3 Expert Tips To Choose A Club Chair

There is perhaps no piece of furniture that signifies decadence and luxury more than a club chair. Named because of their eponymous association with men’s clubs, these comfy seating options have come a long way to become an integral part of a stylish home.

Here are our 3 expert tips to help you choose the perfect club chair for your needs.

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How to Choose the Right Size of Club Chair?

Club chairs are very comfortable to sit in, but they do tend to take up a lot of space. Originally designed to hold bulky gentlemen in posh clubs, a club chair is proportioned much larger than your average armchair.

  • First up, measure the space available in your living room. Not only do you want to make sure that any club chair you intend to buy fits properly, but it also leaves enough space around. Leave at least one foot of clearance around each club chair so that it doesn’t look (or feel) cramped.
  • Next, look at your existing furniture in the living room. Already have a sofa set? Make sure that your club chair doesn’t tower over the sofa, looking out of place. The same goes for smaller chairs you might have. While it doesn’t have to be the exact same size, do strive to keep the club chairs in a similar height range.
Plastic RGB Colors Small Club Chair
White Polyurethane Vinyl Metal Aluminum Rubberwood Square Arms Medium Club Chair
Top Grain Leather Brown Manufactured Wood Large Club Chair
Brown Genuine Faux Leather Solid Wood Rolled Arms Large Club Chair
Large Gray Fabric Antique White Pillow Top Arms Club Chair
Brown Cowhide Genuine Leather Beech Solid Wood Round Arms Extra Deep Club Chair

Which Material is Best for a Club Chair?

Club chairs come in a large variety of materials. There are advantages and disadvantages to every option, so consider your needs (and decor theme) before settling on one.


The ‘original’ material of club chairs, leather remains the favored option for most buyers. The reason is simple; there is no matching to the tasteful and luxurious look of leather. Leather club chairs are thus the best choice if you are looking to recreate the ‘gentleman club’ look at your home.

At the same time, leather can give a somewhat formal vibe. It doesn’t jive well with a brightly decorated living room, as the ideal colors for leather club chairs are a dark black or a velvety red.

Also, if you have kids at home, expensive leather is not the way to go for any kind of furniture. Spilled drinks and food stains can ruin your club chairs and are not easy to clean on leather.

Dark Chocolate Brown Faux Leather Solid Manufactured Wood Round Arms Club Chair
Espresso Brown Genuine Match Leather Manufactured Wood Square Arms Club Chair
Brown Faux Leather Solid Manufactured Wood Flared Arms Club Chair
White Faux leather Chrome Square Arms Club Chair
Tan Genuine Leather Mahogany Solid Wood Square Arms Club Chair
Dark Brown Genuine Leather Pine Solid Wood Pillow Top Arms Club Chair
Black Leather Walnut Straight Arm Lounge Chair
Cigar Genuine Leather Square Arms Club Chair


A leather club chair might be what leaps to your mind when you think club chair, but it is fabric that is stealing the show. While leather is great for a formal setting or an ‘old school’ look, it is fabric that is setting the tone for a relaxing living room.

Upholstered club chairs are the perfect balance between extravagant comfort and classy style. Emphasizing soft colors and rough textures, these club chairs make the opposite statement to the traditional leather-backed seats. The overall effect is casual and homely, rather than stiff.

Fabric club chairs are also easier to wash out stains from, not to mention cheaper to replace. A couple of beige upholstered club chairs are the perfect complement to any living room.

Azure Polyester Blend Rubberwood Square Arms Club Chair And Ottoman
Cream Velvet Plastic Square Arms Armchair
Blue Chenille Solid Manufactured Wood Square Arms Club Chair
Gray Linen Wood Square Arms Club Chair
Emerald Green Velvet Birch Solid Wood Square Arms Armchair
Navy Velvet Metal Chrome Wood Square Arms Armchair
Gray Velvet Metal Square Arms Armchair
Gray Velvet Birch Solid Wood Square Arms Armchair


Since we are talking about upholstered club chairs, it would be remiss not to mention microfiber. Microfiber has emerged in recent years as a better alternative to normal fabrics, especially where furniture upholstery is concerned.

Club chairs are no exceptions to this trend. Microfiber club chairs are put forward as a low-cost and more long-lasting alternative to leather offerings.

The key advantage of microfiber is that it is composed of synthetic fibers. This makes it stain-resistant, water-repelling, and of course, far more durable. In addition, microfiber technology means that it is good at avoiding dust as well, which can be a problem with traditional fabrics, which tend to accumulate dust in their fibers.

There are far more color options available if you go with microfiber as well, so if you are looking to decorate your living room in a more vibrant style, these club chairs are the perfect option for you. Even if all you want is a pastel club chair to round off your laid back sofa ensemble for a kid (and pet) friendly home, you cannot go wrong with microfiber.

Blue Microfiber Microsuede Metal Square Arms Armchair
Green Microfiber Microsuede Eucalyptus Solid Wood Armchair
Burgandy Microfiber Microsuede Solid Manufactured Wood Rolled Arms Tufted Chesterfield Chair
Brown Microfiber Microsuede Eucalyptus Wood Round Arms Club Chair
Slate Microfiber Microsuede Birch Solid Manufactured Wood Round Arms Contemporary Club Chair
Pink Microfiber Microsuede Plastic Manufactured Wood Flared Arms Barrel Chair

What Styles of Club Chairs Are Available?

Club chairs have a very iconic look. A low back which curves into a pair of wide armrests, along with over-the-top cushioning. While the basic design has remained unchanged from the 1980s to today, there are a few variations that have evolved with the times. Tight back chairs eschew cushioning for tilted slats, while pillow backs add even more ease of reclining.

  • The leather heavy club chairs that Bond villains can be found reclining on are generally considered the ‘formal’ style. Mostly, formal club chairs differ only in the height of the back (with high backed chairs being quite popular) and the color. Since it is leather we are talking about, the colors tend toward the darker shades, which makes these chairs more suitable for rooms with low lighting (like your bedroom) rather than the living room.

  • The kind of club chairs that are at home in most living rooms is the modern style. While some of these chairs are leather, they tend toward a more casual and contemporary vibe. A smaller size, a smoother finish, with metal legs to complete the look. And as this is the modern style we are talking about, these chairs are a shiny black with chrome legs.

  • Not everyone likes the utilitarian modern style in their homes, least of all in the living room. For a more laid back feel, go for casual club chairs. These seats use fabrics or microfibers for their material and come in many different colors. You can even go for whacky prints to dial up the playfulness of the room. The best thing about this style is the sheer amount of options it opens up, ranging from muted colors for the tranquil atmosphere to textured upholstery for an increased comfort factor.

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