15 Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas To Inspire Your Garden Refresh

Looking for a stylish and creative way to freshen up your outdoor space with seasonal blooms? Plant stands will help you take your botanical oasis to the next level (literally) and infuse your outdoor space with character andstyle.Whether you have a high-rise balcony, small concrete patio, or a rolling green lawn, elevating your plant pots will create visual interest and add dimension to your exterior.

More than just a platform to support your greenery and flowers, plant stands are an important part of your garden design. Think of them as the equivalent to interior furnishings and decorative accessories, but outdoors; they can frame, guide movement around and define the overall atmosphere of a space. You decide whether to make them quietly blend in or turn them into a design statement.

Plant Stand

How to choose the right plant stand for your outdoor space?

There are a few key things to consider when choosing a plant stand, such as the space you have available, the amount of plants you want to accommodate, their size and the subsequent weight the stand will need to support. Not to mention, durability and aesthetic. These factors will influence your decision regarding the material, size and overall design of the stand.

Metal is one of the most popular outdoor materials because it is durable and can support heavy weight. Plant stands come in a variety of metal types, such as brass, cast iron and steel. A versatile material, it can be painted, manipulated into different shapes and has a range of different finishes to suit a wide variety of garden decor. Whilst metal is subject to rust, it can be easily treated with effective rust-proof sealants.

Wood plant stands are another favorite because they are heavy-wearing, support heavy loads and resist extreme weather conditions. Plus, solid wood is an organic option and a natural fit to the outdoor environment. Like metal, wood is versatile as it can be stained and painted. And, when necessary, you can further protect your wooden stand from the elements with moisture-resistant treatments. Where possible, opt for a wood native to your region as it is guaranteed to be able to withstand local weather conditions,like moisture, heat and cold.

Other outdoor plant stand materials include fiberglass, cement, resin and plastic.

So, with that in mind, here are our fresh picks of outdoor plant stands to inspire your garden refresh!

Timeless Wrought-Iron Cart Plant Stand

Timeless Wrought Iron Cart Plant Stand

Bring timeless style to your outdoors with a wrought-ironcart plant stand. The six tiers provide plenty of space to showcase potted plants and yard decorations, or to place garden tools. The cartform and decorative scrollwork detailing have a vintage charm, making the stand a perfect fit for English countryside garden decor. Each shelf has grilles to allow for water drainage and airflow beneath the pots.

When choosing metal plant stands, make sure they have baked-on enamel or powder-coated finishes, as this is what makes them weather-resistant. Over time, you may come across a small patch of rust. Simply sand it away and touch up the surface with primer, followed by paint specially formulated for metal.

Vintage-Style Bike Plant Stand

Vintage Style Bike Plant Stand

Showcase your seasonal blooms in style with this vintage-style bike plant stand. Painted in red, turquoise and cream, the bicycle makes a great statement piece, adding colour, character and charm to any gardenscape. The study and slender frame makes space for 5 planter racks - four baskets and one platform - all of which have holes to allow air to flow and water to drip through.

Place it in the entrance, under a tree, or in a flower bed. It also makes a nice, decorative touch for a commercial space, such as a cafe or nursery.

Mini Vintage Bicycle Plant Stand

Mini Vintage Bicycle Plant Stand

Fallen in love with the big bicycle plant stand, but short on outside space? We may have just the thing. Coated in a deep red to contrast its natural green environment, this mini vintage bicycle adds a playful touch to any porch or patio. Simply add two pots of your favorite flowers or shrubs and you'll have yourself a fun little garden feature.

Where drainage holes are absent, avoid planting directly into the containers. Instead, place potted plants inside the containers, that can be taken out for watering.

Tri-Level Bronze Plant Stand

Tri Level Bronze Plant Stand

Add dimension to your shrubbery with this elegant tri-level plant stand. The simple structure has three checkered bases situated at different heights and scrolled legs for added appeal. As well as creating a beautiful tiered display of your blooms, the height stagnation will help your plants to receive more sunlight and achieve a better growth. Crafted from steel and a weather proof powder-coated bronze finish, the stand ticks the box for strength and durability.

If you want the dark bronze frame to stand out, place it on a paved patio or against a white wall. Alternatively, by placing it amongst the shrubbery, the dark colour of the frame will get lost amongst its natural surroundings.

Wooden Windmill Plant Stand

Wooden Windmill Plant Stand

This wooden windmill plant stand puts the fun in functional. Made of fir wood, this unique construct provides ample space to display your plants and flowers, or fresh herbs. And, as well as being a great decorative feature for your porch or backyard, it also has a little bird house for shelter from the colder climates.

Fir wood receives rave reviews as an outdoor furniture and accessory material as it is both durable and economical. Unlike other woods that warp out of shape when wet, fir retains its original shape and size and doesn't split.

Three-Panel Plant Pot Screen

Three Panel Plant Pot Screen

Fill your outdoor space with elegance and charm with this three-panel accordion plant pot screen. The decorative scrollworkbeautifully frames and complements the seven flower pot bases positioned at different heights. The delicate design allows you to subtly define or divide up an outdoor space and create a sense of privacy. Crafted from steel with a natural patina powder-coated finish, the screen is durable and weather-resistant.

The classic appeal of this screen makes it the perfect decorativemotif for a stoned Mediterraneat style patio. Place it in front of a wall to create a focal point and liven up the space with splashes of your favorite florals.

Traditional Iron Plant Pot Stand

Traditional Iron Plant Pot Stand

For a more traditional look, opt for a simple iron plant pot stand. The timeless openwork design, crafted from wrought iron in a brown finish, creates a crisp look for even your most wild plants. The simplicity of the rounded frame leaves the plant and the plant pot to set the style.

Pair the stand with a brightly colored pot for a fun look, or keep it classic with terracotta clay. Opt for a cement plant pot for a stylish modern aesthetic.

Modern Two-Piece Plant Stand Shelving Unit

Modern Two Piece Plant Stand Shelving Unit

Stylish, versatile and space-saving, this large, open-shelf plant stand will serve as a unique, modern centrepiece for your patio. The curved design splits in two, giving you the flexibility to choose whether to use each side separately, or as a whole. The hooks on the underside of the top shelves maximize negative space and give you creative autonomy to hang whatever you choose. Shelving units are more versatile than containers or pot bases as they can be used to display other decorative items or garden tools, as well as plants.

Vertical planters are a great solution to limited outdoor spaces as they let you display your plants vertically, saving on floor space yet still giving you the benefit of a lush green space. Style them with long vines at the top and shelves filled with a mix of pot sizes to create visual interest.

Rustic Foldable Plant Stand

Rustic Foldable Plant Stand

Strike the perfect balance between casual and elegant with this rustic plant stand. The six pale grey seed boxes, in a lightly distressed natural wood, evoke the rolling hills of the French countryside. The foldable solid wood structure is durable, lightweight and easy to move around, or store away when not in use.

Try placing it in a sunny corner of your garden or patio to grow vegetable starts for the coming season.

Multi-Tiered Solid Wood Plant Stand

Multi Tiered Solid Wood Plant Stand

Artfully display your potted plants with this six-tier wooden plant stand. Made from pine wood, the structure is strong and durable. The materials' organic qualities have a rustic beauty that brings you and your plants closer to nature. The wide slatted shelving provides ample space for pots of different sizes, ready to help you turn your balcony or patio into a plant paradise.

Make sure your pine plant stand is thoroughly sealed to protect it against hot, cold and wet climates. This can be done with a coating of polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer. Wood oils also provide a good protective and decorative finish. Raw linseed oil, tung oil or Danish oil are best for pine.

French Country-Style Tiered Plant Stand

French Country Style Tiered Plant Stand

Accentuate the casual charm of your French country-style garden with this beautiful three-tier shelf. The distressed painted look and meticulously crafted iron scrollwork bring character and elegance to the design. The three open-air shelves are generous in size and perforated to allow for air circulation and water drainage.

Complete the French countryside look by decorating the unit with vintage metal planters, with fresh herbs and lavender, and rustic buckets for storing garden tools.

Modern Span Box Planter

Modern Span Box Planter

Revamp your porch or patio with a touch of modern sophistication with a span box planter. Crafted from galvanized powder-coated steel, the plant stand is resistant to weather-related cracking and rusting. This sleek design also has the added benefit of a Styrofoam insulation system to make sure the plants remain healthy, come rain or shine.

Use the planters either as an area divider, to create a sense of privacy, or to disguise an unattractive view. Depending on the size of your space, try placing several units together and fill them with tall grasses. That way you will create a natural green screen without blocking out light or creating a cramped feel.

Handwoven Bankuan Dog Plant Stand

Handwoven Bankuan Dog Plant Stand

This smile-generating dog plant stand is a welcoming addition to any outdoor space. The handwoven bankuan design isaccented with adorable leather ears, beady eyes and a button nose that make this little fella irresistible.Fill the basket with a row of small pots of colorful florals to bring cheer to your exterior decor.

Thanks to its petite size, this cute plant stand can be placed either on the floor, or a low wall or shelf. If you have a big garden table, use this happy chappy as a centerpiece and pair it with placemats or napkins to match the botanicals it holds.

Mid-Century Modern Tripod Plant Stand

Mid Century Modern Tripod Plant Stand

Let your mid-century modern interior spill out to your patio with this tripod plant stand. The thin, wooden, tapered legs emulate those characteristic of mid-century modern furniture. The deep, round clay body in matte grey provides plenty of space to showcase a large piece of greenery.

If the pale natural-finish legs don't match the rest of your decor, try staining them to match the woody tones of the decking or other outdoor furniture.

Glamorous Metallic Gold Plant Stands

Glamorous Metallic Gold Plant Stands

Make your patio gleam with gilded glamour with a pair of contemporary metallic gold planters and matching criss-cross stands. For the ultimate glamorous garden design, extravagant accessories with metallic finishes are a must-have, in order to achieve optimal visual impact. The deep, round planter bodies will beautifullycomplement a range of plants, and the extra height allows vines to gracefully overflow. Plus, their solid iron construction means they are lightweight, durable, and protected from the elements when left outside.

Fill your metallic planters with modest plants and shrubs to create balance with contrasting textures, without competing for attention.

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