4 Expert Tips To Choose A Slipcover

Even the best sofa is left in a sorry state after your kids and pets have gone through it. A fashionable slipcover is an easy way to give your furniture a complete makeover this season without having to splurge on a whole new set of sofas.

To help you in this endeavor, here are three expert tips to choose the perfect slipcover.

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How to get the right fit for a slipcover?

The most important thing for a slipcover is to get the fit right. Correct fitting is the difference between a sofa that looks like new and one that looks like a curtain draped over its frame.

There are primarily two types of slipcovers:

One piece slipcovers

One piece slipcovers come in a single, continuous sheet of fabric tailored to fit over the various sections of a sofa. Needless to say, this type of slipcover is not suitable if your sofa is of a non-standard shape.

These slipcovers are less affected by small size differences, and as a result are good for those who want minimum fuss in outfitting their sofas with covers. They also tend to be the most cost-effective options in the market.

The only drawback is that they tend to be loose-fitting, with visible folds and hanging drapes. Depending on the look you are aiming for it can be a good or a bad thing; one piece slipcovers lend a more inviting look to your sofa.

Oatmeal Polyester Blend One Piece Sofa Slipcover
Storm Blue Polyester One Piece Sofa Slipcover
Floral Polyester Blend One Piece Sofa Slipcover
Charcoal Polyester Blend One Piece Sofa Slipcover
Polyester One Piece Sofa Slipcover
Floral Cotton Blend One Piece Sofa Slipcover

Slipcover sets

These come with separate pieces for every part of your sofa. This means separate pieces for the cushions, arms, and the backrest.

As a result, multi-piece slipcover sets fit your sofa like a glove. This makes them excellent for changing the look of your sofa set as they don't look like covers, but rather like a whole new couch instead.

At the same time, slipcover sets require more precise measurements, since each piece needs to fit perfectly. The good thing is that such sets often come for wing backed sofas as well, so you can outfit your custom couches as well.

Green Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Wine Polyester Blend Cushion Armrest Slipcover
Slate Gray Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Gray Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Brown Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover Set
Aqua Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover

How to measure your sofa for a slipcover?

A common mistake while measuring is to run your measuring tape along the curves of the sofa. That will give you inaccurate readings.

For every dimension of your couch, you need to measure only from one extremity to another.

  • Height: For the full height, measure from the floor to the top edge of the backside of your sofa. If you want the height of the lower end instead, measure up to the top of the seat cushion.
  • Width: Measure straight across from outside arm to outside arm, ignoring any curvature of the back.
  • Multi-piece: For slipcover sets, you need to measure each piece individually as well. Pay extra attention to the backdrop and the arm depth, for this time, you do need to measure the rounded cushions as well to get the right fit.
Faux Leather Polyester Sofa Slipcover
Light Blue Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Dark Blue Nautical Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Light Hickory Brown Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Dark Khaki Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Burgundy Velvet One Piece Sofa Slipcover

Which materials are suitable for slipcovers?

Slipcovers come in many different materials and fabrics. Which one works for you is decided by your reasons for outfitting your sofas with covers. Whether you want style or affordability, comfort or luxury, there is a material for every need and use case.

Looking for a slipcover that lasts? => Heavy cotton, canvas, or twill blend

If your sofa has to regularly endure the not so tender affections of your kids and pets, you need materials that are easy to clean. Also, unless you are up to replacing your covers every week, you need thicker and more durable fabrics as well.

Cotton (the heavy kind), canvas, and twill blend are the ideal materials for this, as they are cheap and low maintenance, not to mention resistant to daily wear and tear. While this limits your design choices, slipcovers made of these materials tend to be comfortable and easy to put on any sofa, allowing you to replace them frequently if needed.

Nautical Cotton One Piece Sofa Slipcover
Blue Pattern Cotton One Piece Slipcover
White Cotton Shirred Skirt Slipcover
Storm Blue Cotton Solid Slipcover
Yellow Canvas Cotton Sofa Slipcover
Plaid Cotton Duck Sofa Slipcover

Prefer something more form-fitting? => Polyester, micro-suede, or spandex blend

When your only purpose is transforming the look of your sofa set, then you can easily go with thin materials that can be stretched tight over the couch. This allows you to prioritize the style and pattern instead of the durability of the fabric.

Synthetic fibers like polyester or spandex blend are best for this purpose, as they are lightweight and do not crease easily. Such materials also tend to offer a wider variety of color and print options that can fit with any decoration style.

The con is that they tear quite easily, which ruins the whole cover. Still, these materials are not meant for long-lasting covers, but rather stylish coats that are discarded to pave the way for a new look every few months.

Microfiber Microsuede One Piece Sofa Slipcover
Navy Blue Nature Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Blend Gray Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Coffee Floral Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Gray White Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover
Floral Pattern Polyester Blend Sofa Slipcover

Aiming for a luxurious feel? => Wool, linen, and silk

Maybe you don't care for frequently changing the look of your sofa. In that case, you can go with high-quality materials that lend your couches a classy look.

Materials like wool, linen, or silk are great for a velvety, luxurious feel on your sofa. Keep in mind that these fabrics need to be dry-cleaned, so the upkeep is going to be more expensive as well, apart from being more involved to remove.

But if you are willing to shell for it, these are the best kind of materials for giving a premium makeover to your sofas, which can work very well with any kind of living room.

Sage Green Linen Sofa Slipcover
Beige Cotton Linen Sofa Slipcover
Flowers Pattern Silk Sofa Slipcover
Silk Quilted Anti Slip Sofa Slipcover
Indigo Linen One Piece Slipcover
Heavy Artificial Wool Sofa Slipcover

What are the best styles of slipcovers?

As a primarily decorative item, slipcovers offer a great selection of styling options. From rich hues to pastel colors, eye-catching prints to embroidery, slipcovers come with various embellishments.

But to determine which style is suited for you, you need to answer a simple question: What is the purpose of your slipcover? Depending on why you are changing your slipcovers, different styles might work better for you.

If ther are kids and/or pets at home, then you are no stranger to spillage and stains on your sofas and couches. In that case, you should go for simple designs that hug loosely, as these are easier to take off and clean repeatedly.

As for the materials, avoid stuff like silk or wool, as they need to be dry cleaned. You are better off with synthetic or semi-synthetic materials, as they are easier to wash out stains from.

On the other hand, if decor is your only motivation, you can choose more elaborate designs without any problems. Thin, form fitting slipcovers are perfect for this purpose, as they go over your sofa like a second skin, giving it a brand new look without making the cover itself too obvious. This seamless style is the perfect aesthetic for a modern themed decor, especially if you choose plain colors.

If going for a more traditional vibe, choose slipcovers with frills and patterned fabrics instead. This gives you more color options as well, allowing you to spruce up your living room without a complete redesign.

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