Decorating With Polka Dot - Adorable Inspirations

We love them on clothes, bags, hair accessories and nails, but polka dots are hot in our homes, too. Get inspired and sprinkle your place with this lovely pattern of lots of little circles.

Stylish bedroom interior

Large, medium or small, polka dots always make an impact and show no sign of waning in popularity. Both wearing them and decorating with them are good ideas. Curtains, wallpapers, furniture decals, throw pillows, DIY wall art or paint effects -- the spotty trend can be applied in numerous great ways, always making the room look smart and cheerful at the same time. Take a look at these examples of polka dots charmingly used and go dotty!

For those of you who want a decorative wall but like moderation, polka dot is the answer. Small circles are perfect choices for modern Scandinavian style interiors, whose simplistic monochromatic black and whitecolor palette has been a really enduring trend for some time now, and it seems it's there to stay. One wall covered with dots is just enough to make the almost entirely white and austere room come alive with energy.

Monochromatic kids room

The dots also look great in a completely minimalist version. Part of the wall in the bedroom is decorated with tiny black dots that are no less glamorous than the larger patterns. It could be wallpaper, but more probably small circles punched out from self-adhesive wallpaper or black electrical tape -- notice that the spots are not evenly spaced. The pattern harmonizes beautifully with black and white accessories, combining them with each other, but also in itself is a discreet decoration. It does not tire the eye, but stands out enough to add character to the room.

Spacious bedroom

So we already know that black polka dots are ideal additions to Scandinavian inspired décor, but let's change the color and we are transported in a snap second from Nordic chills straight to the sun-caressed south. Large circles on the wall enhance the room with youthful spirit and make a perfect background for the patterns on throw pillows and decorations -- a fabulous interplay between the old and the new. The furniture and the white wooden floor make the whole thing not too saturated.

Rainbow bedroom

Lest you think polka dot is a happy, whimsical motif fit for modern homes, this southern traditional dining room proves quite different. The whole looks really sophisticated and elegant, yet brims with warmth and energy that come from the choice of colors and quite a bold combination of patterns. Neither the Imperial Trellis wallpaper nor the polka dot upholstery on chairs would make as much impression on their own as they do when brought together. Separating the intricate geometry of the wallpaper from the simplicity of dots, the intensely colored draperies really make both patterns pop and pull the room together.

Southern traditional

If you're a musical soul, you will surely appreciate the charm of polka dot! Set the tone for spirited work in  your practice room with a red and white, polka-dotted sofa that brings in the air of creativity and inspiration into the space. Since both the color and the pattern are pretty distinct, try to keep other design elements on the traditional side and the color palette neutral. Against white background, the sofa will make a huge impact without seeming flashy or out of place. It is amazing how one well-chosen piece can pull an almost completely colorless room together.

Red and white sofa

Your kitchen is begging for some vintage style? Polka dot wallpaper is the easiest way to give it that compelling retro vibe. If you choose an eye-popping design, with larger dots and saturated colors, and decide to use it on more than one wall, try to keep the furniture simple and the color palette neutral for a tasteful effect. Depending on how faithful to the style you want to be, go all out and fill your kitchen with distinctly retro pieces, or add a few modern designs to keep it from feeling too thematic.

Kitchen wallpaper

White polka dots on a red background is one of the top choices when designing cozy, traditional style kitchens and dining rooms. The cheerful, vibrant pattern creates the aura of warmth and invites to sit altogether at the table to enjoy a meal. Dots are best employed on textiles and china and looks great when teamed up with checked linen, wooden furniture and brass utensils. To let the pattern shine, set it against plain, light backdrop.

Rustic style

Create the air of harmony and excitement in your bedroom with various patterns that work together. Polka dot is really eye-catching and often makes a room but not as dominating as to require a completely plain backdrop. Works well with trellis, so why not with other, more traditional patterns. Team different versions of polka dot with tiny checks and lavish florals using a similar neutral base color. Contrasting colors and sizes keep the space from being too uniform and the common color base ensures that the whole looks clean, fresh, charming and tasteful.

Inconspicuous but still make an impact! Upscale, graphic circles have been printed in lustrous sheen on a matt ground to dramatic effect. This contemporary wallpaper design by Designers Guild is printed on a heavy weight vinyl ground and available in 4 other colors: vanilla, nickel, gold and duck egg. A black bedroom can be incredibly  sexy and elegant, so don't yield to critical opinions --they're stereotypical and ignorant most of the times. It does take courage and conviction to decorate with black, but it's been a major trend in the design world for several years now, so throw caution to the wind and just do it.

Graphic circles

Chalkboard walls have been all the rage for some time now, and there's good reason why -- they look awesome virtually everywhere around the house and have so many creative uses. And it's not just about jotting down telephone numbers, menus of the day, appointment dates and groceries to buy. Instead of settlling on a permanent pattern for the wallpaper, people produce amazing chalkboard wall art, which is such a great way of tapping into one's creative potential and personalizing one's space. You're not gifted with manual talents? Don't worry. Polka dot is a charming pattern and by far the easiest one to execute. And any time you're up for a little change in décor, you can swap dots  for little stars, stripes or chevrons.

Chalkboard wall

Polka dot is also a fabulous motif for a kid's bedroom. Depending on the age of your little sweetheart, choose tiny dots and delicate pastel hues or something more sassy and glamorous. Spotted wallpapers are a popular choice for nurseries -- they pair beautifully with white furniture. When decorating a bedroom for you early teen, you may go for wall decals with intense colors and prints. Peel and stick is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to your maturing kid -- preferences change like a flash at this stage, and being able to remove you decoration effortlessly makes things so much easier.

Peel and stick

You don't need to splurge on distinguished doodles from an art gallery to have a unique contemporary piece on your living room wall. Creating a fabulous, personalized wall art is easier than you think, especially if you make dots the subject of your artistic endeavor. Just get a ready made stretched canvas (or build your own frame and stretch the fabric if you know how to do that), prime it properly and let you imagination loose. It's great how these spots in the design below look hand-painted and not perfectly uniform.  If you're not sure which colors go well together, browse the web for sample palettes -- there are endless options out there.  And the best part is that you can have a new combination of colors every week if you please.

Wall art

If you're stuck with an ugly, yellowish fridge in your rental apartment, one option is to spray paint it the color you like, but the reality is you're probably limited with strict landlord laws. When you've been specifically told to withhold any decorating interventions, don't worry. There's an ingenious way to add a character to dull appliances without the risk of losing your security deposit. If you don't think you can afford a new fridge or get away with painting the old one, try removable wallpaper … or a funky polka dot pattern made of circles cut out from brightly colored electrical tape. Makes a difference, doesn't it?

Polka dots fridge

Laundry rooms are boring enough by their very nature, let alone when they're filled with dull-looking machines. Fancy up your stark white appliances with cute polka dots and give that dull-looking space some personality. Again, the easiest way to do that is to use electrical tape -- it is available in a variety of colors so you can give the space just about any look you want: Scandinavian, country cottage, shabby chic, marine, etc.  And colored tape is way more practical than sprayed on or hand painted patterns as it's completely removable and easy to work with. Such project could be so much fun for the entire family! And the best part is that you update the "décor" any time you crave a change.

Laundry room

So how do you like the dots? Do you find any of these ideas inspiring?

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