3 Expert Tips To Choose Kids’ Wall Art

[Decorating your child's room]/kids-decor) with wall art is a fun and easy way to personalize their decor. Choose art that will encourage their imagination to run wild, feed their minds by opting for educational maps or times tables posters, or get a child's painting of one of their favorite themes.

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What are the different types of kids' wall art?

Here are some of the most popular types of kids' wall art to choose from.

Canvas art

Canvas art is a great choice for kids' rooms, combining a touch of grown-up style with images created to inspire.

Canvas art makes a great choice for any kid's bedroom. From animals to vehicles, cartoons to photography, canvas art really stands out and will make a great focal point so be sure to choose an image that your child will love.

Blue World Map Canvas Art
Animals And Insects Canvas Wall Art Set
Pink Geometric Mountain Kids Wall Décor
Yellow Dump Truck Canvas Art
Gray Headphones Kids Canvas Art
Blue Astronomy And Space Canvas Art

Framed pictures

Framed pictures are more traditional than canvas art and slightly less eye-catching.

They work well alone or in series, place them together or apart. Aside from the images, you should also pay attention to the frame.

Wooden frames, either natural or painted white, are popular choices that tend to match most decors, although you could also opt for brightly colored frames.

Gray Animals And Insects Framed Art
Farm And Country Gray Framed Art
Pink Oil Paint Motif Ballerina Framed Art
Pink Elephant Polka Dot Framed Art
Cream Abstract Vertical Framed Art
Navy Blue Rocket Framed Art Set


Decals are basically stickers that can be removed and repositioned elsewhere.

Good quality decals can really bring your child's room alive and as they can be removed, they can provide a cost-effective way to change your child's bedroom decoration without spending a lot of extra time and money.

Choose large, full-wall decals or opt for several smaller ones from the same collection to place around your child's room.

Green Animals And Insects Wall Decal
Silver Dots Vinyl Wall Decal
Pink Birdcages Vinyl Wall Decal
Black Bike With Name Personalized Wall Decal
Gray Triangle Vinyl Wall Decal
Red Vinyl Octopus Wall Decal

Growth chart

Practical and decorative, growth charts are a traditional favorite for decorating your kid's room. Nothing can quite express their look of pride when you show them where you've marked off how much taller they have grown.

As growth charts will last many years, try to pick neutral themes that your child is unlikely to grow out of anytime soon. This will give them the opportunity to marvel with you at just how much they have grown.

Gray Woodland Animals Growth Chart
Outer Space Canvas Growth Chart
Brown Tree Sticker Growth Chart
Purple Unicorn Wooden Growth Chart
Beige Giraffe Wood Growth Chart
Balloons Gray Wood Growth Chart

Wall borders

Wall borders are an easy way to liven up any child's bedroom with little effort. You could be waiting for the birth to know whether you're having a boy or a girl, or perhaps your youngest child could be inheriting an older sibling's room.

Adding a border is a great last-minute way to personalize their room without starting from scratch. Unlike full-length wallpaper, borders can generally be quickly removed when you're ready to change your child's bedroom decor.

Car Self Adhesive Sticker Wallpaper Border
Yellow Ducks Plastic Wall Border
Blue Smooth Vinyl Wallpaper Border
Green Cactus Paper Wallpaper Border
Sweet Unicorn Green Wall Border
Jungle Peel And Stick Wall Border

Door signs

From inspiring mottos to 'keep out' signs, door signs can add an extra touch of individuality. They are also easy to put up and take down.

Personalized door signs are also a popular choice with older children. If your child's room is on the small side, consider placing a full-height door art sign portraying an outdoor or space scene to give the impression of an open doorway to another world.

Outer Space Fabric Door Sign
Metal Orange Personalized Door Sign
Unicorn Personalized Metal Door Sign
Sign Personalized Green Wall Decal
Signs Peel And Stick Wall Decal
Light Blue Metal Sign Wall Decor


From a large mono letter to alphabet art pictures, it's never too early to get them acquainted with the basics of reading and writing. You could also consider sets of letter art to spell out your child's name. This is a great way to familiarize your children with the spelling of their names which will be helpful when they start school as this is usually the first word they are taught to recognize and to write.

Another way is to get a single, big letters for their initials. If your children share a room, you may hang the letters above their beds or desks to mark their space in the room or to create two separate areas.

White Oversized Painted Hanging Letter
Beige Puzzle Lettering Wall Decal
Pink Polka Dot Fabric Letter
Blue Wood Personalized Letter Block
Gray Plastic PVC Personalized Letter
Large Natural Wood Wall Letter

How to decide which type of wall art is best for my child?

When you're choosing wall art for your child, it's important to take their interests and opinions into account.


Choose images that will help to create a soothing environment for your little one. While very young babies will not be able to pick out far away details from their surroundings, it can help you as a parent to relax when dealing with sleepless nights.

Choose classic children's scenes or opt for bright colors to attract older babies' attention.


Chances are your toddler already has some quite strong preferences. Whether its vehicles, a cartoon character, or a certain animal, capture their imagination and make their bedroom truly their own by finding kid's art that appeals to their budding sense of self.

Prepare them for school by incorporating a few educational posters. Even if they don't pay that much attention, you'll be surprised just how much your child absorbs from their surroundings.

Young children

Select some images that you think will appeal to your child and ask them their favorites and why. Choosing art for their room together will also help you to get a better insight into their likes and dislikes in general.

Older children

Let your child choose their own wall art. While you may have suggestions and ideas, or may even disagree with their choices, it's important to let your child express their own sense of identity. Talk through their ideas and encourage them to express themselves.

This can be a great way to bond with older children and find out more about their world when they are not at home.

Black Outer Space Framed Canvas Art
Colourful Butterfly Vinyl Wall Sticker
Purple Unicorn Giant Wall Decal Set
Three Balls Wood Hanging Art
Gray Fantasy Wood Canvas Art
Globe Planet Earth Vinyl Wall Decal

How to match kids' wall art with their bedroom decor?

To keep your child's room looking harmonious, you'll want their kids' wall art to complement their decor. Here's how to find the right pieces.

Themed decor

If your kid's bedroom has a distinct theme, such as princesses, outer space, or the sea, it is a good idea to look for kids' wall art that features items, animals, or persons from that theme.

This can range from obvious to discreet, depending on the other items of decoration in your child's room. Choose simple art depicting a single item or person in rooms that are already rich in detail.

If you have a simple background to work with, choose a larger scene with multiple points of interest. 

Paper Ballerina Silhouette Framed Art
Wood Ballet Slippers Personalize Wall Hanging
Black Framed Superheroes Paper Art
Superhero And Animal Beige Canvas Art
Blue Vinyl Nautical Wall Decals
Navy Wood Sailboat Wall Hanging


Using kids' wall art to pick up an accent color in their bedroom is a great way to incorporate different styles of artworks.

Either focus on a color in the picture itself, or a brightly colored frame. Choose a secondary or tertiary color that features in your child's bedroom, such as one found on their bedding, furniture or curtains.

Baseball Textual Art Wall Plaque
Blue Hockey Champion Wall Decal
Plastic Little Hearts Wall Sticker
Music Tree Fabric Wall Decal
Rainbow And Clouds Fabric Wall Decal
Rainbow Elephant LED Paper Print

General Style

Modern or traditional style bedrooms look better with different types of kids' wall art.


  • Opt for abstract images featuring bright colors.
  • Canvas art works well in modern bedrooms whatever the subject matter.
  • Large mono letters in metallic shades also add a modern touch.
  • Large full door or wall stickers featuring realistic or imagined scenes can also enhance the appearance of a modern style child's bedroom.


  • Growth charts are a traditional favorite and often have a range of traditional motifs.
  • Blue or pink are traditional for nurseries. You may want to decorate your baby's room with pink or blue wall art. This can be less overwhelming than a floor-to-ceiling color.
  • Framed kid's wall art also works well in traditional style kids' rooms. Wooden, white or gilded frames give a nod to traditional rooms of days gone by, regardless of their subject matter.
Mountain And Animals Canvas Art
Dinosaur Gray Framed Art Set
Treats Peel And Stick Wall Decals
Rustic Brown Wood Growth Chart
Large Horse Fabric Wall Decal
Rainbow Stars Vinyl Wall Decal

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