nothing can save you from developing a hunch, neck pain, and improper sitting posture.

Unfortunately, the importance of a well-designed TV console is often overlooked while making a purchase. If you are about to buy a new TV stand, don't make that mistake. Follow the tips given here for a well-performing TV stand, not just a good-looking one. 

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What Should You Consider While Choosing a TV Stand?

When choosing a TV stand, these are the main touch-points:

  • Your TV stand should blend harmoniously with the room décor. You would certainly not want a unit that makes a jarring contrast with your sofa, curtains, or wall color. Next, your TV console should align with the other furniture pieces in terms of material and styling. In short, it should look as if you bought the TV set along with the other furniture, not separately.
  • Be mindful of the material. The most tried-and-tested materials are wood, processed wood, and metal. Don't experiment with any other fancy materials that might pose a risk to your television set.

    • Wood offers you the benefits of a wide range of natural textures that will not only enhance but add to the elegance and charm of the room. It is one of the sturdiest furniture materials, and most importantly, it is non-conductive of electrical current.
    • Processed wood such as hardboard and planks are more affordable than natural wood, but their strength is less.
    • Metal, too, is an affordable option to wood with many surface coating and painting options. Wrought iron, stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum, and other types are trending in the market.
  • Check for storage space. This is particularly important if you have a compact home and need your furniture to double up as storage units. TV stands with bottom cabinets serve this purpose well.
  • Does the TV stand have shelves? They offer you display areas for your decor items and other display objects. It can also serve as a bookstand.

Apart from these check-points, do look for the structural strength, joint strength, and finishing quality of the TV stand. It is going to face significant wear-and-tear and rough use, especially if your children can be a bit naughty and you have pets running around. For this reason, your TV stand should be solidly built, and the finishing should be long-lasting. Some good finishing options are spray paint, and lacquer, French varnish, stain, or PU coating. They are scratch-resistant, waterproof, and long-lasting.

White Metal Open Shelving TV Stand
White Walnut Manufactured Wood TV Stand
Yellow Manufactured Wood TV Stand
Natural Solid Wood Metal TV Stand
Brown Walnut Manufactured Wood TV Stand
Brown Solid Manufactured Wood TV Stand

What Types and Styles Of TV Stands Are There?

Standard TV stands

This style is characterized by medium-to-low height units of solid cabinets or units standing on legs. The material is almost always wood or a combination of wood and processed wood. The TV is positioned on the stand-top.

Interestingly, some designs do not house the TV; instead, the TV is mounted on the wall above the TV console, while the cabinet acts as a storage and display unit with a mix of drawers, open shelves, and glass-door cabins.

Within the standard type of TV sets, the barn style is trending because of its rustic, countryside appeal. It has a hand-made aura that matches many contemporary interiors.

Standard TV stands are good for:

  • Interiors that are light, open, and airy. Rooms with large windows or French windows, undivided spaces such as studio apartments, 
  • Homes that need storage and display space along with their TV stands
  • Homes with small children and pets
Manufactured Wood Barn Door Standard TV Stand
Black Metal Wood Standard TV Stand
Anthracite Manufactured Wood Standard TV Stand
Maple Cream Manufactured Wood Glass Standard TV Stand
Aged Whiskey Wood Barn Door Standard TV Stand
White Solid Wood Standard TV Stand

Floating style

These TV consoles don't rest on the floor but are fixed on the wall about 6" to 9" (or more) above the floor.

Designs vary from a single long unit of three or more open shelves to more elaborate shelf-drawer-cabinet combinations with large storage and display capacities. Material is mainly wood.

Floating TV stands have sleek and contemporary designs and will match most of the modern style interiors.


  • Cleaning convenience -- unlike the floor units, dust and impurities won't settle below them.
  • More comfortable viewing angle -- The raised height helps to rest the TV closer to your eye-level.
White Manufactured Wood Glass Floating TV Stand
Gray Manufactured Wood Floating TV Stand
Oak Manufactured Wood Floating TV Stand
White Manufactured Wood Floating TV Stand
Chestnut Brown Manufactured Wood Floating TV Stand
Black Manufactured Wood Floating TV Stand

Pier style

These are large designs often covering a big part of a wall. They are multi-purpose units, and supporting the TV set is just one of their tasks. As their name suggests, they give a feeling of a platform raised on a pier. Whatever the design, the TV is at the center, with tall cabinets rising on the sides. The base is a mix of closed drawers and cabinets, often with glass doors. The side cabinets can store books and display artifacts and decor items.

As in the floating design, the TV could be resting on the base cabinet's top or be wall-mounted.

Pier style TV stands are high-end furniture pieces, accompanied by complementing decors such as pedestal lampshades, figurines, large planters, lighting arrangements, home theater, and many more. Their main benefit is that they make complete entertainment and decor units. With a good TV stand with piers, you will not need any complementing decor or furniture items in the room.

White Manufactured Wood Pier Entertainment Center
Solid Manufactured Wood Pier Entertainment Center
Solid Wood Pier Entertainment Center
Brown Solid Manufactured Wood Pier Entertainment Center
Manufactured Wood Glass Pier Entertainment Center
Oak Gray Manufactured Wood Pier Entertainment Center

Fireplace TV stands

TV entertainment goes hand-in-hand with the cozy warmth of a fireplace on winter evenings. These entertainment centers are designed to give you the best of both worlds!

Different designs in this category include:

  • Enclosed fireplace -- this type has the fire covered, but you can watch the embers burn through the glass door.
  • Mobile unit comes with heavy-duty wheels, but we would advise against them. They are simply not meant to be mobile -- would you ever think of a mobile fireplace in the first place?
  • Colonial and ornate -- these are the heavy, carved wooden entertainment centers that add a touch of royalty and affluence to the room. Watch out, though -- do you have a truly matching setting for such an extravagant piece, or will it be an eyesore amid your other furniture and decor items?
Blackwash Solid Manufactured Wood Fireplace TV Stand
Manufactured Wood Metal Wheels Fireplace TV Stand
White Solid Wood Fireplace TV Stand
Colton Oak Manufactured Wood Fireplace TV Stand
White Solid Manufactured Wood Fireplace Entertainment Center
Silver Solid Wood Fireplace TV Stand

Corner style

They fit snugly at the intersection of two walls. They have closed cabinets with or without glass doors at the base and open shelves on the sides.

The main benefit of corner style TV consoles is smart storage and space-saving since its body is divided across two walls.

The disadvantage, though, is that the sitting arrangement has to be diagonally arranged to face the TV. Check if this is possible before getting this type.

Chocolate Cherry Wood Corner TV Stand
Manufactured Wood Glass Corner TV Stand
Manufactured Wood Fireplace Corner TV Stand
Oak Solid Wood Corner TV Stand
Dark Aged Oak Wood Corner TV Stand
White Manufactured Wood Corner TV Stand

What size of a TV Stand Will Support My TV Securely?

The TV stand's width is the most important criterion that decides the stability with which it will support the TV set. Hence, you should be choosing the size of your TV stand depending on how big your TV set is. Here is the guide:

TV size            TV stand width

Up to 32"                    28"

32 to 39"                     Between 30" and 45"

50" to 54"                   Between 46" and 49"

55" to 59"                   Between 50" and 53"

60" to 64"                   Between 54" and 57"

65" to 69"                   Between 58" and 62"

70" and above            63" or more

What Should Be the Ideal Distance Between The TV Stand And the Sitting Arrangement?

Viewing distance plays a critical role in viewing comfort. The human field of view is spread across 135° horizontal and 180° vertical planes. Based on this, the recommended viewing distances to be kept between the TV screen and your sitting arrangement are shown. These suggestions are for watching normal TV content and movies.

TV size            Normal TV content                           Films              

35"                              4.8'                                                     3.5'

40"                              5.5'                                                     4'

45"                              6.1'                                                      4.5'

50"                              6.8'                                                     5'

55"                              7.5'                                                     5.5'

60'                               8.2'                                                     6'

65"                              8.9'                                                     6.5'

70"                              9.5'                                                     7'

75"                              10.2'                                                   7.5'

Additionally, note that the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers has recommended that viewers sit at a distance where the screen fills up about 30° of their field of vision for good viewing comfort. 

Black Metal Glass Wheels TV Stand
Manufactured Wood Metal Ladder Entertainment Wall
Nature Onyx Solid Manufactured Wood TV Stand
Brown Manufactured Wood Metal TV Stand
Espresso Metal Glass Plastic TV Stand
Rustic Manufactured Wood Metal TV Stand

What are the Decorating Tips for My TV Stand?

You can try these and other similar ideas:

  • Place a row of small planters on the floor area covered by your TV console
  • Decorate it with artificial garlands and decorative strings
  • Install wrought iron decorative patterns above or on the sides of your TV console
  • Put lanterns or lampshades on the sides of the television set
  • Fix vinyl stickers of your choice on the doors of cabinets

The possibilities are as wide as your imagination!

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