5 Awesome Uses Of A Floating Desk

Floating desks are a real game-changer for small homes. Unlike traditional desks, these innovative pieces of furniture are much more compact and offer a lot of versatility despite their size. No wonder they're becoming more and more popular by the minute!

If you're thinking of getting a floating desk, you should definitely do it and you're about to find out why! If you already have one, it's time to use it to your full advantage.

Here, you'll find 5 awesome uses of a floating desk which will make you question the importance of your other pieces of furniture that are taking up too much space in your small home.

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Modern Bedroom Design
Modern Bedroom Design

A desk doesn't have to be a desk all the time

Before we dive into the multiple uses of a floating desk, it's important to understand that a desk doesn't always have to be a desk, especially when you live in a confined space. Instead of purchasing various tables for different purposes, you can simply opt for a floating desk that is flexible and brings a lot of extra functionality. This way, you don't have to fill up your home with a bunch of furniture that'll turn your small place into a cluttered mess.

Once you're done with work, your floating desk can be transformed into something else!

A makeup station

Have you ever thought about using your desk as a vanity? Indeed, floating desks make a practical and stylish makeup station. It's all about finding the right design elements and features. If you plan on using your desk as a makeup table when you're not working, you may want to pick a model with storage options, such as drawers, so that you can keep your products and essentials within reach. Since floating desks don't come with built-in mirrors, you can keep a dressing table mirror on the desk and enliven the walls with artworks.

Make Up Table In Gray Living Room
White Floating Desk
Manufactured Wood Floating Desk

A worktop for your hobby

With a floating desk, you'll be able to create a dedicated space not just for working, but also for your hobbies. A lot of people neglect their hobbies and interests due to lack of space but with a floating desk, there's no reason not to engage in your creative pursuits! Whether you enjoy drawing, painting, sewing, or making jewelry, you'll need a surface to work on and this is where floating desks come in handy. Don't let your small space stop you from doing what you love!

Sketching On The Desk
Sketching On The Desk

A shelf for pictures and other decors

A floating desk can become an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece in the right hands. There's nothing better than a workspace that is organized and fun to look at! In fact, a well-decorated desk increases productivity and sparks creativity.

Open shelves aren't only meant for storing books and desk essentials. They're also the perfect place to display photo frames and all sorts of decor items, like plants, candles, and precious souvenirs. This is your time to unleash the creative side in you and boost your space's visual appeal.

White Manufactured Wood Floating Desk
White Manufactured Wood Floating Desk

A dining table

If you live in a tiny studio apartment and struggle to keep your space clutter-free, maybe substitute your dining table and desk for a single floating desk? Besides serving as a home office, this wall-hugging piece of furniture can double up as a dining table when it's time to eat.

Also, not all floating desks need to face the wall. Murphy desks are an ideal option if you want to enjoy your meals in front of your window or TV.

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Brown Floating Desk
Plastic Acrylic Floating Desk

An entryway organizer

You may be wondering if having a desk in your entryway is even necessary but it's actually useful if you want to take advantage of your wall space. An entryway floating desk can provide you with a surface to jot down notes, a handy place to drop your keys, as well as storage compartments to organize your mail, coupons, and miscellaneous items.

Don't forget to spruce up your entryway organizer with decor items such as a small lamp and vase for visual interest!

Wall Desk And Display Shelf
Wall Floating Desk
Wood Floating Desk

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