3 Expert Tips To Choose Wall Decals

Wall decals are an incredibly easy and quick way to make a room unique and exciting. They provide high-quality designs that look like they were painted by a world-class artist at a very generous price point.

Below are some essential things to consider when purchasing a wall decal for your home.

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How do I choose the size and placement of my wall decal?

This is one of the most important steps to picking a wall decal: knowing exactly what size to purchase can help you decide on the level of detail in the decal and the material you should choose.

  • Most importantly, make sure that the decal will adhere properly to the wall you choose. Perform a test by sticking some masking tape to your potential placement area and leaving it overnight; if the tape is still stuck, your decal will almost definitely stay in place too.

  • Wall decals are most likely to stay stuck to a clean wall with a relatively flat and even surface, preferably with no textured wallpaper underneath it.

  • If your proposed placement area is a veritcal space, consider purchasing a tall and thin design; if it is a horizontal space, consider purchasing a short and wide design.

  • If you plan on placing your wall decal in the center of a wall with relatively equal sides, choose a design that is as tall as it is wide to make use of the space available.

  • Use masking tape to mark out an approximate area the decal will take up to make sure it will fit properly and won’t be too overbearing; we suggest leaving at least 11 inches of space between the edge of the design and the edge of the wall on each side.

What material should my wall decal be made out of?

Wall decals are most commonly made out of PVC plastic, otherwise known as vinyl. There are, however, non-plastic alternatives for those wary of the chemicals PVC may contain.

PVC Plastic:

  • Most types of wall decal are made out of this material as the image or design is printed onto the sheet of plastic, meaning that it can be incredibly detailed.
  • These wall decals, however, are quite delicate and can easily tear, stretch, and stick back on themselves, so they are not recommended for larger designs.
  • They are also usually not reusable, so once it’s stuck it has to stay there or be wasted.


  • This is a non-plastic alternative, made out of finely woven fabric threads.
  • These types of wall decal are much more durable as they do not stretch or tear, and they are usually reusable due to a different adhesive being used on the back.
  • They are not as serious of a commitment as PVS plastic wall decals, as they can be repositioned several times before their adhesive runs out and renders them useless.
  • Fabric wall decals are especially recommended for those decorating a child’s bedroom as they are safer and won’t be wasted if a child decides they want it moved.

What are the different wall decal designs and colors?

This, alongside picking the right size, is a crucial step when purchasing your new wall decal. You need to choose a design that fits the décor in your home and that you are sure you will enjoy looking at every day.


  • This is one of the most common wall decal designs as it can add a lot of color into a room without being tacky.
  • Many opt to place floral decals in their living rooms, as they look quite classy because of their realistic features.
  • Make sure the colors of the flowers or leaves stand out from the background wall color, e.g. pink peonies on a white or cream wall, white cherry blossoms on a dark purple or gray wall.
Green Vinyl Floral Glow In Dark 3D Butterfly And Dandelion Wall Decal
Pink White Peach Matte Vinyl Floral Cherry Blossom Branch Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decal
Black White Matte Vinyl Floral Wall Decal
Black Brown Matte Vinyl Floral Family Tree Wall Decal
Pink Matte PVC Floral Cherry Blossom Wall Decal
Matte Vinyl Floral Birch Tree with Bird And Deer Wall Decal


  • Geometric patterns are very popular choices for whole-wall decals, which are used by many as a substitute for wallpaper.
  • If the room décor is relatively dull or monochromatic, opt for a bright and more detailed pattern; popular colors include blue/turquoise, purple, and red.
  • If the room décor is more varied in color and texture, a more simplistic and monochromatic pattern will match much better; go for colors such as gray, brown, or cream.
Red Yellow Plastic Removable Vinyl Geometric Watercolor Dots Wall Decal
Matte Vinyl Geometric Triangle Wall Decal
Storm Gray Matte Vinyl Geometric Stars Wall Decal
Black Vinyl Geometric Shapes Wall Decal
Orange Blue Gray Matte Vinyl Geometric Flexiplus Mediterranean Wall Decal
Dark Green Matte Vinyl Geometric Shapes Wall Decal


  • This type of design is perfect for those wanting to show off their ancestry.
  • Both traditional and more abstract or artistic renditions of tribal symbols are available, although more specific imagery will be easier to order as a custom wall decal.
  • If choosing a relatively simple symbol or a silhouette, consider sticking to a neutral color scheme that contrasts the background wall color; black or dark brown for lighter wall colors, white or cream for darker wall colors.
  • More abstract versions of tribal imagery will look much better if brightly colored and will add a unique style to the room.
  • Tribal designs are most often placed in living rooms or entry halls, to act as a welcoming feature in the home.
Black Matte Vinyl Tribal Elephant Yoga Wall Decal
Brown Matte Vinyl World Africa Wall Decal
Black Satin Vinyl Tribal Jungle And Safari Wall Decal
Brown Fabric Tribal Buddha Wall Decal
Black Matte PVC Tribal Pattern Wall Decal
Brown Matte Vinyl Tribal Dreamcatcher Wall Decal


  • Comedic wall decals can either be funny pictures of, for example, animals, or humorous phrases/jokes.
  • These are most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, which allow for a range of food or toilet-related puns.
  • They can also be found in children’s and teens’ bedrooms, especially if they or their parents have a sarcastic sense of humor.
Black Matte Vinyl Abs Are Great But Have You Tried Donuts Comedic Wall Decal
Green And Blue Matte Vinyl Waterfall Funny Panoramic Wall Decal
Gold Matte Vinyl Never Trust A Skinny Cook Wall Decal
Brown Vinyl Real Life Giraffe Comedic Wall Decal
Mouse Hole Black Matte Vinyl Comedic Wall Decal
Changing The Toilet Paper Will Not Cause Brain Damage Comedic Black Vinyl Wall Decal


  • This is quite a broad term, as it can essentially encompass anything a child may be interested in.
  • However, the most common types of children’s wall decals include cartoon characters and animated/drawn versions of animals and people.
  • These act to brighten up a child’s room and make it more visually appealing for them, so they are usually boldly colored and large.
  • Fabric wall decals are usually recommended for children’s rooms, as they can change their minds very often, and removing fabric wall decals will not damage them.
Green Brown Blue Vinyl Toy Story Wall Children’s Decal
Spider Man Black Red Matte Vinyl Children’s Wall Decal
Marvel Comics Classics Vinyl Semi Gloss Children’s Wall Decal
Elsa Aqua Blue Glitter Fabric Children’s Wall Decal
Happy Zoo Brown Blue Yellow Matte PVC Children’s Wall Decal
Reef And Fish Orange Yellow Green Vinyl Nursery Children’s Wall Decal

Inspirational phrases:

  • These can be either generic phrases or passages taken from religious texts.
  • Text-based wall decals are usually found in bedrooms or home offices, as they provide sentimental value and motivation.
  • The text font should be easy to read, and not an outrageous color; choose black for text that will go on white walls, and white for text that will go on darker walls.
At The Beach We Forget To Count The Days Black Vinyl Wall Decal
Work Hard Matte Vinyl Wall Decal
You Are Never Too Old to Set Quote White Matte Vinyl Wall Decals
Pink Quotes And Sayings Butterfly Dream Peel And Stick Wall Decal
Dance In The Rain Black Matte Vinyl Wall Decal
The Best Things In Life Vinyl Gray Antique White Matte Vinyl Wall Decal

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