3 Expert Tips To Choose A Kitchen Mat

The right kind of kitchen mat or rug can help to make the space look great as well as protecting the floors and even the people using the room.

With such a range of options available, the task of finding the right one may seem daunting. Here we have included a few top tips to help you out.

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What features should I consider for my kitchen mat?

It goes without saying that anything placed in the kitchen needs to be appropriately functional - this is especially the case for a mat. Ones explicitly designed for the kitchen have features that you wouldn't necessarily find in others.

  • Spend a lot of time at the kitchen counter?

Anti-fatigue mats are a good option for anyone who spends a significant amount of time cooking, preparing food, and washing up.

Such kitchen mats are often made from foam which both cushions and supports your feet to help prevent pain in your feet, knees, and back.

Black Plastic Oversized Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat
Rubber Gold Marbled Anti Fatigue Mat
Black Rubber Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat
Coastal Oversized Foam Anti Fatigue Mat
Beige Foam Rectangle Anti Fatigue Mat
Heavy Duty Rubber Anti Fatigue Mat Set
  • Have tile or polished hardwood floors?

An anti-slip design is an essential feature for any kind of kitchen mat placed on this type of flooring unless it's constructed from non-slip materials such as rubber or plastic or bamboo.

Placing a material rug that doesn't have special anti-slip backing directly onto the floor could lead to injuries.

Beige Synthetic Anti Slip Kitchen Mat
Blue Rubber Anti Slip Kitchen Mat
Synthetic Rectangle Anti Slip Kitchen Mat
Heavy Duty Rubber Anti Slip Mat Set
Whale Polyester Anti Slip Kitchen Mat
Yellow Gold Rubber Anti Slip Kitchen Mat
  • Looking for a mat for the sink area?

Water-resistant mats are your best bet for washing up areas of the kitchen unless you want to be continually hanging your rug out to dry.

Opt for mats constructed from rubber or plastic if you want them to be totally water-proof. If you prefer fabric, synthetic materials such as polyester, which have very low levels of absorbency, are best.

Light Gray Synthetic Water Resistant Mat
Blue Plastic Water Resistant Kitchen Mat
Ivory Synthetic Water Resistant Kitchen Mat
Rectangle Synthetic Water Resistant Kitchen Mat
Green Synthetic Water Resistant Kitchen Mat
Black Foam Water Resistant Mat
  • Need a mat by the food preparation area?

In areas of the kitchen that are prone to spillages such as cooking spaces or even by the table, if you have young children, a stain-resistant mat is definitely best.  

Again synthetic fabrics with solid surfaces or tight weaves are great for this. Polypropylene is a fabric that is particularly resistant to staining and rubber, plastic and wood are very easy to wipe down.

Red Foam Stain Resistant Mat
Black Rubber Stain Resistant Kitchen Mat
Synthetic Oversized Kitchen Stain Resistant Mat
Black Synthetic Stain Resistant Kitchen Mat
Semi Circle Synthetic Stain Resistant Kitchen Mat
Red Synthetic Stain Resistant Kitchen Mat

Which size kitchen mat is best?

The size of the mat will largely depend on the space available and how much of the floor you would like to cover.

If you like your flooring or have a smaller kitchen, accent mats in high-use areas can improve comfort and protect the floor. Alternatively, a larger, more open kitchen might benefit from a big, warming, and eye-catching rug placed right in the center.

For narrow kitchens or spaces between furniture such as the counter and island, a runner rug works best. Just make sure to leave enough space either side, so it doesn't get in the way of cupboards and appliances.

How can I ensure my kitchen mat suits the room?

A kitchen mat, as well as being practical, can also be used to bring a little bit more color and personality into an otherwise purely functional space. However, the right color can often be a bit tricky to ascertain.

  • Have a neutral or monochromatic kitchen?

Many contemporary kitchens with their white or metallic appliances and their block-colored cupboards are in danger of looking a little clinical.

A saturated solid-color mat really looks great in a toned-down space, and you'll be surprised what a difference it can make to the room. You can also make good use of patterns and designs here.

Rubber Texture Anti Fatigue Mat
Tan Natural Fiber Kitchen Mat
Polyester Rubber Rectangle Kitchen Mat
Anti Slip Synthetic Rectangle Kitchen Mat
Light Gray Plastic Kitchen Mat
Blue Synthetic Anti Slip Kitchen Mat
  • Have bright décor and kitchen cabinetry?

However, if you have opted for bright or dark colors and designs, a more neutral, single-color mat might be the best option as it won't compete or clash with other things going on in the room.

Brown Foam Rectangle Anti Fatigue Mat
Teal Foam Semi Circle Mat
Brown Synthetic Polyester Kitchen Mat
Yellow Plastic Comfort Kitchen Mat
Blue Rubber Rectangle Water Resistant Mat
White Rubber Polyester Rectangle Mat
  • Looking for something a little fun?

Themed mats with pictures and writing add a little quirk to your kitchen, but again, you are going to want to pay attention to the colors.

The main color of the rug should match with the dominant tone of your kitchen. So, for instance, if you have warm-colored walls such as red, yellow, orange, and honey-wood cabinets, seek out these kinds of colors in the rug too. And the same goes for cool colors such as blue, grey, green, and ashy-colored cabinets.

With mostly white, black, or metallic kitchens, you can go either way, selecting either warm or cool. Just pay close attention to colors found in other objects and decorations you already have in the room.

Modern Synthetic Nylon Kitchen Mat
Red Synthetic Text Kitchen Mat
Novelty Plastic Rectangle Kitchen Mat
Butterflies Green Plastic Kitchen Mat
Fruit Novelty Synthetic Kitchen Mat Set
Dog And Cat Synthetic Kitchen Mat

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